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Could Fedor Be Going All In?

Alistair Overeem has decided that after an oh-so-busy 2010 that he needs a six month vacation. Many of you already know my feelings on The Reem so we don't have to recap why I think he is an...


Rare One on One Interview With Fedor

Recently Fedor turned 34 years old and on his birthday he agreed to a rare one on one video for Russian TV reflecting on his career, faith, and family. It is rare to see Fedor give such candid, one...


Paul Heyman Makes His Foray Into MMA

We have been hearing chatter for some time now about Paul Heyman making a move into MMA. It is clear Heyman believes that pro-wrestling's best days are behind it and that its fans have transitioned...


Scott Coker Is Now Being Called Out For Inept Matchmaking By Fighters From Other Organizations.

On Monday's MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani was hosting Eddie Alvarez over the phone and tied Strikeforce CEO, Scott Coker, in for a confrontation over setting up a fight with Gilbert Melendez. If you...


K-1 Final 16 Was Awful (because my guy lost)

A few weeks back I wrote a short profile on Ben Edwards that can be read here. I had high hopes for the hard hitting Aussie upsetting Reem going into this weekend's event. Reem is my personal MMA/K...


Doing Something Special With UFC's Deep Light Heavyweight Division

I'm excited about K-1 this weekend. I love the model of the tournament, the unpredictability, the unique match ups. I miss seeing them take the big stage in MMA. The tournaments of the Wild West...


Should UFC Drop The Amount Of Pay Per Views They Are Doing?

Saturday night was a disaster on so many different levels. It has been covered ad nauseam here and elsewhere so I won't spend any more time on how and why it was so bad. What I do want to...


What Paul Heyman Could Bring To The Strikeforce Table

Strikeforce:Houston turned out to once again show the ineptness of the organization's overall marketing. The show was built around three fan-friendly and marketable fighters that the company was...


Taking On the M-1/Overeem Steroid Nonsense Once And For all.

It seems that every time an article is dropped about Barnett possibly fighting Fedor there is someone on the blog who is ready to drop the old line of "He'll fight Barnett that three time cheater...


Has The Octagon Outlived Its Usefulness?

Right now, I feel awful. I have one of the worst cases of the flu I have ever had in my adult life. If you are the kind of person who gets flu shots, don't wait, this year's version is brutal. When...


BJ Penn Meet Mark Hunt

A few years back I had a wonderful opportunity to spend time working in the South Pacific islands, mostly Hawaii. Let me tell you, it is hard to work when you have all that beauty around you. The...


Alistair Overeem's K-1 Opponent Could Send Him Home Early

Alistair Overeem has put MMA on hold and is dedicated to K-1 this fall. He wants to be the first to hold both the K-1 GP World Championship and an MMA Heavyweight championship at the same time. He...


Bas Boon loses it on a YouTube blogger

Some of you might have heard of a YouTube blogger named Bloodstain Lane. I hadn't until recently. But, apparently Bas Boon and Alistair Overeem have. It seems that one of the recent entries from...


Alistair says fight with Fedor is on after K-1

Alistair Overeem had this to say about Fedor's recent challenge: "About the fight I can be short; The fight is definite. I've waited long enough for Fedor, [he] did not answer so now I do K-1....


So Now Fedor's Next Fight Is In Japan Or Russia Likely On New Year's Eve

The other day Coker discussed Fedor fighting Bigfoot next. I was very skeptical that this would be his next fight. Now, Finkelstein is saying that Fedor's next fight will likely take place in...


Strikeforce Unnecessarily Gambling with Silva vs Overeem, Again!

Scott Coker is going to book Antonio Silva to meet Overeem in October. Some might think this is just fodder for Overeem till things work out with Werdum, Fedor, and M-1. It would seem that Silva...


Sorry Bobby Lashley. No Top Talent For You! Batista is Next.

Bobby Lashley has high hopes. At the press conference for Strikeforce: Houston Bobby spoke of his lofty aspirations: "Before, I didn't know where my level was, but I've been training with ...


Roy Nelson is Right. Junior is the Top Guy

I don't quite understand how Cain, or even Carwin, jumped ahead of Junior. Junior has faced much more difficult competition and he has finished them all, but one, decisively. He has never had a...

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