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"So what if the Blazers picked Durant instead of Oden? Any successfully unconventional decision would be called "a Pritchard"; and everyone in Portland would be so perpetually happy that it would never rain there again."- Bill Simmons

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A day in the life of Trail Blazers reporter Joe Freeman

A friend of mine on the high school newspaper staff recently wrote about his experience shadowing Joe Freeman. It has some pretty interesting insights, check it out!

Ray Felton in questioning after allegedly pointing gun at a woman

So I suppose things have gone a bit down hill for Ray since his Portland days. Hopefully he gets some help.


Blazer success boils down to chemistry

Team chemistry is one of the most important, yet oft-overlooked traits in all of sports these days, especially in the NBA. In an industry where success equals money, owners have become increasingly...


Blazers Edge follow train!

As chronicled in Dave's recent article, most of the Blazers Edge staff has made the jump over to the social media world on Twitter. Corvallis, Or made an interesting idea of a Blazers Edge follow...


Meyers Leonard: The Trade Thread!

So the Blazers finally look amazing. Many experts have dubbed us contenders in the stacked Western Conference and we currently sit atop the rankings for the entire NBA. Perhaps more impressive is...

Bill Simmons breaks down the HornBobNetCats

Bill takes a look at the Eastern Conference, aka the "Poopocalypse: Part II," and ranks the teams from top to bottom. 'Cats rank at #10. Nice!

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe talk Blazers on the B.S. Report

Simmons and Lowe talk about the win last night against the Pacers, the Blazers as a potential contender (!!!!!!!!) and where they stack up with the rest of the Western Conference. Transcript can be found here: http://forwardcenter.net/bill-simmons-why-isnt-portland-a-serious-finals-contender/

Stotts confirms that Freeland has claimed backup center role

Quotes from Stotts: "The role that he has, he’s earned a lot of respect from his teammates and the coaches by how he’s impacted the game defensively," Stotts said. "He had two rim protections tonight, made an impact on the game. We need defense out of that position, and Joel’s earned that."


Who will lead the Blazers in each stat?

With the regular season nearly bestowed upon us, the Blazers look primed to have a bounce-back season. With a revamped bench and a little help from the big man RoLo, we might finally end the two...

Mo Williams signs with Portland, per Woj!

Williams is signing a two year deal with Blazers, source tells Y!

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) August 7, 2013

Williams deal will pay him $5.6 million over two years, with player option for second season.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) August 7, 2013 Woj

Bill Simmons takes a look at the Blazers offseason thus far

It sounds like Bill generally likes what Portland did in the offseason, but he makes sure we all know the Blazers are still far from contending. Simmons also dishes on the LaMarcus situation, and why we shouldn't hesitate to trade him to the Bulls.


A Case For Chauncey Billups

After another successful NBA draft, the Blazers have gotten some exciting, young talent and the bench already looks vastly improved over last season. The Blazers still have a few spots to fill out,...


Damian Follows Dwight on Instagram, Does It Mean Nothing or Everything?

Ah, it's free agency time. The time of year when the Blazers scramble to make their team better, only to fall short of signing that missing piece. It happens all the time, and the sad truth is...

Blazers Connected to Dwight?

NBA GM tells me there's an interesting twist to the Dwight Howard free-agent saga that peripherally involves Blazers. More 12p @750TheGame— John Canzano (@JohnCanzanoBFT) June 28, 2013

Knowing Canzano this might be nothing, but I thought it was at least worth passing along.

Shabazz at 10? Attitude Says No, Scoring Says Yes.

I think this video is pretty self-explanatory, but I will explain it anyway. The game clock is winding down, and Shabazz is screaming for the ball, waving his hands like his life depended on...

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose Interview Blazer Prospect CJ McCollum

In an interview with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose, CJ says that he texted Damian throughout last year, and calls himself a cross between Lillard and Steph Curry.(!!!) I like it.


More Offseason Plans: Picking Up Rockets' Spare Pieces

As you all probably know, the Houston Rockets are doing everything in their power to make room for Dwight Howard and potentially Chris Paul. They have already cut loose two valuable bench players...


Why trading LMA is maybe not a Terrible Idea

After years of mediocre point guards and draft busts, the Blazers’ have finally found their franchise leader for the future in Damian Lillard. Lillard led the league in minutes, won the...

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