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my 10 fAvorite books:
code of the woosters-pg wodehouse
disgrAce-jm coetzee
godel escher bAch-douglAs hofstAdter
joy in the morning-pg wodehouse
lbj biographies-robert A cAro
lolitA-vlAdimir nAbokov
money-mArtin Amis
pAle fire-vlAdimir nAbokov
reAsons And persons-derek pArfit
A suitAble boy-vikrAm seth

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • Golf Michael Jordan
  • NASCAR Burt Reynolds
  • MMA Joe Pesci
  • Boxing Boxcar Fred
  • Cycling Mark Ellis
  • Tennis Farley Granger
User Blog

Last two minutes of Cal vs. Duke 1993.


Last two minutes of Cal vs. Duke 1993.



It's snowing at College and Alcatraz. There was a bunch of snow up on the hills behind the Claremont Hotel this morning. Snow is an interesting topic, and yet I find it difficult to compose an...


DLD 10/25/08-next time someone makes a DLD: Wherein I Rank the 50 States

Because I like lists 1. California-Bay Area is the best place in the country-LA and San Diego are also among the nation's 10 best cities-Tectonic plates will cast Orange County out to sea in due...


In Honor of his First Start: "Out Man": The Worst P.I. Ever

I think my first poetic interlude is at least statistically on the mark. Here goes: original lyrics. youtube One, two, three, out! Huh! One, two, three, out! There's a strike for you, strike...


DLD 8/11/08: Some Good Memories of This Season

An essay: Possibly there will be a link or two. So... this season turned out bad, just like last season, but we had some good moments, possibly justifying our fanhood. All memories apply only to...


Batman Kinda Sucked

Here is my review, which I was forced to write in light of all the love it’s getting. Spoilers, blah, blah, blah.First the good:Yeah, Ledger is really good, and the 15-20% of the movie that he’s in...

A's lineup

  1. Jemile Weeks
  2. Andy Laroche
  3. Barry Bonds
  4. Jack Cust
  5. Ted Williams

Mark Ellis: The Poll

I am curious as to the predictive powers of AN. The question is: will Mark Ellis be resigned? Not should he be, etc., etc., but will he be? Many think the acquisitions of Weeks and Patterson, not...


DLD 5/16/08 Miscellany

1. Greg Smith With 6 pickoffs (next best is 3), he may have some chance at the single season record. The most since 1992 was 12, and 9-10 typically leads MLB. I don't know what the record is...


DLD 3/27/08 Links and Pictures and Bonds, Go A's!

A's Win! Two final slaps for the A's on Wednesday after being an afterthought to the Red Sox all week: The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Ryo Ishikawa, a teenage Japanese golfer wearing...


DLD 3/20/08 Off to Japan

Tournament starts today. Fun stuff. I'm rooting for the Gaels. The other day KenKo picked UCLA while Buan opted for Kansas. If Kansas wins will it presage a changing of the guard? Only time and...


DLD 2/25/08 Two Links Say it All

Courtesy of BBTF: A's upgrade training equipment: Among the gadgets the A's purchased at the behest of new head trainer Steve Sayles are a shockwave machine, a cold laser machine and a SABA...


DLD 2/21/08 Into the Fray

Today (wow, crazy light font) Slusser gives another version of the Duke as starter story: "Duke is going to gain a lot of weight this year," Oakland closer Huston Street said with a chuckle. "No...


DLD 2/6/08 Really Crazy Trade Edition

It's a trade so craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy that it nearly satisfies the character requirement for diaries by itself. The Phoenix Suns have acquired Shaquille...


DLD 1/29/08 re: Giants; re: Other Stuff

re: Warriors Webber to return But this brief proclamation to confirm that he's returning to the team and city where he began his NBA career in 1993 -- and where he lasted only one season because...


DLD 1/25/08 Science Update

While we all peck away at our typewriters speculating about the Oakland A's, science marches forward. Dude who looks like Bill Gates, Two Other Guys Develop Alzheimers Helmet This story about...


DLD 1/22/08 [Title]

So I found a good link from Colorado Fan over in Zonis's diary, and we need a DLD, so here it is; our man Farhan gushes about all the prospects. Turns out Sweeney is awesome: It's easy to forget...


DLD 12/12/07 Hey, the Day and Month are the Same

There's some A's news (or maybe "news") today, which doesn't happen every day. Even though it's already been linked, I'm going to try to milk this article for all it's worth. It's hilariously...


DLD 11/27/07

This interview by Jeff is great. Very funny. You should read it. Uh oh: Leaky valves. However, the gunk was sticking to the tires and spreading onto secondary roads in the region. He added that...


OT: Crazy

I went to the city to see "No Country for Old Men" this afternoon. It was extremely violent and suspenseful (in a good way), and the violence was still reverberating as we left. So, I got out to...


DLD 11/7/07 I Really Hope That's the Date

I think a quickie is in order. Fight between George Clooney and Fabio, wherein Fabio tells Clooney to "stop being a diva." haha.


DLD 11/2/07 Some Links for you to click if you like

Today I bring you four links, for which I searched far and wide. 1. South Carolina Democratic Party rejects Colbert candidacy: The executive council of the South Carolina Democratic Party voted...


DLD 10/30/07 A's! Warriors!

Over at The Drumbeat, there's talk of the Japan opener, featuring this crack: With Matsuzaka and Okajima returning home, plus Manny and Big Poppy in the lineup, the Red Sox are like the...


Rockies DBacks Open thread

No thread yet, so here goes. 1-1 in the second. Webb vs. Not sure. Lineups I know Arizona has Byrnes, so that'll do for now.                                                                        ...


DLD 9/26/07 OCD

Call me OCD (yeah, you know ME), but it is simply intolerable that no link dump has been created today. (Viewers of my apartment would be quickly disabused of the notion that I'm OCD. Similarly,...


DLD 9/21/07 Now with Title

Chron (John Shea) has an article about DJ's uncertain future. He gets a little carried away in the first paragraph: Dan Johnson used to be Daric Barton. The first baseman of the future, a...


DLD 8/27/07 Should I Read BTF? Let's Find Out

Aside from checking out stats, this is the only baseball website I visit on anything resembling a regular basis (well, LL too). Some of you like to link to BTF and I invariably enjoy the links....


DLD 8/21/07 Get Your Cool Link/Blockquote Patterns Elsewhere

A's win! A's Win. Good job Hannahan. Turns out Donnie Murphy is also hurt. What's the problem? Starts with an "O"..... Read the Chron notes, now with boldface instead of italics if you are still...


DANDP&LD 8/6/07

I don't have any ANDPs or stories, since I didn't go (I actually did go to the game, but I don't like any of you), but you do. I moved last week and didn't have internet access over the weekend....

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