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Anyone else not seeing FanPosts?


I know this isn't proper for a FanShot, but the problem I have is with the FanPosts themselves - they're not show up on my page. I see the "Recent Fanposts" box, but there's nothing in it. Is anyone else having this problem?


Yet another commit (Jacquille Veii)

Hat tip to Seaville81 for this ...Jacquille Veii committed to Maryland today (Thursday 6/28). He's listed as an "athlete" by Rivals and as a cornerback by 247. He's pretty fast (40 in 4.49) and...


PR Training for Edsall and a CJ Brown video blog

Apparently Edsall - and some other "Maryland athletic officials" - are working with a PR company. The Sun also reported that players and coordinators will be made more accessible than they were...


More on Jake Layman and the USA U18 team

Well, the USA won all five games and took the gold medal! The final game was a rematch against Brazil, in which they only led by 6 at the half but then played excellent defense and ended up winning...

Yes, Bosie State actually did talk to the Mountain West about staying


The Idaho Statesman confirmed it through a public records request. Whether or not it actually means anything that this bit of information has been confirmed is another question. I'd presume that BSU would have preferred not to disclose to its future conference that it was (or is) having second thoughts.


Maryland Football Recruiting

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the entire football coaching staff. They have been working hard at recruiting and it is paying off. And regardless of whether you think Locksley is a demigod of...


The New "Big" Plan for the Mountain West

The Big East and MWC should try to form an alliance.


Another possible football field design

Perhaps there's still a way to keep the new football field traditional and still make it "new" ...


ACC Division Realignment Name Game

All of us here at BC Interruption in our infinite wisdom have decided to realign the ACC into pseudo north-south divisions. No one can remember the existing divisions anyway, and it would allow...


FSU and the ACC (and a poll)

I know there has been, and probably will continue to be, nonstop discussion about whether or not Florida State will stay in the ACC. I know there are plenty of folks who are fed up with the...

Texas-Arlington leaving the WAC, joining the Sun Belt in 2013


Add yet another school to the list of those that are leaving the Western Athletic Conference. The Sun Belt has accepted the University of Texas at Arlington as a non-football member, beginning in 2013.


Big Ten Network makes a profit of $79 million

There was an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the Big Ten Network's moneymaking ability in 2011. Apparently, they set a record for revenue ($242 million), and it resulted in a profit of...

Big Ten Network makes a profit of $79.2 million


Given that there's been some discussion of whether or not it is viable for the ACC to pursue the creation of its own television network, I thought I'd post this. The article came out Monday and also stated that each school (other than Nebraska which isn't receiving a share yet) will receive a share of $7.2 million this year from the BTN. Advertising revenues increased 23 percent from 2010.


Eight Steps (How I Would Start Trying to Fix the ACC)

Eight Steps (How I Would Start Trying to Fix the ACC)

ODU leaving the CAA to join Conference USA


How this might affect things out west remains to be seen. Depending on whether or not a chain of events results in North Dakota moving to the MVFC and Summit League (as cokolman alluded to in prior comments on another post), the path for Idaho to join the Big Sky may end up being blocked, if the Big Sky drops down to 10 full and 12 football members. The realignment carousel continues.


Verizon Center hosting Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in 2013

Here's a link: Technically Georgetown is the host (since they are the team that plays at the Verizon...

WAC may take a second look at Utah Valley


Interesting article about Utah Valley (of the Great West Conference) possibly getting into the WAC. I hadn't realized that the WAC had previously rejected both Utah Valley and Cal State Bakersfield. I'm guessing that won't happen this time around.


Notre Dame and Navy

Many folks have reacted negatively as news leaks out about the new ACC television contract, especially fans of Florida State and Clemson (and at least one of Florida State's trustees). Rumors are...


Mountain West is a poor fit for Texas schools

Mountain West is a poor fit for Texas schools


ESPN3 survey

Just some curious questions for folks ... Do you get ESPN3? If so, do you watch it much (or at all)? One of the things I find interesting about ESPN3 is that for those who have broadband and whose...


Mike Madaras quotes

From Maryland's incoming 4-star OT: "I just like what Coach Edsall is doing""Even though the season wasn't that great, I know that it will improve in the future. It's great because going in like...


Football Recruiting - What do folks expect from Maryland?

I, like everyone here, is hoping for a good recruiting class for Maryland football next year. For curiosity's sake, I went to and looked at the history of some past recruiting classes.I...

SDSU in no hurry w/Big East, BYU no Big 12 offer


Some highlights ... College football industry sources said San Diego State officials informed the Big East it will need some time before determining whether to join the league as a football-only member. Sources said San Diego State "is still very excited about the opportunity" to join the Big East, but estimated it could take anywhere from "two to three weeks" to "a few months." The wait continues. This is why the Mountain West needs to make a plan for the future, make it now, and try to get all of the current MWC schools on board. And then go get it done.


Why the end of the AQ may not save the MWC & C-USA from the Big East

Bumped to the front page. This post grew out of a response to a comment on this thread. It's my view of why the ending of the Automatic Qualifier status of some BCS conferences may not save the...


Postgame Quotes from Mark Turgeon

Postgame Quotes from Mark TurgeonThese are the latest (as of 5:30 pm ET) tweets from the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker: Unhappy coach Mark Turgeon : "The lack of commitment to run the right plays...

"The lack of commitment to run the right plays right now is mind boggling. I've never seen anything...


"The lack of commitment to run the right plays right now is mind boggling. I've never seen anything like it. .... It’s the biggest challenge I've ever had in coaching. To me, the kids have got to care more." - Mark Turgeon

Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun

Missouri to the SEC next week


"Missouri will formally join the SEC early next week according to The Sporting News. was able to confirm the Saturday afternoon report."


Long-term potential of Mountain West & Conference USA

Bumped to the front page. With both leagues under attack by the Big East, and neither league having tremendous satisfaction with its television status, should the two leagues join forces for more...

Former player tweets in-game rip of Spaziani


"Spaz is defeated. Going to a low-tier bowl is not acceptable. And this year they get nothing. Things need to change." - Matt Tennant


Realignment Poll - Which Style Do You Prefer?

There are dozens of options for realignment out there. This poll is not about any specific proposal, but about which style of realignment should be used. There are several different ideas out...

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