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Five Moves to Expect Soon After the Lockout Ends.....Dallas Cowboys Sign Nnamdi Asomugha


Dallas Cowboys sign Nnamdi Asomugha: Asomugha could go on a LeBron James-like tour of the NFL, but he won't have a lot of time to weigh his options. Of all the teams with a need at cornerback, the Asomugha race could come down to the Cowboys and Texans. No one needs help in the secondary more than Houston, but if all things are equal, Jerry Jones could woo Asomugha with all the extras that come with being a Cowboy. There's a lot more glamour in Dallas than in Houston, and the Cowboys defense could be very good under new coordinator Rob Ryan. Some of the other teams reportedly interested in Asomugha could be scared off by his price tag. Teams like the Jets and Ravens are already spending a lot of money at cornerback. The Patriots could certainly use Asomugha, but they don't pay a lot for that position. The Lions also have to covet Asomugha, but he may not be convinced Detroit is ready to become a playoff team.


Watching the Finals with about 50 Red Wings Fans was something else...

Hello everyone, thought I'd introduce myself to the blog with the story of how I spent the Finals last year. It was one of the most rewarding sports experiences of my life. I grew up in the...


Anyone have a copy of Demarcus Ware E:60 story?

Does anyone have a copy saved of the E:60 story done about Demarcus and his wife about a month ago? Everywhere I try to go on the net the link is no longer available. That story is a keeper and I...


What a joke the Pro Bowl has become

For years, Michael Vick disgraced the Pro Bowl with his average QB play and spectacular running back play. Now Eli "Bus Driver" Manning makes it in over Romo? Just look at the numbers: Manning:...


How has Demarcus Ware's record breaking sack gone unnoticed?

With 15 sacks this season, Demarcus Ware now holds the Dallas Cowboys record for the most sacks in a single season. Since the sack became official, the record was 14...set by Jeffcoat in 1986 and...


Some amazing Tony Romo numbers

I just wanted to do a little write up of some of the things I've been looking up regarding Tony Romo incredible start to his career. Some of his career stats are skewed by 2 games. 1 in 2005 where...

McNabb didn't know ties existed in the NFL rulebook.


McNabb didn't know ties existed in the NFL rulebook.

T.O. a choirboy compared to Keyshawn?


According to Warren Sapp, yes. Sapp on former teammate Brad Johnson (thumbs up) "An accurate quarterback, a championship, someone that knows the ropes and how to distribute the ball. He's played with worse malcontents than T.O. He played with Keyshawn (Johnson, Tampa Bay). Keyshawn was kicked off the team, away from us. Terrell Owens is a choirboy compared to Keyshawn. He'll get the ball and distribute it and they'll be fine."


Did we really give up too much for RW2?

Consider this the opposite of the O'Reilly Factor. This is the Spin Zone. I'm going to spin this like the homer I am, because I don't think we got fleeced at all. First of all, name one receiver...


While everyone is busy jumping off the cliff....

We need to get a little perspective on what a team's goals in the NFL should be. No team, no matter how talented, is automatically put into the playoffs. Here are the Cowboys goals in my opinion... ...


Before we push panic button on first team Defense

Take a look at this article from the DMN. It seems after the preseason game against Denver last year,...


First Cowboys/Redskins Game on NFL Network

The replay of the game T.O. had 4 touchdowns against the Redskins is on the NFL network right now. There's 1 thing that just jumps out and screams at me from this game. Everyone raves about the...


Grizz ever think of a newsletter?

I'm off to the middle east for a few months this week, and I'm going to be lost without BTB.


Could Tom Brady cure cancer and capture Bin Laden?

I'm beginning to think that Tom Brady's saliva could cure cancer, and that he could devise the ultimate plan to finally capture Bin Laden (even though he's probably dead of the kidney dialysis he's...


Goddell is a joke (Patriots penalty announced)

The commish has lost all credibility with this one in my opinion. Wade Wilson gets 5 games, and now this. There's no way Belichek shouldn't be suspended at least 5 games.(Update) I added in a link...


Goodell determines Patriots broke the rules

It seems that the new Commish isn't only going to come down hard on players, but organizations as well. It's being reported that 'multiple draft picks' may be taken from the Patriots for breaking...

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