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irish, not a leprechaun...
sleep deprivation makes me say and do terrible things

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • General Munster Rugby
  • FIFA Republic Of Ireland.. if we ever qualify again
  • EPL Not any more...
  • MLS hahahahaha
User Blog

Icy Days, Hockey Nights

not 'Hawks related but a really uplifting article about how Hockey is helping to build bridges in a very divided community... and we could all do with cheering up!

this is just plain odd..

found this while trawling t'web for news of Hossa... and for the record, mine's Chelsea Gadder

an open letter to the CBJs

This, from Kaitlin at BlueJackets Bunker is eloquent, touching and kind of sweet. Good fan, there.. But I still hope we really ruin her night. Sorry!


Rick The Rypper

Guess we've all seen the incident that has led to Rick Rypien getting an indefinite suspension while the NHL Wheel Of Justice decides what to do with him. I've seen every shade of opinion, from...


oppostion A-Hole/Hate Figure thus far..

It may only be Game Four of the Regular Season, but there's already a couple of umm... 'Characters'  who have stuck their heads up to feature in the Douchebag Hall Of Fame his year. While it's...

Dan Rosen picks Scum, Pronger

As if any more motivation were needed. Dear Coach Q, please print this out and hang it in the locker room. Thanks.


'Twas The Day Before Hockey.....

..well, nearly. It's 12 noon on Wednesday here in good old GMT though it'll be Friday morning at Ass O'Clock when the puck drops. I just headed over to and got a wonderful shiver down my...

more fun from BOC

our friends from Battle Of California hit the comedy jackpot again. And if Megalodon checks this out, may I recommend a UK comic strip you may not have heard of.. unless there are Limey Sharks fans out there..


tiedät tien San Jose?*

  So it's as official as can be (without actually being official of course) The Free Agency that caused us the most angst this summer has apparently come to an end with Antti Niemi signing with S...


"We're All Doomed!"

Why No One Will Make The Playoffs Maybe it's the off-season ennui, maybe it's my rubbish sense of humour but this made me chuckle.. from Battle of California on SBNation: Awful Hockey, Great Blog...


Why Do YOU Like The 'Hawks?

This one is for all of those like me (and looking at that map, there's a lot of you) who don't come from Chicago, generally aren't American or Canadian, grew up somewhere that doesn't play hockey...


Buff The Thrasher (sounds like a Dolph Lundgren flick circa '85)

So, Big Buff got his day with the Cup and decided to wear his newest threads for the occasion.. I'm not going to judge or criticize (I leave that to you guys) but Puck Daddy clearly thought it...


We Are On A Mission From God!!

Peoples of zee wurl'.. relax!  


View From London (England, that is!)

Early Mornings and Incomprehension..

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