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Sabas has still got it!


Sabas has still got it!

Nedzad! Our last Spanishstash gets 28 and 10 in surprise win over Barcelona.


Nedzad! Our last Spanishstash gets 28 and 10 in surprise win over Barcelona.

Rudy MVP of the Supercopa


Rudy MVP of the Supercopa

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones found this photograph of Portland Trail Blazers forward Jared...

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones found this photograph of Portland Trail Blazers forward Jared Jeffries and former NBA player Brad Miller with a dead alligator, the result of a hunting trip for a television show called Country Boys Outdoors. ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Proof that JJ Hickson CAN play defense


Proof that JJ Hickson CAN play defense

Rookie photo shoot


Rookie photo shoot

Mitnick: Freeland & Claver Among NBA's New Euros To Watch

A.J. Mitnick of runs down some of the European players making their NBA debuts this season, including Portland Trail Blazers forward Joel Freeland and Victor Claver. ------------------------------------------- No. 3 -- Joel Freeland -- Eurostashed since 2005, this former first-round pick should be able to make a strong impact immediately for a Trail Blazers team that has retooled their roster. His strong proficiency for offensive rebounds and putbacks should give him plenty of opportunities to see some minutes as a rookie. He was one of the few bright spots for Great Britain in the Olympics, and should be one of the pillars of that program for the duration of his career. The fact that he could be a good combination with LaMarcus Aldridge will ensure that he will see the floor often as a rookie. ... No. 8 -- Victor Claver -- The ceiling for Claver may never be as high as many thought when he was selected 22nd in 2009 after suffering a serious ankle injury a couple years ago, but he is ready to contribute immediately. He can shoot, rebound and is a solid defender but doesn’t excel enough in one particular area to make him a standout player. He may not be a player to create for himself, but he knows how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him throughout a game. A veteran of the Spanish National team, Claver won’t be the type of player to change Portland’s luck, but he can be relied upon to play in high pressure situations if need be. ------------------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Rudy's star floppage scored appropriately


Rudy's star floppage scored appropriately

Victor Claver is tall.


Victor Claver is tall.

Summer League MVP video


Summer League MVP video

Batum blocks Durant


Batum blocks Durant

France v. Spain yesterday Nic and Vic have highlights


France v. Spain yesterday Nic and Vic have highlights

He's still ours for now


He's still ours for now

Yet more proof of Kahn's clownishness


"Minnesota's general manager, David Kahn, was asked about that signing during his teleconference and Kahn responded saying Batum can't sign the sheet until Sunday night. immediately got in touch with Kahn after the teleconference and he explained that Batum did sign the offer sheet on Thursday, but since Minnesota had no cap space at the time, the league ruled the offer sheet invalid and Batum must sign it again. Minnesota's plan was to hold on to Batum signature while they were engaged in sign-and-trade talks with Portland. However, a team can't even hold on to a signature without cap space. Hopefully, that sets the records straight."

Blazers apparently interested in every single assistant coach in the league


Quick says: "As reported earlier, Blazers are expected to consider Shaw, Malone, Joerger, Kalamian, Fizdale and Budenholzer among assistants."

Hibbert on Parks and Recreation


Hibbert on Parks and Recreation

Simmons: 2012 NBA Draft Diary Blazers Excerpts

Bill Simmons of the pop culture, entertainment, fashion and sports website -- also known as "The Sports Guy" -- offers his reaction to the Portland Trail Blazers selections in his 2012 NBA Draft diary. ------------------------------- Questions asked in my living room after Portland's pick: "What conference is Damian Lillard from again?" … "Has any top-10 pick ever had more highlights that happened against white people?" … "Is it WEE-ber or Weh-ber?" … "Has anyone ever picked a backup point guard this high?" … "Did they just pick Jerryd Bayless again or am I crazy?" … "Are these highlights from Division I games?" (Answers: Big Sky … no … "Weh-ber" "Wee-ber" … yes, Jonny Flynn in 2009 … it's unclear … yes.) ... Like everyone else, I get nervous every time Portland spends a first-round pick on a center. It's like hearing that Larry King got married again. Poor Meyers Leonard. Jacoby thinks Portland drafted a white center to boost Damian Lillard's confidence during practices. House thinks Leonard should get the "highest insurance policy he can possibly get." I didn't mind the pick — at some point, Portland is going to draft a center who stays healthy for more than five years. I can feel it. ------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Freeland in action in Houston tonight


Great Britain vs. Nigeria in Houston tonight (or 1AM Friday by British time, which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern)

Actors Against Acting Athletes


Actors Against Acting Athletes

Freeman: Blazers GM Neil Olshey Talks Victor Claver, Joel Freeland

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reports that Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey sounds like he is higher on Spanish forward Victor Claver than British big man Joel Freeland when it comes to bringing over the team's international Draft picks. ------------------------------- "Lot of interest in Victor," Olshey said. "I think he’s a good fit. I think the roster is in position now where he would be a good addition. We can’t start negotiating with his agent until after July 1st. Clearly if there was a ever a time when there was enough opening for him to come in an make the team, with a lot of other young players he can grow with, this is probably the time." ... "I’ll know more after I meet with Joel," Olshey said. "I want to explain our situation, where our roster composition is heading, what his role on the team would be. What you don’t want to do is bring someone in under false pretenses just because it’s a talent grab." ------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Sergio having fun in a big win for Real Madrid


Sergio having fun in a big win for Real Madrid

"An Open Letter from Neil Olshey" to the Clippers


(Obviously written by a Clippers fan who will miss him.)

Valencia's GM: Victor Claver Will Stay In Spain Next Season

Javier Maestro of reports that the GM of ACB club Valencia believes forward Victor Claver will be with the team again next season rather than make the jump to the Portland Trail Blazers. ------------------------------------- Valencia's general manager makes himself clear when talking about Victor Claver potentially going to the Blazers: "Claver will continue to play with us next year." ------------------------------------- Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan said recently that he hoped Claver -- a 2009 first round Draft pick -- would join the Blazers for the 2012-2013 season. Hat tip: HoopsHype for the translation ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Buck Williams let go


I'll miss the bow ties...

Euroleague Semifinal on ESPN 3 right now


CSKA Moscow (featuring our old pal Khryapa, Kirilenko and the best youngish Euro PG Milos Teodosic) vs. Panathanaikos (featuring the best Euro player of the past several years, the great Greek PG Dimitris Diamantidis)

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