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Mid camp roster check in

Having read every training camp practice review, coach press conference and random 49er related tweet I decided I was uniquely qualified to give every notable player a grade. Rather than A-F or...


The "hold out"

Vernon Davis held out this summer. Sort of. In what can only be described as an another bizarre (and thankfully brief) episode in the mercurial tight ends illustrious career, Vernon skipped a...


The Colin Kaepernick appreciation thread

It's incredibly rare for a player to take one for the team in this day age. Almost to a man players seek maximum payouts with maximum guarantees. Deescalators are rarely seen for top talent as...


An NFC west preview: the good, the bad the ugly

The NFC West is over rated. There: I said it. Last year, the division was ridiculously good. The best I can remember it being. The 4 teams went 30-10 outside the division and the top two teams...


A rebuttal (re: Grant Cohn draft review)

If you're like me you read most if not all of the online 49ers analysis. That means you frequently have the distinctly unsavory experience of reading the opinions of Grant Cohn. I could make this...


Hyde v Lattimore

Sure, it's Gore's job to lose. Today. But in the near future he will be handing the reins over to someone new. I realize we could go with a dual attack (or even the mythical Cerberus- I see you...


Grading the mocks

Now that round 1 is in the books we can assess how well draft prognosticators performed. (Rather than attempting to guess at how well the GM's did, which is clearly a fools errand one day later.) ...


Time to take a step back

The news of the last few weeks which is both too sordid and too voluminous to summarize here has brought me to a breaking point. This isn't my "giving up on the team" post. Rather, it's my "I...


Crazy free agency suggestion

We have a month before free agency really starts, 3 until the draft and half a year until real football.So why entertain ludicrous ideas with almost no chance of them happening? My question to...


Take a deep breath

Exhale. I know, the wound is still open for many of us. The "agony of defeat" is still ringing in our ears. After that pass was deflected by that hand attached to that body I called for the...

Clarifying the Kap-RW narrative for national folks

This isn't the fan post to analyze the relative merits of these two quarterbacks. I'm not going to offer any stats or anything substantive at all. This is about the media generated narrative, the...


Newton vs Kaepernick: the 2013 stats

I am of the opinion that Colin Kaepernick had a slightly better season than Cam Newton. Neither were elite but both we're by and large effective, dual threat quarterbacks. As I lay out below they...


An eyewitness, subjective view of ice bowl 2

I was lucky enough to watch the 49ers conquer the Packers and the elements yesterday at Lambeau. Sadly I didn't make it to the tail gate as I was watching the game with three Green Bay fans who...


Jay Cutler signs big contract: Kaepernick is about to get paid

The details aren't in yet but I'm reading that we're talking 18 million per year over the first three years, 50 million guaranteed, 7 years in total. It's not staggering by NFL standards. Ryan,...


State of the team, state of the division

There's still football to play this year. We have at least 2 more games and hopefully more after that. However, I've been thinking about the big picture and I wanted to put my thoughts down. The...


Could Larry Fitzgerald come to The 49ers?

Link Reports are being published that Arizona Cardinals can't afford to keep Larry Fitzgerald for 2014. There's 1 such story from the 4 letter network at the top of this post. Larry's salary...

Kap vs. Packers D

NN user takes a look at Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense vs. the Packers defense in January's playoff game.


Paging Randy Moss

bring him to camp and pay him by the day. He was by all accounts a good mentor to our receivers last year. Hopefully one of the young guys would beat him out but he's not a bad option to come off...

rather bizarre Brandon Jacobs story


Don't really know what to make of this.

Smith passes concussion test


according to espn, Smith has passed his concussion test and will start on Monday vs the Bears.


Tired of all the post Rams negativity?

Clearly an awful lot went wrong in this game but that's not what this post is about. Several things went right as a matter of fact and the season is far from lost. In fact a few other teams took...

Kellen Winslow cut by seahawks


Looks like several of their free agent signings (Matt Flynn, Terrell Owens and now Kellen Winslow) haven't panned out very well.

Sando gives the passing offense a good review


Reason for optimism? He's seen the other camps except Arizona and he says the 49ers passing game was "the most impressive."

ESPN debates old wide receivers


Rest easy Niners Nation, Skip "Always Wrong" Bayless is down on SF's Randy Moss. Meanwhile Christian Fauria makes a sensible and detailed argument in favor of Randy taking SF over the top.

Crabtree's reputation


Matt Maiocco does a full piece on Michael's bay area rep. So what is the perception of Michael Crabtree? Is he a diva? Is he misunderstood? Does it matter at all?

More skepticism


should we be worried? I think theres some faulty logic going on here. Specifically his catch 22 is more of a false dichotomy. To explain what I mean: he says that Alex Smith can't simultaneously maintain his mistake free passing and get impact play out of the upgraded receiving corp. In my opinion he doesn't have to attempt to do both. The team can absorb more interceptions if they are accompanied by a correpsonding leap in touchdown passes. These 2 events aren't mutually exclusive as he seems to think.

Film guru previews the nfc west


I've always enjoyed Greg Cosell; its said that noone watches more film and I feel he gives a fair unbiased view. In a league where most serious analysis is done primarily by breaking down stats he's a bit of an outlier in that he tends to focus on what he sees (in both scheme and talent). Given that he's watched more football than all of us combined his opinion carries quite some weight even if its based on anecdotal evidence and subjective analysis. He's also a better than average writer and clearly loves the game. In any case here's his preview of the nfc west which he dubs "contrary" b/c of its emphasis on running the ball and defense. Pointedly he doesn't even bother to mention the Rams.

The early reports on Peyton Manning


He was almost a 49er (or not depending on who you believe) and heres a story about how he looks in the early going. Obviously we won't know anything definitive until the regular season but this will be a fascinating story to follow. If you guys are anything like me you must have fantasized about what Manning could have done for SF but we'll never know now. However, if he can't cut it in Denver we might end up grateful. Is it possible that Alex Smith will have a better 2012?


Random Alex Smith thought

Last year he faced the pass defenses ranked 1, 2, 4, 7 (the rams twice), 9, 10, 11 (the seahawks twice), and 12. He also saw the Cardinals near the end of the season when they were figuring out...

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