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NCAA 2011 FB attendance


What is laughable is that during Big Ten expansion 2 years ago, schools like Pitt, 'Cuse, Rutgers were being bandied about, but a school like Iowa State is a bigger draw than all of them. Hell, Iowa State is a bigger draw than Colorado and Utah, the new Pac 12 teams. hat tip to Wide Right and Natty Lite



Remember June of last year when Deloss Dodds said "we didn't start this, but we will sure end it." Good job there. K-State fans find all of this highly irrational and illogical.

Perlman again on last year and Big XII network discussions


Perlman talking about last year. Discussed the talks with the other schools about a Big XII network. Sounds like UT wanted a bigger share, or to be compensated for their work in developing their own network. Not sure if this matters, but the same consulting company worked for Nebraska and UT on a school network. We really do have a good one in Perlman. I know that we lost our AAU status, but I think that was more the problems of the previous 30 years vs. his tenure.

Wow, A&M is really bad at this


or maybe the SEC. If this proves anything, its being a free agent university like Nebraska makes switching conferences so much easier.


Miami is so toast...

http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/6877907/ncaa-president-mark-emmert-says-death-penalty-option-punish-rule-breakers   I was already leaning towards Miami getting the axe, and now I am...

Tramel says Neb is done


That Neb. will go by the way of Minnesota and has no chance to returning as a nat. caliber program. What's funny is that the same things could have just as easily been said about OU in the 90s. Smaller state with declining population growth. But they hire a good coach in Stoops, and now believe that it all due to OU's inherent advantages. OU can believe all they want that they are superior to the NU program, but they are not, they are equals. Except that OU also cheats like crazy. It all has to do with good coaches. Hire them, good things happen.


Delany vs the CWS

  Delany wants to see changes to NCAA Baseball.        http://www.omaha.com/article/20110618/CWS/706189786/0%23jim-delany-s-fight-to-change-the-cws Can't say that I agree too much...

Texas is trying to pull off the Goldfinger plot


I swear the U of Texas is going to be the bad guy in some real-life Bond film. They fit just too well. Rich. Influential. Bill Powers kinda looks like Christopher Walken. All the pieces are in place.

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