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GDT: Playoff Implication Games

(Just for you, bd :P) Alright, folks; it's officially crunch time. The regular season is winding down, and the Mavs find themselves in a chase for a playoff spot among the likes of Golden State,...


2013 APC Pick 'Em: It's a Celebration!

To celebrate, everybody can have one of these on the house: Haha, j/k. Well, our contest has come to a close and our 2013 APC Pick 'Em champ is... RockChalkPackers! Congratulations on a fine...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 17. The Finale.

This is the end. Beautiful friend(s). My only friend(s). The end. Another year, another pick 'em contest coming to a close. This year, it appears that RockChalkPackers will most likely walk away...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 16

Here we go, it's the penultimate week of our humble little contest. Everyone can breathe a little easier this week: there are no more Thursday night games! As for the contest itself, RCP currently...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 15

That was a heck of a week of football, huh? Crazy weather, points being scored left and right. Our pick 'em contest was right in the midst of that madness, as all but a handful of you scored in...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 14

4 weeks. There are 4 weeks of football left! RCP is on a hot streak lately, gaining a bit of separation in the standings. Now is the time to make a run, if you wanna win this thing! I have...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 13 - The Turkey Day Edition

In case you missed it in the comment section of Week 12's post, there will be no points awarded for the Vikings-Packers tie. The way I see it: you score points for picking winners, and this matchup...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 12

Hello, everyone. I'm on a bit of a time restraint this week, so I'm scrapping the 'Weekly Average' section of the standings. Yes, I know... you're all in tears over this development. /crickets. It...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 11

Fourteen games. Everybody scored in single digits. Rodgers goes down, the defense starts playing like crap, Pick 'Em participants start dropping out... the fk is going on, guys?!? Let's hope for...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 10

Yikes... Week 9 was like that one drunken night you'd rather forget. Let's just move on, shall we? DEADLINES: Thursday, November 7 - 8:25 PM ET/7:25 PM Central Sunday, November 10 - 1:00 PM...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 9

With 13 games on the schedule, Week 8 provided for some pretty terrible football games (Cowboys-Lions, aside). Should be a better slate of games this week, right? NOPE. Six more teams go on bye,...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 8

RockChalk continues to gain ground as this competition chugs along into Week 8! Not too much ground, as AaronR, Dodgerado, and uofmike all scored in double digits as well. Good luck to everyone...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 7

Six weeks are in the book already! Man, time flies. There weren't many upsets last week, leading to some pretty nice point totals for mostly everybody. Once again, good luck to everybody! See you...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 6

Well, well, well. Look who we have joining RCP at the top: one Bush League All Star! If you ever run into a gentleman at the store with a mullet purchasing plastic cutlery, party cups, helium...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 5

Packer football returns this week! Woohoo!! Back to the topic, Week 4 was much more kind to the APC community than the week prior. RockChalkPackers remains at the top of the board... I am coming at...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 4

Well, that was interesting. There were certainly quite a few zeroes in last week's spreadsheet. With that said, we have a new leader in the standings: RockChalkPackers! The target is now squarely...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 3

Alright, guys. There was a mix-up regarding the TNF game last week, but that has been resolved (I hope). Every game counts from here on out. Remember, if you can't get every pick in by Thursday,...


APC Pick 'Em: Week 2

Alright, so I've come to a decision regarding TNF games; they will count! It seems a lot of you (although not a majority, I will admit: 55%) wanted them included. That will change our weekly...


OOT #6

35 long days until preseason... Oct 7 vs New Orleans Pelicans Oct 9 @ Memphis Grizzlies Oct 14 vs Orlando Magic Oct 16 @ Indiana Pacers Oct 19 @ Charlotte Bobcats Oct 21 @ Houston Rockets ...


2013 APC Pick 'Em: Week 1

'Sup, bitches? This is the return of APC's unofficial Pick 'Em contest, run by yours truly. Join me in my quest to dethrone the ever-loving shit out of reigning Pick 'Em Champ, uofmike (that's the...

APC Pick 'Em is Coming... [UPDATE]


The date has been moved to 09-01-2013.

Don't worry about Ravens-Broncos on Thursday night. I'm not bothering with TNF games this year.


OOT #5

Dallas Mavericks' 2013-14 NBA Regular Season Schedule: October: 30 - vs Atlanta November: 1 - @ Houston 2 - vs Memphis 5 - vs LA Lakers 6 - @ Oklahoma City (ESPN) 8 - @ Minnesota 9 - @...

APC Pick 'Em is Coming...


/insert suspenseful movie trailer music



Offseason OT #4

mike's 2013-14 NBA Playoff Predictions: The East: 1) Miami Heat 2) Indiana Pacers 3) Brooklyn Nets 4) Chicago Bulls 5) New York Knicks 6) Detroit Pistons 7) Atlanta Hawks 8) Washington...


Offseason OT #3

Your 2013-14 Dallas Mavericks: PG: Jose Calderon, #8 (All the credit in the world to Rodrigo Numasedi; this is great!) SG: Monta Ellis, #11 (Nationaldesigns with a nice job here, as...


Offseason OT #2

List of free agents, where they ended up, how much they got: 1. Dwight Howard - Rockets. 4 yrs, $88 M 2. Chris Paul - Clippers. 5 yrs, $107 M 3. Andrew Bynum - Cavaliers. 2 yrs, $24 M 4. Josh...


Offseason OT Thread #1

Just think of these as a continuation of our epic playoff threads. If anybody else wants to join in on the conversation, you are more than welcome to! Discuss who you want in the draft, any video...


Playoff Thread #9: Home of your Dallas Mavericks... the ONLY team to beat Miami's Big 3!

NBA Draft Express's most recent mock draft (updated on 6/11): 1. Cavaliers: Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky 2. Magic: Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas 3. Wizards: Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown 4. Bobcats: Alex...


Playoff Thread #8: Maverick fans made somebody, somewhere very mad.

We are getting a freaking cHeat-Spurs Finals, folks. This really, really, really sucks. To complete the 75 word FanPost requirement, here is part of NBA Draft Express's most recent mock draft: 1....


Playoff Thread #7: Seven is a terrible number.

I have nothing for the #7; I mean, there's Adrian Griffin and DeSagana Diop (two members of our 2005-06 Western Conference Championship team) and... uh, yeah. That's really it (Lamar Odom never...

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