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An old guy who has loved the Bronco's since living in Denver in the early 80's. Having moved to Nashville Tn, I still have not been able to get them off of my favorites list. The holdout reason was that even though John E retired, Shanny remained! Now he's gone, & Elway is in the front office, so I still have hope!

Now that we have MHR I have been able to keep up with all of the changes, back here in this foreign country, and am extremely excited about the changes taking place.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Michigan St. Spartans
User Blog

Bad Penalties

via There are more than 70 penalties that can be called on an NFL Team, but only around 25 are actually called on the Broncos each year. Those are the only ones included in this...


Good Penalties

I'd like to purpose that there are definitely some very good penalties, and I'd like to see MORE of them committed this year! Offense: Offensive Holding – 10 yards Offensive...


John Fox Vs. Josh McDaniels – 5 Years of Penalties

via Vs. via The data in the table below tends to be a bit overwhelming when viewed as a whole, but when picked apart it provides a...


Orlando Franklin - 4th Most Penalized NFL Player - 2013

via Orlando Franklin, the 4th (tied with three others at 11 penalties each) Most Penalized Player in the NFL during the 2013 season is angry. Clean up your penalties my...


The ("Edited for Brevity") History of NFL Rules & Guidlines

via I tried to only include the list of changes that had a significant affect on the game, whether it pertained to safety, or specifically to changes that affected the increased...


Has John Elway Done Too Much?

"You just commented three times in a row to yourself." I said. "When will you stop your incessant, determined need to get people to respond to you in a negative way?" I continued, "Why not instead,...


On A Rampage!

via In the 2013 postseason, three teams played in three games. They were San Fransisco (14 penalties), Denver (15 penalties) and Seattle (24 penalties). Seattle won the title...


Is This Elway's Plan?

When Peyton retires, John Fox will retire. That's my prophetic proclamation and you can hold me to it! This comment from Kgrone got me thinking: Two years ago coming off 4-12, I’ll take...


Are NFL Penalties Intentional?

There certainly have been a lot of changes in the rules that affect penalties, and with all of the talk this year it sounds like there could be more. What I'm curious about is what appears to be a...


If You Were John Fox...

via If you were John Fox, what would you (in hindsight) have done different last year? I heard more than my share of the John Fox bashing during the year last year,...


Should We Draft A Center In 2014?

via Tom Nalen - Ring of Fame! When looking at "Rodney's Pictorial Depth Chart" (in Nbot's "State of the Roster:" post) it isn't difficult to see the O-line as the...

Decker is a new daddy!

Vivianne Rose Decker is Eric & Jessies newest family member...

Polling GMs on other teams' free-agency moves

"It will be real interesting to see if (Eric) Decker can duplicate in New York ((Jets) when he doesn't have the quarterback, supporting cast at wide receiver, and is just an average guy athletically."


Broncos 11 Current D-Linemen

The D-Linmen currently on the team surprised me. Once I lined them all up in the table below, I realised that there are only three of them who will begin the 2014 season with more than 3 years...

2014 NFL Draft: Small school, big dreams

The NFL is full of players who were unheralded out of college because they didn't attend a traditional powerhouse program.


What Does BPA Mean To JE?

Best Player Available? Says who? There are three different leader boards to choose from at when using their "On The Clock" Draft Simulator. They are the Fanspeak board, Walter...


Broncos 7 Current Wide Recievers

With the Broncos most recent signing of Emmanuel Sanders leaving the Chiefs fans over @AP "Butt Hurt", I am very pleased! via Sanders, having gotten only 19 starts in 56...


Broncos 11 Current O-Linemen

via Broncos Ryan Clady Tackle Ramon Harewood (330lbs), OL - Ryan Miller (320lbs), & OL - Mike Farrell (303lbs) were added by the Broncos following the close of the...


Broncos 9 Current Linebackers

via OLB Jerrell Harris When taking a look at the Broncos current roster, I noticed that there are several Linebackers with just 1 or 2 years of experience, and some names...

Don't ever tell me the Broncos don't care about their employees.

Broncos reportedly asked Wes Welker before signing Aqib Talib


Let's Fix Special Teams!

There are 29 Denver Bronco players listed in the Sporting Charts dot com Special Teams snap count list. Only 7 of those were starters last year. Players with less than 50 snaps on ST were not...


Player Longevity Revisited – The Short Version

Last year I managed to bore people to tears with some extreemly lengthy (most of them over 3,000 words) Player Longevity breakdowns based on the last 19 years of NFL Drafts. I'm giving you the...


"I gotta take care of my family"

Eric Deckers' "I gotta take care of my family" statement takes on new meaning since... via Jessie is pregnant, but… via She still looks HOT in a...

Notice: Mock Draft Contest

The Second Annual MHR Mock Draft Contest is just 60 days away! WHAT? WoW, that's a long way away, and I have no doubt that we will see at least a thousand mocks on here before then, but May...

Give Us Another Decade Pat.

Remember THIS Guy? via There are 178 emplyees that are listed (not including players) that Pat Bowlin supplies with an income every year. He's been doing it now for 3...

101 Top FA's from

Pretty nice layout from the league for FA's this year. Decker is listed #17, DR-C is #30, Knowshon is #63, Shawn Philips #64, Zane Beadles is #67, and all of them are ahead of Matt Cassel at #82... lol

Waiting in the wings

From the FanPosts - Is Brock Osweiler the heir apparent to Peyton Manning?

NFL Stats Links Quick Reference

This listing includes the most respected stat sites on the net with company Bios. PFR, PFF, OTC, TO, TR, ADVANCED, CFF & more.


Has Manning Lost His Edge?

via The 2014 Super Bowl raised some questions in many fans minds about Peyton Manning. Even after a record breaking regular season performance, many have voiced a concern over...

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