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I am a lifelong Broncos fan. Growing up in Southwest Kansas was not easy when the Broncos would get smoked in the Super Bowl and Chief fans heckled me. Good thing that Denver won before I left so I could rub it in! I got to Colorado in 1998 and moved to New Mexico in 2005.

I am now in New Mexico living with my wife and kids. Being in Albuquerque brings more challenges since I have to contend with Cowboy and fader fans. While my Broncos take the top billing, I root for the Rockies in baseball (2007 NL Champs), Phoenix Suns in basketball, Avalanche in hockey. Since I went to neither school, I root for Kansas (2008 National Champs and 2008 Orange Bowl Champs) and Kansas State.

When I am not following my teams, I like to get out to hunt and fish. There is nothing like bringing home dinner after an outdoor adventure.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Kansas St. Wildcats
  • NCAAB Kansas Jayhawks
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • Soccer soccer sucks!
User Blog

Unfinished Business: Drive to the Desert

Hi folks! Mdierk's back with Season Two of "Unfinished Business". I had been contemplating changing the theme for the 2014 season, but after some feedback from the reading public at MHR, I will...

Coming July 20: Unfinished Business Season 2

  1. It will be a quick overview of the off-season.
  2. It will take a look the 2014 season.
  3. It will discuss the concerns about what the Broncos are lacking on O and D.
  4. It will address the reason for the author's reluctance in wearing his team's colors since the disaster in New Jersey..
  5. All of this coming soon July 20!

Crazy NFL Realignment Idea

Hello folks! I was having an idea during the off-season lull before the draft that I'm sure someone else has done in the past. I decided to come up with a new realignment of teams using only a...

Looks like Denver plays SF and Seattle in Preseason


Well it looks like the regular season schedule will have Denver playing these teams later in the season since they play them in the Preseason.


Unfinished Business: Colossal Failure

Hi, I did not want to write this edition of "Unfinished Business". But I feel that this needs said after witnessing the second worst beating in Super Bowl History at the hands of the Seahawks. I...


What is Your Super Bowl Fear?

Hi folks! I write this two days before the Super Bowl and I was listening to the local sports radio here in Albuquerque. His big topic after speaking with Mark Schlereth on the radio in his...


Unfinished Business: One Final Step Closer

Hello folks! Here's the Super Bowl edition of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the AFC Championship game win and take a look at our NFC foe in New Jersey.


Unfinished Business: Mile High Battle of Legends

Hello folks! It's time for the AFC Championship Game edition of "Unfinished Business". I will discuss the divisional game against San Diego and take a look at another chapter of Manning vs. Brady.

Hillarious Chiefs loss rant


Found this link at AP. I have been laughing so hard listening to this. Please click and enjoy!


Unfinished Business: A Rival Emerges

Hello folks! It's time for the divisional playoff edition of "Unfinished Business". Hope that your new year is going well so far.


Unfinished Business: Awaiting a Challenger

Hi folks! Here is a pre New Year's edition of "Unfinished Business". I will discuss the domination of the "black hole" and take a look at Wild Card weekend. After next Sunday, we will know who will...


Unfinished Business: Galloping Through a Wasteland

Hello folks! It's time for the Christmas edition of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the record-setting game against Houston and take a look at the hapless Oakland Raiders to wrap up the...


Unfinished Business: Shattered Expectations

Hello folks! Time for another installment of "Unfinished Business". This post will cover the embarrassment of Thursday night's game against the Chargers and take a look at the Broncos' next...


Unfinished Business: Short-Circuiting the Bolts

Hello folks! Mdierk back fresh from my successful hunt and delivering a late installment of "Unfinished Business". I will discuss the Titans game and take a look at the San Diego Chargers.


Unfinished Business: No Oil and Out of Tune

Hi everyone! Here's another installment of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the wild shootout at Arrowhead and then take a look at Denver's next opponent, the Tennessee Titans.


Unfinished Business: Exorcising the Demons

Hello folks! Mdierk here with your pre-Thanksgiving edition of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the Sunday night game in Foxboro and discuss the upcoming game in Arrowhead.


Unfinished Business: A Meeting of Legends

Hi folks! Time for another week of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the victory over the Chiefs and the upcoming prime-time match-up between Denver and New England.


Unfinished Business: Exposing a Fraud

Hi folks! Here's another week of "Unfinished Business". I will comment on this past Sunday's Chargers game with an eye on the huge Sunday night game against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.


Ask a Broncos Fan

Hello Charger fans! I come offering an olive branch for the upcoming Broncos game. Please feel free to ask any Broncos questions and I and my fellow Broncos bloggers from Mile High Report will be...


Unfinished Business: Playing with Heart

Hello folks! Hope everyone is back and well-rested for the next eight games. But much like the Broncos, we as fans still have to take every game one at a time (even if its tempting to looking...


Unfinished Business: The Bye and Standard Time

Hi folks! I'm back again for this week's "Unfinished Business". I will go over the Redskins game and talk briefly about the bye. Don't worry, I plan to keep an eye on the Chargers and Chiefs during...


Unfinished Business: The Mastermind Returns

The Redskins come into Denver with two straight wins with the last game being a shootout with Chicago. Mike Shanahan returns to Denver with the 2-4 Redskins.


Unfinished Business: The Conquering Hero Returns Home

Hello folks! I apologize for the lateness of this posting. I have been traveling this past weekend and it is crazy at work with a threat of furlough next week. Needless to say it's a...


Unfinished Business: Drowning the Felines

Hello folks! Mdierk’s back with this week’s "Unfinished Business". This week’s installment will cover the subjects of the crazy win in Dallas and Sunday’s opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars. That...


Unfinished Business: Malice in Jerry's Palace

Hello and here's another installment of Unfinished Business. This week's installment focuses on the victory over the Eagles and a look at the Dallas Cowboys.


From the Fanposts: Unfinished Business

Hello folks! Here is another week of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the Monday night game and the upcoming match with the Eagles at home.


From the Fanposts: Conquering a "Nation"

This looks like another game of get the lead, step on the gas and use the altitude to wear the "nation"out. I always look forward to victories against our hated foe and keep the "nation" conquered...


Unfinished Business: Brother versus Brother

Hello folks! Mdierk back again after enjoying the absolute demolition of the defending super bowl frauds. I had written a fanpost in July calling this season "Unfinished Business".


A New Radio Home For Broncos Football in Albuquerque!

Hello folks! I contacted Clear Channel (850 KOA) in Denver today to find out what station in the Albuquerque area will be broadcasting the Broncos games on the radio this season. I am pleased...


For Broncos Fans in New Mexico and Southwest Colorado....

Hello there folks! It is a new season and the Denver Broncos will have their pre-season games broadcast on New Mexico's CW, channel 19 in Albuquerque. New Mexico's CW covers a majority...

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