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Stanford QB David Olson transfers to Clemson for his final year of eligibility


He's a fifth year QB from Irmo that has been a backup at Stanford, appearing in one game. He gives us some depth at the position. I expect he will at least start at 3rd string QB after Watson.


An alternative draft through the third round, with a look to rounds 4-6

As some have noted, I have strongly disagreed with most of the actual draft of the Cowboys this year. I know most like to counter when someone says they disagree with a pick with "well, what...

Dez's guidelines were not Cowboy-imposed: according to David Wells (per Josh Ellis at the mothership)


The guidelines were NOT imposed on Dez by the Cowboys, but through his own request of a panel of several men including his attorney, a senator, and some local ministers. He had gone to Wells REQUESTING those guidelines, including the security team. That's a whole different light on the situation. It clearly shows he WANTS to improve his personal maturity but realizes he needs some structure and protection while he does so. And I wish him nothing but the best, on a personal level as well as a fan, in those endeavors.

Sturm on Cowboys' draft in first and second round


Sturm's take, and I happen to strongly agree with almost every word, is that he would not take Brockers and Wagner over Claiborne, but WOULD have taken DDC and Worthy or Cox (via a short tradeup to 12) and Konz INSTEAD of Claiborne. Am I happy we have Claiborne? Yes. Am I also unhappy that we are not building up our weakest spots (OL and DL) by early draft picks? Yes again. I know the Claiborne love is almost off the charts around here, and I'll probably be told by the majority to either shut up or get over it, but it is fascinating to consider the alternatives Dallas had. We could have been building from the inside out, but instead are doing the opposite. I hope like hell that it works and Tony doesn't pay dearly for it.

ThePostGame.com gets in on the act with an article on the importance of S&C


S&C is indubitably becoming more and more important, not less. Thus more and more light should be shined on what program Batson runs and its results.

Jack Del Rio out in Jacksonville according to Chris Mortenson


Wow, the firing season has begun. Nine years in charge is over.

I know it's a couple of months from now, and we are still waiting for the season just to start,...


I know it's a couple of months from now, and we are still waiting for the season just to start, but.... This is the one game I have circled on the schedule this year. This is the one game I really want to win the most. I know it's just a regular season game, but I really want the taste of that 48-27 BS out of my mouth. If we can field an actual viable NFL secondary this time, and hold Brady to less than the 5 TDs and 388 yards he had last time, maybe we stand a chance, even at New England. Make no mistake, though, this will likely be a harbinger of how far we've come and how good we actually are. It will be a tough game. We will have two weeks to prepare, though, so I expect JG and RR to pull a creative game plan together.


An idea for a new revenue stream for the NFL

In the never-ending quest for "mo' money" by the League, here's a new idea, and one we might like and appreciate as fans.  Stream games for instant viewing on Netflix.  Offer a special package for,...

Jacoby Ford represents Clemson well in the League


Now if only CJ could get a real shot to show who he is.

Bellamy becomes candidate for another Forrest Gump award.


You know, stupid is as stupid does. The fact that he would do this, even as a joke, in the current NCAA environment of trigger-happy investigations is beyond the pale. At least he's not quite Joe Craig stupid. No one is bleeding. But this kind of stupid can get the whole team in trouble, and not just one player.

Scout says 4 star WR Cordrea Tankersly commits


revamping of our WR corps hopefully continuing.

The exact draft I would do if were drafting for the Cowboys in the 2011 draft.


This is by Jonathan Bales, and I agree with him here in basically every point.

Ball was probably the first domino in the chain of problems that killed our defense. Being awful,...

Ball was probably the first domino in the chain of problems that killed our defense. Being awful, the corners could not trust him to back them up and be in position, so they pressed harder and made many more mistakes. The front seven could not get consistent pressure on the passer from a 3-4 set, so Wade sent 5, 6, and 7 guys after the passer to try to take him down before he could get the pass off. The blitzes were poorly designed and exposed the secondary to even more danger when they failed (which is the vast majority of the time), and not only were blitzes picked up, the QB then had all day to throw to WRs that our CBs had to cover for over 7 seconds with no free safety help. All this was even more exaggerated after Romo went down and Wade and the defense as a whole was pressing to make up for his absence (Ware being uncharacteristically way out of position too many times comes to mind). Guys started freelancing, then pointing fingers, then just giving up at times. Thus the 31st ranked pass defense, two straight blowout giveups to GB and Jacksonville, and Wade fired. Even after JG was elevated, he couldn’t fix the defense with Paul Pasqualoni because they had no answer at FS and had to cover for that deficiency. They at least managed more turnovers, and stopped the insane number of high risk, poorly designed blitzes. They were still way too easy to pass on, though. Moral of the story, free safety is the glue holding the defense together, with an adequate Ken Hamlin we were fine and got good pressure on the QB. With Alan Ball, we were awesomely bad.

Da'Quan Bowers has a poor workout at his pro day


This is going to cost him millions. Might have dropped out of the top 5. I guess he's still not yet in football shape again.

Interview with Boyd transcript (about new offense, new players, etc.)


Since Boyd is one of my big question marks for next year, it was good to see this interview. He seems to be fully embracing the changes and looking very much forward to all the new guys coming in, and doing the little things he needs to do to improve.

Dabo says wait until 2012


Basically he expects we'll be some form of "great" in 2012 because that is when most of the players will be from his and his staff's recruiting. Umm, what about 2011, Dabo? There better be some basic improvements or you won't see 2012.

Bellamy still "100% committed" to Clemson


I was a bit worried after yesterday of going to Tennessee. Looks like that won't happen unless we make a stupid OC hire.

All 128 scenarios for the Atlantic Division winner


All Clemson scenarios start with beating FSU, as you might imagine. All but one also include winning against Wake Forest. But we can even back into a division "title" by going 6-6 and 4-4 conference. And then even go to a BCS auto-qualifier game if we somehow ambushed VT. < facepalm> Any questions about why the ACC is laughed at?


Things less painful than being a Dallas Cowboy fan.

We're all upset, we're all depressed.  I'll try to inject a modicum of black humor.  Maybe it will at least be a tad therapeutic.  The hard part was finding things that AREN'T less painful than...

Desperate, "depressed" Troy and Roger get a little silly.


Both offered to play QB when Tony went down, and Troy was half-serious (he's 44). Troy said he thought always could play if he didn't get hit, which he believes the rules now keep that from happening. But as I said, it's silly.

Dabo still doesn't get it yet.


We're "a few plays away" again (where have we heard that before). And not one mention of coaching errors, and coaching learning curves. He could have at least mentioned some calls were wrong, but instead mentions only execution. Unbelievable. I hope the blindness isn't permanent.

Interesting tidbit: Cowboys (and Eagles and Packers) went after Randy Moss in 2008


I'm guessing this would have meant dumping TO a year earlier (i.e. no huge bowl of popcorn for TO). Maybe it would have meant TO and Moss on the same team for a year, and no Roy Williams. Hmmm, interesting thoughts. The locker room could have been a (BIGGER) disaster considering what we went through in the 2008 season.

Sean Lee NOT going to play nickel when he returns.


This is a bit disheartening to me. I was hoping his younger legs would keep up where Keith is starting to falter. He IS slated to come in on base defense downs to spell Keith, though.


Your weekly shipment of FAIL has arrived.

Your weekly gathering of facepalminess and epic fail and all-around stupidity in the NFL has been delivered. Disclaimer:  This should only be taken in fun, and not as mean-spirited.  I hope to be...

Wade very upset with performance against Houston


I'm glad to hear of this, actually. I hope it really has an effect. The sloppiness, miscues, and miscommunication is unacceptable especially on offense. The defense was very poor, too.

This is a list FO is looking to join this year.


Football Outsiders is clearly angling to be mentioned in the TMQ annual Bad Predictions Review. Hey any publicity is good publicity right? Maybe Barnwell should take a cue from this column by Gene Wojciechowski and poke a little fun at himself when the predictions go wrong: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&page=wojciechowski/100209&sportCat=nfl

Did someone tell the 2-12 Bucs they had NO CHANCE to beat the Saints?


Help yourself to a heaping helping of 20-17 crow. ROFLMAO I guess Dallas beat them twice, because all the Bucs did was just run up the gut.


Dear Mr. Dungy,

Please remove your foot from your mouth, as I believe the taste has to be somewhat disgusting.  Besides, the mental image is...disturbing.  Then I will be so kind as to remove my foot from your...

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