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I'm just a guy, nothing special. I have made over 50,000 posts on Athletics Nation. I will never make another post there, and this is why:

I am no longer a "product" of AN or the SBN sites. This is my choice based on moderation changes on AN I do not agree with, plus a catering more to advertisers and view counts over good posters and quality content.

Multiple users of AN have been banned without warning and had posts censored because they brought up points that the administration did not agree with. There's no freedom to express yourself if what you express is going to be censored because Nico doesn't like it.

This took place after multiple thousands of posts discussing the direction of the community, because AN was truly a community and not just a website. Those posts have also been deleted, and the changes that the majority did NOT want were still pushed through by Blez, Nico, and BaseBallGirl. It has now gotten to the point that posts are deleted and users are banned nearly instantly for any sort of dissenting. That is not a community I want any part of whatsoever.

Some of the best writers and producers of content have been driven away by the administration, including but not limited to: monkeyball, FreeSeatUpgrade, elcroata, danmerquery, emperor nobody, FlashFire, PaulThomas, and DesignatedForAssignment

Goodbye and good luck. The Kraut is still Free.

User Blog


    In what can only be the greatest day in the history of calling up backup catchers, we learned late last night that the Athletics optioned catcher Landon Powell to the AAA Sacramento Rivercats.  ...


Happy Birthday, Tyler Bleszinski.

The man, the myth, the legend -- but enough about me. Blez, the guy that started AN.  Kudos to you, congrats on everything AN/SBN has become.  Beer/BBQ/Adult Beverage of your choice, on me, next AN...


End of an Era -- Eric Chavez' option declined. Crisp, Ellis picked up.

BBG: I wanted everyone to read this. Thanks mikev!Here's a link from Slusser yesterday at SFGate   So, in case you hadn't caught wind of it yet, or hadn't read BBG's post about the Cy Young...


It's Saturday. Let's go somewhere and watch the playoffs!

YAY A DECISION. We are meeting up at the GRAND OAK SPORTS BAR located at 736 Washington Street in Oakland!  Happy hour prices during the game according to wacchampions, so blame him if it's not!   Y...


A's Acquire Conor Jackson from Diamondbacks for Sam Demel

  OFFICIAL MLB LINK   Twitter Dbacks Writer Link Twitter OaklandA's Link   MLBTR Link   Apparently the A's have sent Sam Demel to the Diamondbacks in exchange for Conor Jackson and cash.   Jackson...


IT HAS BEGUN! 2010 World Cup Open Thread (Day 1)

via www.greencitizens.net   South Africa and favored squad Mexico finished even at 1 in the opening match of the 2010 World Cup in from Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.  Mexico seemed to...


BA Top 100 Released - A's Have 3

But I bet you won't guess which three!   Linkage for the lazy people   Okay, forget it, I'll spoil it for you.   Vernon Christopher Carter (i.e. Trogdor) is #28, Michael Taylor is #29, and Grant...


Tavares update: I'm crushed.

I guess I have to cancel my custom jersey order, and go back to my Ryan Langerhans home jersey.   sigh.   The A's released Willy Tavares today.   I'm not quite sure how to feel right now.  It's...


Hardy to Minnesota. What's with the early offseason trades?

AN will have to find another shortstop to covet this offseason and come up with multiple trade scenarios for.   Hardy was dealt to the Twins for Carlos Gomez.  I guess the Brewers will look...


The (un)Official bit... uh.. Feedback thread for the layout change

I'm already seeing a bunch of posts about it in various other threads, so I figured I could try and help get all the bitching feedback contained to one place. Maybe this will even help the powers...


DLD 8/18/09 - The Day After Signing Day!

You people bore me.  Here, have a fresh new DLD to do stuff with please.  I had a late, late game last night and am sitting here half dead.  ENTERTAIN ME.   Oh, yeah, links.  After the jump!


RIP Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, announcer Harry Kalas

Non A's related. So what.   ESPN link to Fidrych story:  http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4065778 USA Today link: ...


San Jose Mayor: "Better than 50/50 odds" that the A's move there.

So sayeth MSNBC..   Everybody's favorite website about a new A's ballpark has already posted about it as well (go Vertig0!) and even included the A's specific parts of the agenda to be discussed...


Andrew Brown released to make room for Springer?

According to Slusser, that's what is happening.   Andrew Brown got a double dose of bad news on Wednesday. Dr. James Andrews confirmed that Brown needs surgery on his right shoulder, with the...


Kipers Mock: Aaron Maybin @ 10

Linkovitch   Mel Kiper and his hair have released their first mock draft, and with the 10th pick he has us taking DE/OLB Aaron Maybin from Penn State.   Interestingly enough, he's got BJ Raji,...


Nick Johnson trade talks back on?

According to the Washington Post, yes This part I didn't really like:   It is unclear what players the A's would be willing to give up for Johnson, but the Nationals have shown previous...


Frank Wren blacklists Kinzer and WMG

Stranahanahan thinks this deserves it's own fanpost, so darn it we're giving it it's own fanpost!   Linkovitch Chimofsky.   And, the important quotes from one Mr. Frank Wren, Atlanta Braves...


Bill King denied HOF yet again :(

I guess I'm not surprised.  We didn't do enough, apparently.   King left out of final vote for Frick Award   I am, to put it midly, not happy.  It's an absolute travesty that King isn't even...


Sarloos Returns; Bankston DFA; Meyer Demoted

Official Press Release Here   First off, so long Dan Meyer - enjoy your time back in Sacramento pitching for the AAA Rivercats since you weren't released by the organization and instead just sent...


Wanted: 3 Tickets for Tuesday 5/6 v. Bal

Hey AN, Sorry to use up a Dia...er... FaNpOsT on something like this, but I wasn't sure where else to put it. A couple of guys who are in my simulation baseball league (kinda like fantasy, but...


Kevin Goldstein says we're #2

  I agree with him.


A's-Sox Opener set for 6:07am... *eastern time*

si.com link with details... It's been announced that the A's first "home" game is going to be at 3:07 in the morning Oakland time.  


Kirk Saarloos signs minor league deal with Oakland

Welcome back Kirk. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/st.htm For me, this is good news.  I wished that he would have stayed in Oakland all along, I thought he was a much better (much cheaper) option...


Third Deck re-opening for 2008!!!

So, uh... For the sixteen or seventeen people that are going to keep going to games next year: 3 sections of the 3rd Deck will be open for $35 All-You-Can-Eat tickets, to include hot dogs, nachos,...


Tejada en route to Houston: Does this trigger more moves that affect Oakland?

According to this ESPN link, Miggy is finally getting out of Baltimore and heading to the Astros. The Orioles get Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman...


So what if Beane decides to blow it up?

For really not much reason whatsoever, I was perusing mlbtraderumors and noticed this little tidbit about Boston possibly looking at Johan Santana or Haren.  Obviously adding Haren would give...


Tokyo, here we come -- as the *home team*

So it's official:  The A's open the season in Japan against the Red Sox next year.  The A's will be the home team, as the March 25th and 26th games are being considered the first of a four game set...

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