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The Last Emperor


We have heard all the criticism about his legacy, we have witnessed a new generation of Mixed Martial Artists, but I will never get tired watching what this man did in the ring. His precision, his endurance, tenacity, and his ice cold presence. If I was told I can only watch one more MMA bout hands down I would chose Fedor. His kind of violence was unique and will never be replicated again in the world of MMA. He is, by far, the best MMA fighter in the ring.


The Gradual Rise of the Anti-Diaz Fan and the Sobering of "The Skrap Pack" At The Fork in the Road

Here we are. At the end of a Nick Diaz fight week. Actually, THE Nick Diaz fight week because after tomorrow it all changes forever. There have been work outs missed, production trucks...


Bas Rutten Delivers A Liver Kick To Ignorance Regarding WMMA Only To Learn Ignorance Doesn't Know What A Liver Kick Is.

Dave Begel, an ignorant Milwaukee sports writer, recently penned an article that speaks to all things ignorant about MMA and by extension WMMA. You can read his full article here. In his article...

Ronda: "Cyborg almost destroyed Women's MMA."


Ronda discusses Cyborg's waning relevance and how she wouldn't trust Cyborg to make weight, even if they fought at a catchweight of 140 pounds.


The Spectacular and Confounding Aspects Of UFC 156

It seems these days that all the UFC events, along with the new season of Bellator, becomes a blur of violent, sometimes fantastic, smear of MMA. One event becomes confused with the next in memory....


Nick Diaz Cut From UFC. Dana White Tele-Conference Transcript *

January 19, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada Warning: Strong Language Dana White: I want to thank everyone for getting on this call on such short notice. Uhmm, I don't know how to say this except just to...


The Conversation That Convinced Dana to Pit Chael Against Jones on TUF

Operator: Who are you again?Dana: Dana WhiteOperator: Oh, ok, Dan White.Dana: No, Dana fucking White!Operator: Dan Cronkite? Like Walter, are you...Dana: No, Dana fu…., ugh is Vince in?Operator:...


Daniel Cormier Deserves A Title Shot If He Enters The UFC With A Win Over Mir

Daniel Cormier, Not Alistair Overeem, Deserves A Shot At The Title If He Beats Mir In His Strikeforce Finale


Oh How I Love The UFC On Fuel TV!

via If you are an MMA fan and don't get Fuel TV there is a sadness in my heart for you. We all knew that the new Fox deal would come with many benefits for fans. The free PPV...


MLB Makes An Unprecedented Move For An American Professional Sports League. The State Commissions Should Follow Suit For MMA.

via     Major League Baseball arguably has the most powerful union in all of sports. During the last strike, that cut short the 1994 season, the union broke the owners, which...


I Want To Make A Case For Machida Toppling Jones, I Just Can't Find One.

I'm a fan of Lyoto Machida. I enjoy watching him employ his style in a fight. When he gets on his bicycle, and starts to move in and out with powerful strikes, he is as dangerous as they come. For...


Jon Jones And The Creation Of An "Era"

I can remember the moment clearly. It wasn't that long ago but it was still a moment you remember. A week before one of the greatest eras a fighter in MMA ever experienced officially ended another...

Brock vs Reem? Diaz vs Penn? Ha! I give you Minowaman vs Baru Harn at Dream.17


The return of the man who could turn anyone's appendage into a Twizzler! Actually, a pretty interesting card this weekend for DREAM. A list of Japanese legends like Aoki, Uno, Kawajiri, Sakuraba and now the great Minowaman will be competing. Enjoy!


The Hyperdrive of Hyperbole After One Night Of MMA!

  Last night's Stikeforce event certainly lived up to its hype. It was a stacked card from start to finish and it delivered. Yes, there were upsets and surprises but the thing that is most...


What Do You Do When Your Talent Has Real Mental Issues? Don't overreact!

Nick Diaz has a problem and it is serious. We can all sit behind our keyboards and call him a bum, unprofessional, scared, whatever. It's none of those things. He has severe anxiety issues,...


So You Wanna Be A Bleepin' Number 2 Organization?!?

Day by day, Strikeforce is undergoing a dramatic facelift. Some say this is the last throws of a dying organization. I'm not totally sold on that yet, but let's say it is. Today, an organization,...


"Overeem is under contract, and when his pinky toe heals up, we'll get him another fight."

The title of this post was the quote from Dana White after Zuffa pulled Overeem from the Gran Prix. Sometimes Dana uses an anvil to make a point and sometimes he uses a scalpel. He could have...

Cris Cyborg Signs Up For A New Contract With Strikeforce


Well, maybe Zuffa is going to stay in the WMMA business. This is good news and a great sign for the future for the women of this sport and its fans.


Is There An Event That Is More Steeped In Awesomeness Than This Year's ADCC World Championships?

The second half of the year will give us some exciting moments in MMA. We will see Fedor face Hendo, Rampage take on Jones, and finally get to see Cain versus JDS. The action is going to come hard...


The Person Who Should Be Most Upset with Fabricio's Performance?

via   Some of you might be familiar with the heralded coach, Rafael Cordeiro. A gang of the old Chute Box fighters and many others have found a home at Rafael's gym. The...

Jon Olav Einemo Has Fought In The Last Year


Last June Jon Olav Einemo participated in Dennis Stojnic's event "Golden Glory Versus The World". He defeated Kresimir Bogdonovich (3-1-1) with a second round choke at the event. Yes, it was non-sanctioned and Bogdonovich is not a top level fighter by any means, but JOE's cage rust isn't quite what people think. JOE with a first round RNC for Pee Wee.


Why The Growth Of Women's MMA Can Be Crucial To The Growth And Respectability Of The Sport

A little more than a week ago I wrote a fanpost about the recent WTA campaign, Strong is Beautiful. In it I highlighted how in marketing and presenting WMMA that it is not only ok, but necessary to...


A Sure Sign That Hell Has Frozen Over

I just got a message that said "Yeah, hell has frozen over" I got a phone call from the Lord Saying, "Hey, boy, get a sweater right now" Modest Mouse- Tiny Cities Made of Ashes I, as many of you...


Strong Is Beautiful: WTA Points The Way For WMMA

Women's MMA has a pretty steep uphill climb to break in to the consciousness of the casual fan. This is not unusual for women's sports. Our US women's hockey, soccer, basketball and softball teams...


Let's Improve The Dialogue

If any of you have spent time on different MMA sites you know that the discourse here at BE is light years better than most sites. It is a relatively troll free environment with some incredibly...


Strikeforce And Its Heavyweight Grand Prix Are Here To Stay

Ever since that Saturday morning when we all were shocked to find out that Zuffa purchased Strikeforce, through a newly formed vehicle named Forza, LLC, there has been constant talk about...


Don't Worry. Strikeforce Has You Covered For The Summer and the UFC Will Have A Fantastic Fall

It was a rough week for the preeminent MMA brand, the UFC. Headliner after headliner dropped one by one. The biggest draw the company has ever had, Brock Lesnar, blew up the tepid build TUF...


Let's Make A Deal: The Strikeforce/UFC Edition

We all witnessed immediately after the GSP/Shields fight an overall cry for a Diaz vs GSP match. Kid Nate wrote an excellent piece detailing the situation. In it we find that both Dana and Lorenzo...

Shane Carwin vs Jon Olav Einemo Betting Line


JOE: +250 Shane Carwin: -350 I'm surprised, JOE is less of an underdog than Jake Shields. Still definitely taking action on this, going to wait to see if it goes up a bit.


I'm Ready For A Weekly UFC Program

Last week I wrote a fanpost on TUF and how the show, in its current form, has reached a point where it is hurting the sport, not helping. So, the next logical step in that thought process is what...

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