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Ditch the name "Clippers" - just call them LA

Effective immediately, the NBA should allow the Clippers to finish the playoffs being known only as "Los Angeles". They should not be forced to wear any uniform material that says "Clippers", or...

Clippers Success Contingent on Improved Play of Paul, Griffin, NOT Minor Roster Changes


minor roster tweaks are never the difference between a champion and an also-ran. NBA championships are won with a combination of superstars and continuity. Teams that advance to the Finals either...


NBA Finals Poll: Which team are you rooting for?

Miami vs. Oklahoma City. Two completely opposite cities. Heat vs. Thunder: The first all-weather matchup in Finals history. LeBron vs. Durant: The best all-around player vs. the best offensive...


Why Neil Olshey Might Be A Tad Overrated

It is of little surprise that the departure of Neil Olshey has left Clippers fans feeling a bit rudderless. As acting "GM", he led the Clippers out of the wilderness and, for the first time since...


Phil Jackson as GM?

According to ESPN and Sports Illustrated, he has been talking to the Orlando Magic about taking over their basketball operations. But he wants to be able to work from Los Angeles, and only travel...


Clips win in spite of Vinny (benching Bledsoe down the stretch let Memphis back in the game) i

Vinny really screwed up by taking Bledsoe out and leaving Mo in down the stretch. I'm sure free throws had something to do with it, but you don't have to worry about that when you are up by 10. ...


Hypothetical: Should the Clippers hang a banner if they win the Pacific Division?

Last night, I told my wife that the Clippers still have an outside chance to win the Pacific Division. Her reply was, "Wow, then we'll finally be able to put up a banner of our own." I hadn't...


Well, at least Blake's dunks on Gasol were entertaining

Blake's dunks over Pau were EPIC!!! The Lakers fans are whining that they were offensive fouls. I don't know who's softer, Gasol or Lakers fans. Anyway, after awhile, nobody will remember who won...

Jerry Sloan May Return to Coaching (Clippers?)


Bottom half of the page. Jerry Sloan is reportedly interested in returning to the bench. Should things go south with VDN, would anyone favor hiring Sloan to reinvent the Stockton/Malone pick-n-roll with Paul and Blake? He had a pretty good run with DWill and Boozer. Plus Sloan preaches hard nosed defense, something the Clippers clearly lack this year.

HoopsHype interview with Chris Kaman


The Caveman shares his thoughts on the Clippers (past and present), New Orleans, and his NBA future. Kaman is in the news a bit lately. The Miami Heat are rumored to be interested in acquiring him after New Orleans was unable to find a suitable trading partner.


No M-V-P chants, please. Ever.

I need all Clippers fans to commit to NEVER serenading a free throw shooting Clipper with the absurdly pathetic and insufferably ass-kissing chant of M-V-P. I'm not sure who invented this...


710 ESPN (Lakers station) discussing trading Blake for Dwight

The halfway decent Max & Macellus and the absurd Lakers apologists Mason & Ireland were discussing Dwight Howard rumors (as is their wont), and in particular, this newest rumor of Howard being...


After Two Games: Any Buyer's Remorse?

Just wondering if any Clippers fans who were displeased with the Chris Paul trade have different feelings after two preseason games. The intent here is not to antagonize or rekindle a debate. ...

Gordon, Kaman Debut in Hornets Win


For those interested, see link for video highlights, recap and stats. Photo gallery can also be found here.

Source: Lakers eye Mike Dunleavy


The Los Angeles Lakers have had to replace two coaching legends in the last 20 years: Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. The only time it's worked out well, the team turned to Mike Dunleavy. They're thinking of doing the same again this time. Dunleavy was contacted by the team this week and is said to be on the team's most-current "short list" to succeed Jackson, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Though his recent history with the Clippers was unsuccessful, Dunleavy is still viewed as a strong tactician around the league with an impressive history of postseason success. He was the NBA Coach of the Year in 1999 with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Lakers have always thought fondly of the job he did in replacing Riley in 1990, leading the team to an upset over the Trail Blazers in the 1991 Western Conference finals before losing to Jackson's Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals. Dunleavy has maintained a friendship with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss and his son Jim Buss over the years. As recently as last year he watched Lakers games with Buss from his suite at Staples Center. He also has a long history with Bryant, whom he courted and nearly convinced to join the Clippers as a free agent in 2004. Dunleavy is the winningest and was the highest-paid coach in Clippers history. He took the franchise to within one win of the Western Conference finals in 2006. Dunleavy has a career record of 613-716 as a head coach with the Lakers, Milwaukee, Portland and the Clippers. Besides the 1990-91 run with the Lakers, he came within one game of the 2000 Finals with the Trail Blazers before a fourth-quarter collapse in Game 7 propelled Shaquille O'Neal and Bryant to their first of three championships together with the Lakers.

Clips Players Pay for Kim Hughes Cancer Surgery (2004)


Piggy backing off Citizen bpr's story about the cheapness of the Clippers, but with a more positive headline.

Next: Denver (love the way the Nuggs are playing)


I am enjoying watching Denver more than any other team right now. No stars, but rather, a solid 12 man platoon of really good players. Look at the balancein the box score. And this is without Dino, who was playing well for them. Good for Denver. They shed a player in Carmelo Anthony who only played on one side of the ball and have a rounded roster full of hustle guys. Love it. I'll be watching them tonight against Utah to scout them, but I will enjoy watching them as well.

Hollinger suggests Kaman & Foye for Prince & Hamilton


Paul (East Lansing) John, Would Detroit or LA say no to just Prince for Kaman. Seems to fill a need for both teams, and be an overall wash with respect to talent, with Detroit losing financially. John Hollinger (2:10 PM) Unfortunately the money owed Kaman is a deal-breaker if it's just Prince going back. Detroit can't take on any money while they're selling the team. That's why I think it has to be Hamilton and Prince for Kaman and Foye, with cash and a pick going back to the Pistons, because that way it doesn't impact the finances for a sale.


Lakers looking to upgrade. Why aren't the Clippers?

Rumor has it that the Lakers and Nuggets are in trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony and Andrew Bynum.   They are also in seperate talks with Charlotte involving Ron Artest for either Stephen...

Elton Brand: D'Antoni Slayer


Philly played NY back to back. Check out EB's last five games. He scores his season average for the first three, then doubles them in the last two against the Knicks. Recall the playoff series vs PHX, when Brand averaged 31/10.


Take Leslie Frazier's name off the list (go for Jim Harbaugh)

Brad Childress is as good as gone in Minnesota, and unlike the Cowboys, they have a legitimate "coach in waiting" in Leslie Frazier. Assuming there is a 2011 NFL season, the Cowboys will...

DJ #2 in PER


Ha Ha. Gotta love Hollinger.


VDN is now a career sub .500 coach (and other quick thoughts)

Griffin scores 20 in his NBA debut, but even more impressive are the 9 offensive rebounds (14 total).  ORebs are about hustle, and that's all this guy does.  Ryan Gomes...yikes.  28 incredibly...


Thornton being used ineffectively

The forward is struggling in his role as a role player.

Rasual Butler Mix (I know, I'm surprised to find one, too). I don't have speakers on this...


Rasual Butler Mix (I know, I'm surprised to find one, too). I don't have speakers on this computer, so I'm not sure what tune this is set to. Lots of finishing Chris Paul passes. Lots of Clippers in this video on the receiving end. (Note: Apologies to ClipperMize, who posted this and more earlier. See here.

Hollinger Offers Some Rare Clippers Optimism


Los Angeles Clippers They stunk last season, plus they're the Clippers, which means they could screw this up at a moment's notice. But the offseason certainly pleased the Clipper faithful. First overall pick Blake Griffin should be a double-double guy immediately, and the trade of Zach Randolph for Quentin Richardson gives the Clips cap space for a free-agent run next year. Better yet, they parlayed Richardson into frontcourt depth with a second deal with Minnesota for underrated forward Craig Smith. But the biggest reason to like the Clips is because they were going to be better anyway. Baron Davis, Chris Kaman and Ricky Davis should all be in much better physical condition for this go-round, and second-year pro Eric Gordon should improve, too. Whether it's enough for a playoff run remains to be seen, but this version of the Clips should keep us entertained.

Simmons on the Clippers future


This Simmons piece is about the NBA in general, but the the beginning focuses heavily on the Clippers. To paraphrase, he suggests that if the Clippers were to change their name to the Hollywood Stars and get a new coach, they would be an ideal destination for LeBron James and perhaps an additional marquee free agent. In his view, LeBron would view a nucleus of Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, and Chris Kaman more favorably than anything the Knicks could put together. Interesting read.

Fox Sports: Griffin will turn Clippers around


Pretty good analysis by Kevin Hench (pretty good for a national writer, anyway). Believes the Clippers young nucleus of Griffin, Gordon and Thornton is as good as any, and that they will turn the franchise around within three years.

ESPN Clippers Trade Buzz (June 24)


Andy Katz: A source with knowledge of the situation said the Clippers wanted to move Chris Kaman but weren't able to do so as of Wednesday. There was nothing imminent for draft night. The source said that the Clippers will continue to try to move one of three players -- Kaman, Marcus Camby or Zach Randolph -- by the time training camp opens. The source said the only 100 percent certainty is that expected top pick Blake Griffin will be in training camp.

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