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Reflecting on Kobe and the Lakers


Hey guys, a little something I wrote about Kobe and the Lakers. A lot of you will probably disagree with the conclusion I reached, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway. I surprised myself with how much I was inspired to write, and what I ended up writing. Hope any readers enjoy (feel free to comment here or at my blog)


Explaining The NBA Draft Lottery

A comprehensive explanation of the mechanics of the lottery.

When there are few things to keep you happy... look at this picture and smile. LA - four more...


When there are few things to keep you happy... look at this picture and smile. LA - four more all-stars, four more wins.

Pondering the future trade landscape...


Probably not a revelation to many of my excellent fellow Bright Siders, but I thought I'd share some thoughts with you all anyway. This was my most Suns-related snippet: "Josh Smith - I'm sure Atlanta would prefer to hold onto Smith and get rid of Joe Johnson instead, but Smith has expressed a desire to move on, and is far more tradeable than Johnson. I've had fantasies of Josh Smith on the Suns for years now (right around the time I learned The Big Apostrophe was off the the Big Apple) and I think the Suns would be able to get a deal done - depending on Smith's market. A sign and trade centered around Robin Lopez could be enticing for both sides."

A mock draft based on team needs...


Title says it all. I've tried to stay away from "best player available" and just gone with what makes SENSE. And please, subscribe to the blog! In return, I promise I'll do my bit in the fight against ignorant rosterbating ;) Nearly forgot - a snippet. "Two things: I expect the Suns to re-sign Steve Nash, and I expect the Suns to draft a scoring wing. It would be incredibly frustrating if this was the season the Suns decided to start a full rebuild - the last two seasons of .500 ball would feel like a lot of wasted time, if that were the case. No, I believe this is the season the Suns finally get it back together and make one more push at the western conference in the Steve Nash era before moving on. Doing so requires an infusion of talent, specifically offensive talent (who would have thought, three years ago? Honestly?) at either SG or SF. Ross is a slasher, a finisher in transition and a passable shooter. Lamb would have been the ideal fit, but Ross isn't too bad as a plan B."

A lengthy recap of the Phoenix Suns season


Some videos, some player reviews and some reflection. Check it out!

Phoenix Suns are rising from the ashes... again


A bit of a rant I wrote... nothing most people here wouldn't already know, but thought I'd share anyway.

Stephen A. Smith doesn't like D-Will


Seems a little over the top to me. I'm sure money plays a part, but I doubt D-Will's doing it just for the cash... He's right about Beasley, but I'm not sure it's as big a deal as he's making it out to be.


Vince Carter, the Draft and some other thoughts...

What's up, Bright Side? Long time no post (not that I expect many of you would recall my previous posts/comments). I've been meaning to write down some of my post-regular season thoughts, having...

Can God get any cooler?


NBA Jerseys - can anyone help me out?

Okay, first things first - I don't know if this is inappropriate or against the rules or whatever, so if it is, my sincerest apologies. Basically, I'm looking to expand my collection of NBA...


Playoff Seedings

Perhaps even more than usual, I think this season's playoff seedings will have a HUGE impact on the winners and losers this season. Why? I haven't actually figured that out, yet. Feel free to read...





Random thoughts...

Hi there, BSotS!I'm a long time lurker out of Australia, and I thought for the reading pleasure of all of the wonderful members here I'd share my take on things.Firstly, to trade or not to trade?...

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