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Musician first and sports fan second, but I will defend my Philly teams until the day I die.

Favorite teams overall: Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers

People Most Responsible for my Fervent Hockey Fandom: My Father, Bobby Clarke (the player, not as GM), Dave Poulin, Ron Hextall, Doug Gilmour, Gene Hart.

Teams I like from other cities: Calgary Flames, Boston Red Sox, Dallas Mavericks, Italian League Soccer (AS Roma, AC Milan, Juventus)

Not Particularly a Fan of but Have Much Respect For: Big Five College Ball (I have friends and relatives who graduated from all five schools).

Musically Speaking: Influential Rock Bands. Jazz. Classical. World Music (Balinese Gamelan, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Indian Raga, etc.) Minimalism. Folk. Blues. Guided By Voices.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Philadelphia 76ers
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
User Blog

Re-Thinking the Standings / "The Teams Will Now Play for the Extra Point"

Disclaimer: I've been thinking about this for a while.  Even though the Flyers are somehow 2-1 in shootouts this year, I still like this idea enough to present it to you all. Back in the...


Plus ca change / Rome wasn't built in a day...

Now that the Flyers are five games into the new season with a six-day break coming up, let's take a look at what's been happening.The Flyers are 3-1-1 so far, for 7 out of a possible 10 points. ...


"Phold of '64" has already been used...

... so sadly, we might need to get ready to come up with a new moniker for this year's possible disaster.  This would technically be worse, since we were up 7 games with 10 to go instead of 6.5.5...


One More Change May Be Necessary...

I think the Flyers have the talent to go far this year.  I really do.  I can't wait for October 2nd, when all the kinks have (hopefully) been worked out and the boys hit the ice for real.  With M...

Less Than A Month Away!


Anyone going to the home opener? I'll be there. I wonder how different or similar the roster will look then... This is especially good news considering the Phillies' floundering of late. The Flyers had better not "blow any saves" this year if they can help it.

An open invitation / cry for help


Dear Flames Fans: Would any of you care to join Broad Street Hockey? You would be surprised at the number of Flyers fans who are upset that we did not sign Bertuzzi. I've tried to tell them that this is a good thing, and explained that I watched a lot of Bertuzzi last year, but no one is listening to me. I can only imagine that firsthand knowledge of Bertuzzi's game would help to calm some of us down. Thanks!


Martin Biron sez: "If you CAN beat them...

Join them anyway."  Apparently one ex-Flyer goalie (Scott Munroe) is not enough for the Islanders.  I guess they have three now, if you count Garth Snow. I think Bruce Boudreau said last year that...


"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

(DISCLAIMER: I love the Flyers.  My earliest memory from my life is my father yelling at them on TV.  I have been going to games since the early 1980s, and I will always go as long as I live in...

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