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Free Agency Thread II: Hamonic signs for 7 years

Travis Hamonic has re-signed for seven years and a reported $27 million.

Islanders Hockey: By the Team Calendar

When we bought our calendars for 2013, did we expect playoff hockey, or any hockey at all? Well, we got both at the Nassau Coliseum.

Jets 5, Isles 4 - ten minutes ain't a game.


The New York Islanders had ten good minutes and a two-goal lead... but unfortunately there were still ten minutes to play after that.

How the Bettminch Stole Hockey


It's beginning to look a lot like Islesmas... except for, you know, not having any Islanders games to watch. What brought us to this lowly state?

TSN puts Tavares in Top 16 Under 25


Good news, everyone! According to TSN, JT is Top 26 uh, 16 in the NHL under 25 years old! They're having a mini-bracket to pick the best U25 in the league. JT's on it, which is pretty darned cool. Sadly, his first-round matchup is Steven Stamkos, who is also pretty good at ice hockey. They must have had a hell of a time narrowing it down to sixteen players. What do you all think of their choices?

Wait, what? *Patrick* Kane might be available?


I thought that Dale Tallon left town years ago, but apparently there's still some pruning in mind. According to the article (link in title), Chicago isn't happy that Kane went AWOL on the ice during their first-round playoff exit, only to be present and accounted for at hot parties around town. The thing is, if you are trying to deal a guy, why would you let it be known that the reason was that he was an unreliable performer? How does that help you get a fair deal on him? If you were trying to interest, oh, let's say the Islanders, who are probably losing their own first-line RW to free agency and have great draft position and a deep prospect pool. Would you say, "Hey Garth, we're sick of this party boy and his undisciplined ways and lousy work ethic, it's starting to hurt him on the ice - he can be yours for the fourth overall and Ryan Strome!" Lemme think for about nine seconds.... NO. That being said, if he goes at a discount, then what would be a fair offer?


Is Garth Snow actually drafting well, or are we all just pr*j*ct*ng again?

There's been a lot of debate about how strong Garth Snow's draft record actually is, five drafts into his tenure as the New York Islanders general manager. The comment here is a good example - I'm...

Bruins 6, Islanders 3 - Tied After Two magic evaporates along with playoff chances


The Islanders had a sterling record this season when level after two periods: 13-4-1 going into today's matinee. After 40 minutes against the Boston Bruins, the Isles were again level, getting...

Big market, big delusion


Puck Daddy shared this at the end of their latest "What We Learned" roundup... a modest HFBoards trade proposal: From NYR - Stepan, Del Zotto, McIlrath From NYI - John Tavares My favorite part has to be three or four comments down, though, where the proposal is denounced as delusional: "Add Kreider, McDonaugh, Erixon and Callahan. JT is a franchise player that likes the Isles. he is untouchable. If he's goin anywhere its Toronto." Yup.... he's going to the Leafs. Mmmmmmm-hm.


Fun with letters - The curious case of hyphenation (UPDATED with answers and some fascinating historical stuff)

The discussion about hyphenated names in the Isles-Leafs recap thread made me think a bit, and I've cooked up a small trivia question for all y'all. The Rangers employ a young forward of some...

Fun with numbers: Any time is a good time for π


But especially March 14th, National Pi Day.* *In Europe, the convention is day-month-year, so this would be 14/03/12, and there would be no pi, since they have the same twelve months we do and...

Senators Many, Islanders Nil - the Trainwreck Recap


In the last two weekends, the Islanders have hosted a matinee against a team they needed two points against, and started it off with some pregame fun. Last weekend, it was Marvel superheroes; this...

Islanders vs. Senators Preview and Gameday Thread


The Islanders host the Senators for a 1 p.m. Presidents Day start. This is a Gigantor-sized contest, as the Senators are one of the teams the Isles must catch to continue to dream their impossible...


Slow and steady rebuild is paying first dividends

This item ran on the Backhand Shelf blog yesterday while we were busily grousing about Evander "Freight Train" Kane laying tracks through Al Montoya's crease last night: top improvements and...


Kyle Turris deal immanent?

Possibly, maybe, sort of... at least, that's the impression I get following the Twitter feed of TSN's Darren Dreger, who is trying to get details. These are his four most current tweets as of...

Recap - Stars (on 45) 3, Islanders 2: Can Games Be Only Forty Minutes?


Well, that was undistinguished. The Islanders started very poorly and found themselves in a 1-0 hole when Loui Eriksson was left all by his lonesome in front of young Kevin Poulin. Then they...


A quick note on the salary cap floor

Examining the NHL CBA to uncover what consequences exist for a team falling below the salary cap "floor" or lower limit.

Rangers 4 (EN) (again) Islanders 2 - Maximum Effort, Minimum Results


The New York Islanders delivered a long-overdue solid effort, but a bad Josh Bailey turnover late in the third period led to a 4-2 loss, the Rangers' seventh win in a row.

"But they had no pressure on them!"


The brilliant Joe Posnanski deals with this question, in the context of the MVP races in baseball. The next time you hear someone yammer about how little pressure there was on Long Island after Woevember, this article is your one-stop ammo depot for firing back. So, trying to break a 1-20 streak and prove to your city, your fans, your opponents, your league, and your sport's media voices that you are a professional and viable NHL franchise, not a punchline or doormat = no pressure! Riiiiiiiight.

The NHL's nationally-broadcast games, 1993 - present


These only cover free TV, not ESPN or Vs. And you'll be shocked - shocked! - the Rangers have four appearances in the top ten most frequent matchups. Out of 298 different games, 75 have featured the Rangers. Philly's at 65, Pittsburgh at 58, Boston has 43, and New Jersey all the way down at 11. One thing those other four guys have in common? All of them have been more successful than the Rangers over that time. The Isles? Eight games, all against the Rangers. FLORIDA has been shown more often.


Fun Islanders trivia - can you name our Masterton trophy guys?

Mark Fitzpatrick popped up in the comments thread of the LaFontaine to Okposo post. To recap it briefly: Fitzpatrick was the young, promising goalie prospect the Islanders got back from Los Angeles...

Isles Pride and Campbell Prejudice - what punishment on the Gillies-go-round?


Isles Pride and Campbell Prejudice: a look at Rule 48, cheap shots, and enforcers. #LHHockey #Isles #NHL

Welcome aboard!


At the beginning of the season, our local Blogfather, Dom, wrote a community guidelines post for all of us, new and old, getting ready for the new season. Remember those days?  Promising,...

DGB strikes again! This time, it's Other Mario Lemieux Grievances.


DGB strikes again! This time, it's Other Mario Lemieux Grievances.

"While all the cheap shots and fighting during last week's rematch were hard to take, the Islanders really went over the line with that lengthy pre-game ceremony retiring David Volek's number." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


How fast is Michael Grabner? He's so fast that Lighthouse Hockey has a tribute to his speed.


A respectful question from a Pens fan - not a troll

  {Editor's Note - I've moved this comment from the Sabres game thread to this separate post, so we can have a friendly and rational discussion, similar to the one that developed between all of us...

Depleted Isles hold open tryouts for netminders, exorcists


New humor piece at LHH: "Isles hold open tryouts for goalies, exorcists." Hopefully laughter really is the best medicine.

Us and Them - Rob Neyer joins SB Nation


And after all, we're only ordinary men... but Neyer is more of an extraordinary writer, and I hope that he keeps bringing the good ideas. More significantly - he's coming directly from ESPN.com to SBN, with membership in the BBWAA and a well-earned national reputation for knowing his stuff. That's a big deal, to attract a talent of this level, and it reflects well on SBN in general. Welcome aboard, Rob!


The NHL Guardians Project - with a new update

The NHL Guardians Project - with the Isles Guardian reveal in the comments. In a word - OY.

Who wants cupcakes??? Puck Daddy wants cupcakes


It was inevitable. Puck Daddy's Sean Leahy meets up with Amy Brady, the owner of Cupcake Gourmet, and samples some of the wares. No truth yet to the rumor that JPinVA was the shadowy figure in the parking garage of Leahy's apartment complex, whispering, "Follow the icing..."

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