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Crazy ACC Escape Plan

FWIW, I'm a Maryland fan, so this isn't really something for me ... but I thought it was an interesting idea, so I figured I'd share. I'll sum it up quickly - my idea is that you convince half the...


Is there any type of "percentage of total possible yards" statistic?

I figured this blog was probably a good location to search for an answer ... Is there anyone, be it Football Outsiders or someone else - that has created a "percentage of total possible yards"...

Mike Leach puts starters back in game to preserve shutout, curses at opposing coach


Apparently Leach wanted to preserve the shutout when his team was destroying Idaho, so he put the starting defense back into the game to prevent a score. The other coach was irked, let Leach know after the game, and Leach's response was "f%#$ you." Classy.


Keeping fans at Byrd

Right now, there simply isn't a great Maryland fan culture at many football and basketball games (obviously this doesn't apply to men's soccer). Too many fans "scan and leave" for basketball games...


What's the seating capacity at Byrd Stadium?

I know this seems like a simple question, but does anyone know for certain what Byrd's true seating capacity is? As far as I've known recently (up until just a bit ago), the current capacity of...


Automatic Bids for the NCAA Tournament

I took a look at the NCAA bylaws regarding conference championships and automatic bids. Based on what I found, I am not convinced the ACC - or Atlantic Sun - will have an automatic auto-bid for the...


Lacrosse Realignment - Hopkins to the Big Ten? ECAC lacrosse doomed?

It seems that way. Insider Lacrosse has a story out that Hopkins will announce today that they're joining the Big Ten. Meanwhile, Denver is leaving the ECAC to join the Big East for lacrosse. So...


The rumor about Hopkins lacrosse to the Big Ten

For those who have not heard the rumor yet, apparently Johns Hopkins lacrosse is apparently considering joining the Big Ten ... or possibly some other conference. From Johns...

2013 Mountain West, meet the 2006 Missouri Valley


Interesting article from Patrick Stevens (a sportswriter in the Maryland/DC area) that compares the current Mountain West basketball league with the Missouri Valley Conference from 2006. Stevens is a former writer for the Washington (DC) Times (who never should have been let go).

Is a 16-team Mountain West a good idea?

A look at how a 16-team Mountain West would look.

Updates coming to SBNation blogs


Apparently they're making some changes to all of the SB Nation blogs, and the details are posted at the link. I like the changes they are planning - I think the site will work better. They're also asking for more feedback (if you have some) in the comments section of that blog post.

Whose schedule is more competitive for Boise State: Mountain West or Big East?

If Boise State is going to return to the Mountain West, it's worth considering what the makeup of the division would be, and how it would compare (competitively) to a potential Big East division....


WAC adds one more team

This time, it's Texas-Pan American, about as far south in Texas as you can go before you're in Mexico. The 2013-14 lineup of the WAC: Seattle Idaho Cal State Bakersfield Utah Valley Grand...


Perhaps the best scenario for everyone is a fresh start

As I write this, we haven't yet heard what the next school will be to move from the Big East to the ACC. The presumption is either UConn or Louisville (although there are rumors of UConn and...


Photos from Maryland vs. Wake Forest

I took my camera to the Maryland - Wake Forest game. Most of the time I wasn't actually taking pictures while the action was taking place (I prefer to actually watch the game itself), so these are...

Mark Turgeon's Office


Baltimore Sun article discusses what decorating Turgeon has done with his office, in part to show off Maryland to recruits. Among other things, it includes a "Tradition of Greatness" display that shows renderings of Tom McMillen, Greivis Vasquez, Len Elmore, Juan Dixon, Len Bias, Joe Smith and John Lucas.

Terps Men's Soccer now #1 in NSCAA poll


Maryland received 22 of 23 first-place votes (one went to Connecticut). Top 5 & ACC teams: 1. Maryland 2. Connecticut 3. UC Santa Barbara 4. Notre Dame 5. New Mexico 8. North Carolina 16. Wake Forest 17. NC State


Pictures from the August 18 football practice

I thought I'd post some pictures of the practice for those who couldn't go. There isn't much below in the way of action - I'm sure that the athletic department folks will put something better on...


What's up with WNST article?

Got a tweet from WNST: News: Terps hold first practice on new Byrd Stadium turf: Maryland held a two-hour workout inside Byrd Stadium F... — WNST (@WNST) August 10, 2012 I click...


Question regarding the Mountain West and football scheduling

If this question was answered before and I just missed the answer, I apologize ... Is the Mountain West Conference planning on having round-robin scheduling for football in the future? I know that...


Class of 2012 for UMD Athletics Hall of Fame announced

The Terps announced eight new members of the University of Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame on Friday. They'll be inducted in a ceremony in early October. In addition to the folks below, former...


Turf Field at Byrd is complete

And here it is, for your viewing pleasure: Byrd Stadium synthetic turf project is finished.Go Terps! @umterps @randyedsall @baltsunsports… — UMD Grounds Crew...


Na'Ty Rodgers has a final five

Na'Ty Rodgers is down to a final five: Maryland, South Carolina, Arkansas, Washington and Oklahoma.Apparently he's planning on taking official visits to 'em all this fall, so I wouldn't expect a...


Interesting possibilites with the Big Sky and the WAC

Big Sky commissioner Doug Fullerton was interviewed regarding Idaho, and also discussed the possibility of some team-shifting with the Big Sky and WAC. This is one potential proposal for those...


Curious questions for NCSU fans

Some background first ... one of the VT fans recently made a couple posts on his blog (here and here) regarding a potential "pods" setup for the ACC (at 14 teams). It was a bit odd, to say the...


Kingsley Opara down to 2 choices

His final two, each of which apparently has a 50/50 shot?West Virginia and Maryland.West Virginia Illustrated reports that West Virginia had been considered the leader, but after a visit to College...


The "You've Got The Wrong Sandusky" List

This is a compilation of news stories that I have found about the fact that Gerry Sandusky is not Jerry Sandusky, as our Ravens play-by-play guy (Gerry) is getting a ridiculous amount of hate...


Interview with Tim Strachan

Not sure if yall saw this or not ... About a week ago, Baltimore Sports and Life posted a nice interview with Tim Strachan, football sideline reporter for the Terps. It gave some good insight into...


Ranking the Men's Basketball Program

A discussion on this thread relating to "how good a program" Maryland men's basketball has been led me to do a bit of searching online, and I found an interesting site called College Poll Archive....


Elvis is in the building (new commit)

Confirmed: Elvis Dennah has committed to the #Terps. 6-foot-4, 200-pound safety out of Annapolis Area Christian School.… — Jakob Engelke (@Jakob_Engelke) July 2, 2012 ...

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