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Average Colorado guy. Love hiking, skiing, biking, drinking. Fan of the Avalanche, and the Nuggest and Broncos to a lesser extent.

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Training camp, day 2

I stayed for the whole time today, and it was a lot of fun.  Everyone seemed more grounded;  they worked pretty damn hard out there on the ice.  With the roster still uncertain and a lot of guys...


Training camp, day 1

Well, I went.  And I had a good time.  At the expense of Foppa Opening Night tickets, which I did NOT get.  I has many sads, and possibly some mads at me.  Oh well.  Dammit.   Enough about that...


Final notes: Rookie Camp, day 3

Sorry, I know this is pretty late in the grand scheme of things.  I am off to Training Camp tomorrow morning, and I will likely have some more stuff to type up after that.  But I figured I would...


Some Rookie Camp Day 2 notes

I only stayed for the camp itself, and didn't get to witness the scrimmage, but it was still a fun day to see some progression.  I don't have many more thoughts to add to yesterday, but Ill throw...


Some more thoughts on Rookie Camp

I haven't read AJ's post yet, because I didn't want mine to be tainted with his strange ideas.  Dario's tweets, either. However, since we sat next to each other at camp, watched the same drills,...


Hopes for the upcoming year?

Hi gang.  I started writing this in response to one of Randy's comments in one of the awesome Roundtable discussions, but I decided to flip it over here instead.  Its coming up onto the real start...


Summer Doldrums, prt 4

A-Line A-mazing, by Randy Holtz,  RMN,  Friday, May 25, 2001. Byline:  Since falling behind the Leafs 3-2, Devil's top line has been a goal-scoring machine.


Summer Doldrums, prt 3

Continuation of the last article.  Instead of trying to re-create the charts, I just took a close-up photo of them so they can be read on here.  I hope.  If that doesn't work well, I will edit this...


Summer Doldrums, prt 2

Part one of today's article comes to you from Jim Benton, and is entitled Avs-Devils: The Matchups.  It was placed on page 6N.  It covers various matchups of the forwards, defense, special teams,...


Summer Doldrums, prt 1

The worst part of the off-season is upon us.  I figured I would try to try to keep some of us entertained the same way that I have been entertaining myself over the past few days:  Nostalgia.   I...


Time to move on

I have been struggling with this topic for a while now, but with Foote announcing his retirement on Friday, I figured I may as well jot some thoughts down to share you guys and gals.   The Avs have...


An Early look at the Av's Cap Issues for 2011-12

Hey guys and gals!  This started out as a fairly brief preview of where the Avs are currently sitting for 2011-12 season, but I sorta didn't stop writing, and now its long.  Its still early, but...

Craig Anderson Offered Contract

"Anderson, who turned down $7.5 million over two years with the Colorado Avalanche, was offered two years at $4 million per season by the Sens." Thats really all you need to know. Not much of a raise from the Av's offer, but maybe by now he will realize that he's not going to get anything better. I wonder how he will respond. Perhaps he will turn it down and ask for more years at a lesser amount. More likely, now that the Sens have put it out into public, he will accept it. Or, hell, he may go on and test Free Agency. Lets see how far that gets him.

This story has a point, I promise.

I didn't comment on MHH at all on Monday.  Well, maybe once or twice, but I didnt contribute anything.  Or give homage and thanks.  Or complain about the defense, or ask where we go from here.  I...

Forsberg to sign contract today


Forsberg to sign contract today, won't play tomorrow. Details to come, I guess. *Edit - The Denver Post has a quick blurb on it, only very slightly more substantial than the tweet (twitter?). ** More Edit: Contract has been signed already, according to Dater's Twitter. No details on money yet. *** Money Edit: According to Daters Twitter, contract is for $1 million prorated, this season only. My oh my, has there ever been a better awesomeness/price ratio?

Forsberg's Comeback Over


"Forsberg has told his pal Markus Naslund, the GM/owner of MoDo, the longtime team from Sweden he and Forsberg have been involved with, that he’s abandoning his latest comeback attempt to play pro hockey. The foot, alas, just wasn’t good enough. Again."

NHL names Duchene and Fleischmann as top 2 stars


Matt Duchene and Tomas Fleischmann were named the top two of the three starts of the week on Link to the All Access video feed.


So, Where will Flash fit in?

Tomas Fleischmann missed the last game against the Atlanta Thrashers, arriving in Denver just too late to make it to his first game in a Unipron.  But that didn't stop me from wondering where he...


Western Conference Man-Games Lost to Injury

Recently Edited, check the bottom of the page please. Just a quick look at the Western Conference and how many man-games they have lost to injury.  Take a wild guess where the Avs rank. I couldn't...


Avalanche point-per-game players

I don't feel like working, and so I figured I would write down some things that I noticed while I was perusing the stats on players with at least a point per game.  I'm don't really plan on drawing...


MHH - Avs guild photos

Here are a few photos that I snapped during the Pepsi Center scrimmage.


A question about NHL Gamecenter Live

Just hoping for some input from those that might already have NHL Gamecenter Live.  

Radar's Summer Plans

1 article about how the Avs other stud center is spending his off time, and getting his mind right for his second NHL season. He stayed at Joey Hishon's house and has been skating with him, and daily workouts. I like this kid a lot too. Isn't it nice to have such a likable team?

Biggest Hockey Brawls, according to some fool


Dear dude/lady who created this list: Altho its not a terrible list, you do not lend yourself credibility by making not one, or two, but THREE mistakes in the caption of the first video. I can understand messing up which teams employ Darcy Tucker and Jarrko Ruutu, as long as you are just looking at some stats on paper. But the video of them is RIGHT FRIGGIN ABOVE THE CAPTION. Anyone who fails to identify the teams the players are on by watching the video ought not to be compiling lists that make the front page of Digg. There may be a ton more mistakes, but I didn't really read any more captions, deeming them unworthy to take up time on my lazy Sunday afternoon. love, matt

Duchene sent to local hospital for evaluation


Dater's postgame blog says that Dutchie was sent to the hospital for evaluation during the second period of Friday night's Chicago game. Shit. UPDATE: Duchene is day to day per this article.

Avs Cut 10, Willsie Included - Daterblog


The cuts: Pos. Player Team (League) C Philippe Dupuis Lake Erie (AHL) D Brian Fahey Lake Erie (AHL) RW Darren Haydar Lake Erie (AHL) C Justin Mercier Lake Erie (AHL) D Kevin Montgomery Lake Erie (AHL) D Wes O’Neill Lake Erie (AHL) C Marty Sertich Lake Erie (AHL) D Brett Skinner Lake Erie (AHL) RW Brian Willsie Lake Erie (AHL) RW Brandon Yip Lake Erie (AHL)


Training Camp Day 3 - Now with video Goodness!

Hey Guys!  Camp finished up with a good scrimmage and a bunch of MHHers and Blueline guys.  It was great to meet people that I have only ever seen on here!    I changed up a bit today and decided...


Avs Training Camp, Day 2

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen.    I had an amazing day at Training Camp today.  I barely saw any of the drills, but the scrimmage was fantastic.  Once again I came away with a ton of notes, and...

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