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Game Comments: Pats at Bills - Color me impressed

Well I like so many others have had my heart broken many times over by our beloved Bills, and today was no exception. However, for the first time in a long time I feel truly impressed with the...


Not feeling the Iggy love

First of all, I'll make it clear that I think the team should keep Tyreke and this post will be centered on that idea. I am not much on board with the idea that the team chase Iguodola and try to...


Team needs?

Ok guys, sooo.... First post over here, I'm a, uhh..."converted" Kings fan, I suppose? I'm a Celtics fan and from the northeast but moved to Sacramento back in 2000 and as much as I tried to hate...


Seriously just need some in depth discussion...

Really, all this downtime is really a buzzkill for discussion, and though Brian has done admirably manufacturing topics of discussion by breaking down tape on the defense, I am just dying to have a...


Cautiously optimistic

I have to say I actually have a fair amount of optimism so far with the rookies, or at least on the offensive side of the ball. Of course, this comes with the caveat that our defensive signings...


Defending the draft

Alright, I spent plenty of time hating on the EJ Manuel pick, and I'm still not pleased with it, nor am I a fan of the Goodwin pick. That said, I am a fan and can talk myself into just about...


So glad we posted Manuel at #16...

...Instead of just trading back again and grabbing him at the end of the first or in the second. I don't hate Manuel as a prospect, but I cannot for the life of me understand why the hell the B...


Desired first picks for the draft

After bringing up why I feel the Bills should trade back in the first to get another pick before grabbing their QB, I felt I should at least post my desired players for the team based on the idea...


A bit too much fuss about taking a QB at #8...

I really have to wonder, why is there so much fuss over taking a QB with the 8th pick? Yes, Buddy is on the record stating that there is "definitely" 2-3 franchise guys available in this draft,...

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