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A Sonics fan without a team... but after 9 seasons now of GS Warriors season tickets have convinced me to adopt the boys from Oakland.

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10. Harrison Barnes, SF, Warriors Barnes is not shining, but his team is playing well when he is...

10. Harrison Barnes, SF, Warriors Barnes is not shining, but his team is playing well when he is on the floor. In fact, the Warriors are often playing their best offense with him at small forward, simply because he is making the easy plays and not trying to do too much. That has allowed him to keep his turnovers down. Barnes is playing both forward spots on offense and is so close to making a number of nice scoring plays, but he's just a little off on finishing. Expect big improvement from Barnes soon, as his coach is expertly putting him in spots that he should be able to excel in. David Thorpe, ESPN Insider -

Rookie Watch: Early top 10 (ESPN Insider)

David Thorpe released start of the season look at the top 10 rookies to hit the NBA. For those who don't have "INSIDER" access to ESPN he list 3 players as "The Elites." Those elites are: 1) Anthony Davis - NO 2) Damiam Lillard - POR 3) Harrison Barnes - GSW Thorpe's write up on Barnes: "Harrison Barnes, SF, Golden State Warriors Remember the few golden years recently in Golden State, culminating in the playoff upset of the Mavericks in 2007? Well, this team is going to be different, but there might not be a better perimeter shooting group in the starting lineup than what the Warriors can offer with Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Barnes. The rookie was impressive in Las Vegas and continued to make shots in October. With his defensive upside being so much higher than those other two, Barnes can become the most valuable asset. Even if he were just a defensive player/shooter, that would be the case, but he has a real chance to be the Warriors' top scorer in time. In the short term, his coach is mostly focused on great defending every night, which works well for Barnes"

Why Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry's New Deals Matter

Zach Lowe of ESPN's Grantland blog writes why Curry and Lawson's contacts matter. Sidenote... this was clearly writen before the news of the Holiday's last minute extension was announced.

New NBA site to sell fans' tickets

The NBA is colluding partnering with Ticketmaster to put an end to $1 Bobcat games on Stubhub. One interesting note from the article came from NBA League executive Chris Granger: Granger said that he expects the idea of the season ticket to change in the coming years, a topic that all the teams are meeting to discuss this week. "We know we have to position season tickets differently," Granger said. "It is going to be less about buying 41 games and more about being part of a 12-month membership that gives you different access and experiences in and around your area."

Five pretender-to-contender trades

NOTE: This is an ESPN Insider article. However, one of the 5 suggested trades involves the Warriors dealing Monta Ellis to Portland. Here's the details: "Portland Trail Blazers - Current TR championship odds: 3.7 percent's Power Ratings have Portland as the third-best team in the West, making them dark horse contenders as is. LaMarcus Aldridge is a bona fide star, but could use some consistent scoring help from the wings. Jamal Crawford was brought in to do that, but his 36.1 FG percentage does far more harm than good. Needs: Brandon Roy and Greg Oden are clearly missed, because the Blazers' biggest holes are consistent wing scoring and a young big man. Marcus Camby still provides strong defense down low, though, so getting an offensive upgrade at shooting guard might be more important. Assets: Wesley Matthews and Nic Batum are above-average youngsters who could fit in on many teams. The trade: Matthews and Camby to Golden State for Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins This is a downgrade at center and a worse contract for Portland. To give itself a realistic chance to win, however, Portland needs to take a risk on somebody like Ellis. A little shot-selection coaching and some encouraging on the defensive end would really improve his game, and he has much more scoring talent than Matthews or even Crawford. This trade builds a team that can push the pace with small ball, something with which it already has success. Ray Allen and J.J. Redick could also add the kind of offense the Trail Blazers need." - Austin Link, ESPN

Warriors Pre-Season Games

Dec 17th - SAC @ GSW Dec 20th - GSW @ SAC

EPSN Insider - Doug Gottlieb Top 30 NBA Prospects

This article was published last week. It's nice to see another perspective on the NBA draft from one of ESPN's college basketball analysts. His take is that these are the top 30 talents not necessarily what each team in the draft will do. Unfortunately it's an ESPN insider article. Here's his top 10: 1) Kyrie Irving 2) Enes Kanter 3) Tristan Thompson 4) Chris Singleton 5) Jan Vesely 6) Kenneth Faried 7) Derrick Williams 8) Tobias Harris 9) Brandon Knight 10) Klay Thompson


2011 Community Draft Project v2

Here's a updated list for ejdacanay's 2011 Community Draft Project. Since the time of his original post several top prospects decided to return to college for another season. Therefore, I've...


GSoM Draft Profile: Chris Singleton - FSU

For many GSOM'ers it's been a struggle watch Warriors, especially on the defensive end. There have been numerous post about trading Biedrins, Curry, Lee and/or Monta for the likes of Josh Smith, G...

Randolph struggling in the preseason

Anthony Randolph also has not stood out in preseason, struggling with his jump shot. A key piece to the summer transformation as the major asset in the David Lee sign-and-trade, it's looking more likely Randolph will begin the season coming off the bench. This is not say that he'll suck in the regular season but already some of the NY press are starting to grown about the reality of his game, which is to say more hype than substance at this time.

Adrien accepts Warriors training camp invite

According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, former UConn forward Jeff Adrien has accepted an invite to training camp with the Warriors.

Warriors and Giants partnership?

Henry Schulman of the Chronicle reports today that Lacob and Guber continue to hold talks with the current Giants ownership about a limited partnership.

ESPN's Thorpe - 2010 Rookie Watch

David Thorpe Director of Pro Training Center and analyst for ESPN posted his first installment of the 2010-11 season Rookie Watch. If your not an insider you won't be able to read the article so I've decide to post a brief summary. Basically Thorpe outlines his top 15 rookies with a small paragraph of analysis of their situation with their new team. In his own words: So, based on their own talent and the talent around them on their respective teams, which rookies project to start the season on top of our Rookie 50 rankings? Here's an early look. Here's the list: 1) Wall 2) Johnson 3) Turner 4) Monroe 5) Henry 6) Griffin (because he missed last season) 7) Aminu 8) Booker 9) Cousins 10) Favors 11) Udoh 12) Hayward 13) Pondexter 14) Davis 15) Sanders And as far as Udoh goes: While I (and most others) saw Udoh as a reach at No. 6, that does not mean he lacks talent. Quite the contrary. He can be both a shooter out on the floor and, possibly, a low-post scorer. If indeed he becomes both, then Golden State's pick was not a reach, but a steal. Factor in his shot-blocking talent, and the dearth of such in Golden State (outside of Anthony Randolph), and it's easy to see lots of minutes for Udoh.

As though we didn't know which way Philly was going to go with the #2 pick. AOL Fanhouse reports...


As though we didn't know which way Philly was going to go with the #2 pick. AOL Fanhouse reports that this image briefly appeared on the 76ers' website today.

ESPN's Thorpe - 10 NBA-ready Prospects

David Thorpe posts his top ten list for the prospect he sees in the 2010 draft as being ready to make an immediate impact in the their first season in the NBA. Please note this is an ESPN insider article. 1) Wall 2) Patterson 3) Turner 4) Cousins 5) Hayward 6) Do. Jones 7) Favors 8) Udoh 9) J. Anderson 10) Da. James


Making the Case: Babbitt #6

Now I'm sure that I'll get a lot heat for even bring up a name that isn't Cousins, Johnson or Aminu, but after reading through rest of the measurements released today (big thanks to JSML fanshot A...


Greatest Shooters of All Time (Hollinger)

Solid article posted today by ESPN writing John Hollinger on trying to statistically find the greatest shooters of all time. In short Hollinger put together a simple man's methodology to this...


ESPN's Hollinger calls Ellis Overrated

Overrated: Monta Ellis Ellis is almost the perfect prototype of an overrated player: He's a low-efficiency player who plays a lot of minutes on a fast-paced team, so he ends up with gaudy per-game...


MT2: Warrior comments on Jax trade

On his twitter feed, Marcus Thompson has quotes from Larry Riley, Don Nelson and Monta Ellis on the Jackson trade to Charlotte this morning. UPDATE: MT2 has posted an article using Nellie's and...


MT2 Reports: Nellie and Monta clash

via Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami have reports up that Nellie and Monta got in a verb spat at practice in NYC today. ELLIS: "Coach. Why do I get blamed for everything?" NELSON: "...


ESPN Reports: Warriors are people's 2nd favorite team

Just in, ESPN is running a piece front page of their NBA section called Second Favorites. Heck, the pharse it's self is worth a look, but what got me to read it was the pics of Monta Ellis and...


The Sun Yue Movement

Buried in the trade news of the day (Macro going to Canada) was that the Los Angeles Lakers release swing man Sun Yue. In my opinion Yue makes for an intriguing prospect and one that I think the W...


ESPN Reports $53.4 mil Salary Cap for 2010-11

Around roughly 8:00 am is morning ESPN began running with a rumored story that the NBA salary cap for the 2010-2011 season will around $53.4 million with a luxury tax line of $61.2 million. I'm not...


UPDATED: Making the Case... Jonny Flynn w/ 7th pick

UPDATE - 06/02/09: PICK TEAM PLAYER VITALS Golden State Jonny Flynn Position: PGHeight: 6-1Weight: 196Age: 20School: Syracuse Analysis: The Warriors don't have a traditional point guard and I...


REMIX: More NBA Combine Measurements

Four days ago I passed on the news that (DX) had release the initial measurements of the players in my post NBA Combine Measurables Released. Today they released the agility and...


NBA Combine Measurables Released

This morning the various NBA draft website will be reporting on the release of the measurables from the 2009 NBA Combine. Here are the numbers that Draft Express is reporting. NameNo ShoesShoesW...

NBA Combine Measurables

Draft Express has posted the measurables from this year's combine.


Jennings @ #7... YES!!! According to Chad Ford

fter the lottery show ESPN's Chad Frod released his Mock Draft (1.0) and with in it he had the Warriors selecting Brandon Jennings PG from Lottomatica Roma. via   D...

FanPost Features Brandon Jennings

Yesterday Draft Express ran an extensive article on Brandon Jennings. Including their own evaluation of him from a scrimmage against the Italian National team. Pitted against one of the best...


REPORT: MT2 writes Riley's now in charge

According to any article posted by Marcus Thompson II, Larry Riley has all but taken over complete control of the Generial Manager duties for the Warriors. Here's a link to the article.   C...

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