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Digging into Chuck Greenberg.... Is he the right choice?

I was looking at Chuck Greenberg's wikipedia again to find out that his son goes to Ohio U.  Apparently he's in my year and my major.  there's only about 17,000 people at the school, so most people...


Scott Feldman = Ryan Drese

I've been pretty annoyed lately...  All I hear about up here is how amazing the Reds are these days..  I could really care less.. I'm sick about hearing about Joey "Vottomatic" And how Mike Leake...


NCAA selection sunday biotchessss

Ohio U. Makes the tournament after winning the Mac title being the lowest seed and having a 7-9 conference record.  Thank god for automatic bids.   Look for me on TV on the selection Sunday show...


Derek Holland, SMU, Dallas athlete of the Decade?

Derek Holland grew up close to where I go to school which I didn't even realize... That is until a few months ago I was at some backyard mermaid party with my roommates drunk friend that was going...


Lebron needs to be slapped across the face with my 2 by 4 with 10 inch nails in it...

So I went to the Cavs game to watch them play the Mavericks, not a good idea...  I was in a perfectly good mood until I watched Lebron act like a little cry baby for 3 hours.  You know what?  I...


Julio Borbon would like an apology...

Lets be honest... Adam J. Morris hates fast speedy guys and this is no exception...  Draft time a few years ago he joined the hate wagon to this guy and everyone followed...  Everyone but me...  I...


Digging into this Ben Roethlisberger situation, my take...

So as you all know, Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault by a casino conasuir.  ESPN has chosen not to cover the story at all which is strange to say the least.  If this girl was hot...


Can someone tell me why Jean-Jacques Taylor is still on the DMN payroll?

Who the fuck does this guy thing he is?  What does he do for that newspaper?  Heres a quote from some article he had about "glue guys" " "Here's my vote for the local glue guys: Cowboys: Bradie...


Kidd resigns with Mavericks... Mavs probably going to snag Marion...

Well its official, Jason Kidd has resigned with the Mavs in a 3 year deal...   In other news, it is said that Marion is likely to end up in Dallas from Toronto that would include Stackhouse in the...


Jason Kidd signs 3 year deal with Knicks. (Not officially, but I'm calling it and that is what matters)

Jason Kidd just signed a 3 year deal with the knicks.  What does this mean for the Mavericks?    Who is our new starting point guard.. JJ Barea is it right now...  We can't even win 40 games with...

Justin Smoak's rehab appearance in the Arizona Rookie League: 3 AB, 2 HR, 1 double.


Justin Smoak's rehab appearance in the Arizona Rookie League: 3 AB, 2 HR, 1 double.


Quincy Carter arrested in South Texas. What a BEAST!

"Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter got a brand new uniform this morning -- a brand new orange jumpsuit. Carter was just charged with drunk driving and misdemeanor marijuana possession...


OSU fans are inhumane and stupid...

There is nothing worse than an Ohio State fan.  I go to Ohio University, and everyone seems to be Ohio State fans...  This pisses me off like no other.  If you like OSU that much, then go to the...


Major NCAA football schools exposed in NY Times a few weeks ago (UT, OU, LSU, USC)

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/26/sports/ncaafootball/26recruit.html?_r=3&ref=sports&pagewanted=all   This is a MUST READ article by the New York Times about the best defensive player in texas...

Brian Cuban(Marks brother) is a complete idiot....


Brian Cuban tries to defend the Jason Kidd trade by saying all teams in the NBA get fleeced every year so that means both the Nets and Mavs got fleeced? He says that having Devin Harris wouldn't have brought us a championship. What he doesn't mention is that we traded away our future for a 35 year old that will not bring us to the promise land... Well, this story did not sit well with me so I sent him a facebook message telling him my side... ""This reasoning doesn't negate the fact that we traded our future point guard and 2 first round picks for a 35 year old that looks like won't bring us anywhere near the promise land...""


Very sad news... Giles allegedly beats girlfriend since 2002 ; liable for misscarriage twice..

Brian Giles is being sued for 10 million dollars by his ex wife saying that he battered her and forced her to have the misscarrage..   h...


Rangers team chemistry is gone; I admit I was wrong about Mavs; I own the Brandon Bass suit....

A few things I have to talk about.... The Rangers team chemistry has taken a major hit this offseason.  As the regulars know, I am a huge team chemistry fan.  I think it is what makes a team take...


CC Sabathia signs with Yankees, eats chocolate cake to celebrate

Still early, but gets 140 million plus.   Sucks for the Yankees, its great that he did good in the NL and all, but the AL is an entirely diferen't league.  This is the biggest contract for a...


I would like an apology... (JJ Barea)

Last year, I got BLASTED for saying JJ Barea is a beast.  Everyone told me he was trash and he will never be anything...  Well JJ Barea is carrying the Mavs this season...  Not only did he have the...


Juan Dominguez: A dream shattered forever...

This is part III of the Juan Dominguez series.  If you have not yet read the other entries, please read in order for this post to make sense... h...


The legacy of Mark Cuban; notes on the speaker series, update on me...

In my SASM 201 class, we had a lesson on the one and only Mark Cuban.   We talked about the ways he has made a positive impact on the Mavericks organization. Herzberg's Two Factor Theory of...


OT: Antoine Wright: A Star in the Making

"Wright, the Texas A&M product considered the “bright spot of camp’’ by coach Rick Carlisle, has obviously earned rotation minutes. Wright, who came to Dallas in the Kidd trade, isn’t locked into...


Joaquin Arias' egomania as big as my beastliness

Who does this guy think he is? First of all, he owes his soul to this organization for sticking with him through his complete shit play and his injuries.  "I don't know what happened last year,"...


OT: NBA going down the drain fast...

Not only is the NBA getting a hit from the donaghy scandal, but now there is worry about keeping their stars in the U.S.A. Carlos Delfino, Bostjan Nachbar, Carlos Arroyo, Jorge ...

Barry Bonds vacationing with his family.


Barry Bonds vacationing with his family.

Stephen A. Smith Heckled in the 2008 NBA Draft


Stephen A. Smith Heckled in the 2008 NBA Draft


A-Rod and Cynthia split....

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080703/ap_on_sp_ba_ne/bba_yankees_rodriguez Another example of open marriages not working. This comes just a few months after the birth of their newborn. This is...

Shan Foster singing! He is BEASTLY AT EVERYTHING!


Shan Foster singing! He is BEASTLY AT EVERYTHING!


OT: I'm pissed

Yeah, so I'm at summer school.  Drove three days to get here, stopping at Bedford, Arkansas and Lexington, Kentucky overnight to get here. I drove through Kige Ramsey's hometown Bowling Green,...

Dirk and Rick Carlisle in Germany ready for the championship year.


Dirk and Rick Carlisle in Germany ready for the championship year.

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