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Why baseball's National League should adopt the DH


I have no idea who this author is, but they should not be allowed to comment on baseball again. Now, get off my lawn.

Hall of 100


I know not everyone is a huge fan of ESPN, but I love the idea of a Hall of Fame that only has the top 100 players of all-time in it and to vote a new one in, you have to vote someone out. Obviously, as a Mets fan, I wanted to see where Tom Seaver landed. So, here are the pitchers that were ranked in the top 25: 7: Roger Clemens 12: Walter Johnson 13: Greg Maddux 17: Cy Young 23: Randy Johnson 24: Tom Seaver Now, they did this exercise ignoring the steroid issue, as Bonds was 3rd overall (behind Mays and Ruth). And for the purpose of my bitching, I will too. Roger Clemens, steroids or not, is a first ballot Hall of Famer and is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. However, I have a hard time believing he is better than Walter Johnson, Greg Maddux and Tom Seaver (and in that order). I can even be convinced that Cy Young, Bob Gibson (#32) and Christy Mathewson (#29) belong ahead of him as well. Are they even trying to compile a list in good earnest here or are they just trying to kiss Clemens' ring?

Final Game Score NL Cy Young Analysis

  1. Clayton Kershaw (33 GS): 63.0
  2. RA Dickey (33 GS): 62.1
  3. Matt Cain (32 GS): 60.6
  4. Gio Gonzalez (32 GS): 59.5
  5. Johnny Cueto (33 GS): 57.5

NL Cy Young Race (Average Game Score for each starter)

  1. RA Dickey: 62.4 (31 GS)
  2. Clayton Kershaw: 62.0 (31 GS)
  3. Matt Cain: 60.4 (30 GS)
  4. Gio Gonzalez: 59.8 (31 GS)
  5. Johnny Cueto: 57.1 (31 GS)

Bay for Beckett?

Would you trade Jason Bay for Josh Beckett? Bay is owed 16 million next year and vesting option of 17 million for 2014 Beckett is owed 15.75 million for 2013 and 2014. I know it's a bad contract...


I know I am going to regret this, but I'll throw it out there anyway...

So, as well as shopping Hamels, I also saw reports that the Phillies would also be interested in moving Shane Victorino. We need an upgrade in the outfield, as Torres has been a disappointment...

John Maine signs a minor league deal with the Yankees


Signed for starting pitching insurance. Wait, what?


Banner Day is Announced!

I just got an e-mail from the Mets that they were bringing back Banner Day! It is scheduled for Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 1:10 pm against the San Diego Padres.

Cliff Lee's wife harassed by Yankees fans


It may not have any effect on his signing at all, but that's a classy move to upset the guy's wife. Clearly, that will leave a positive impression on Lee and his family.


Tonight's Lineup

Castillo 2B Thole C Wright 3B Carter RF Beltran CF Davis 1B Duda LF Tejada SS Pelfrey P


Tonight's Lineup

Clubhouse Warren Buffett?


Number #8 is the highlight here. Not number #1. I know, I know it's espn, but at least we should lobby Wright for owner!


Pre-Beltran return lineup

So, barring any set back, it seems that Reyes will be back in the lineup prior to Beltran. My question is where does Pagan go in the lineup? My line up would be this: 1) Reyes 2) Castillo 3)...

At least someone is honest about PEDs.


Saw Arroyo quoted on ESPN2's bottom line and couldn't stop laughing at his flat-out honesty about PEDs: "I take 10 to 12 different things a day, and on the days I pitch, there's four more things. There's a caffeine drink I take from a company that ... Curt Schilling introduced me to in '05. I take some Korean ginseng and a few other proteins out there that are not certified. But I haven't failed any tests, so I figured I'm good." I know its not mets-related but it's nice to see someone being really honest about them in an era where most players either (a) keep their mouth shut or (b) get on their high horse and belittle everyone who doesn't believe them. The rest of the article is good too. Arroyo, you are my new favorite non-Met player.

Luis Castillo better hope Jerry doesn't get replaced by this guy


Credit: In the Bleachers Updated: Now its that comic and not the most recent one.

Putz heading back to NY for a medical exam


Edit: His bone spur is still giving him problems.

Jose Canseco holds a press conference!


Not mets-related, but its funny that only one media member showed up.

The Bernie Madoff effect?


Interesting piece. Basically, the Mets went cheap after the Madoff thing, even though the Wilpons had denied that that had any effect on their spending habits. Any thoughts on the matter?

The more things change, the more things stay the same


That would be Heilman giving up 6 runs in the 10th. And this is Schoeneweis allowing three inherited runners to score. In light of the "new bullpen is crap" comments, please try to remember who was actually in our bullpen the last two years.

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