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I play jazz guitar. I compose awesome music. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
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  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
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User Blog

Orange October YouTube Video

My brilliant programmer/designer friend made this video the other day. He knows it will eventually be taken down because of licensing, but it'd be nice to see it get some play before it gets taken...


This Was for You, Bobby Thompson...

Bobby Thompson, iconic hero of the all-time accomplishment in baseball history, died this year.  No team wins the pennant like the Giants win the pennant because of this man's scorching line drive...


Little confused...

I've been playing baseball my entire life and I'd even consider myself to be fairly adept at baseball statistics (though not nearly on the same level as most of you).  Matt Cain walked 3 and gave...


Too Much Rest

Rest is invaluable during this time of year.  I'm very happy that the Giants won yesterday because it gave everyone some much needed rest.  But I am a little worried it may be a bit too much....


The Baseball Game/Worst MVP EVER

My friends and I play this road-trip game that we simply call , "The Baseball Game."  It's a name game.  You go around in circles and name Major League Baseball players from any era as long as they...


What the heck are you guys talking about?

I come to this site more than once every single day going on nearly five years now.  Most of the time I find your comments witty and funny.  Sometimes I find them negative and bitter.  Mostly I...


MLB.TV / PS3 / IP Proxy

I recently subscribed to the MLB.TV service. PS3 has an app where you can watch MLB.TV games just like on the computer, but on your TV through PS3. I currently live in a Giants market but don't...


Anyone in Spring Training tomorrow through Saturday?

My fiancee and I wanted to come to Spring Training tomorrow through Saturday but all rental cars are taken. Is anyone willing to pick us up before games, take us to Giants games, and drop us off...


Some Optimism for the Future

I thought this site could use a bit of optimism regarding our long term future.  I was just taking part in the ESPN.MLB poll about which first baseman (not named Albert) will command a higher...


Need Help from McCoven

I started my first job in baseball today.  I'm now the pitching coach for the Kingsborough Community College baseball team.  One of my first assignments is to bring around this one kid.  He reminds...


Trade Sense I Am Lacking...

Pitching Surplus + Offensive Defecit + Defensively Adequate = Giants Organization Offensive Surplus + Pitching Defecit + Defensively Inadequate = Rangers Organization   The Rangers ALWAYS suck...


Trade Values

How about a little bit less insulting, and a little more thought invocation?  Of course we know Jonathan Sanchez, Bengie Molina, and possibly Randy Winn are hot trade commodities for the Giants. ...


APBA Baseball, anyone?

It's been a while since I have been to McCovey Chronicles.  I got pretty sick of it.  For me it became an S.A.T. Word Analogy.  McCovey Chronicles is to Baseball as Christians are to Christianity. ...


Quick Poll...

The McCoven is a savagely loyal group.  How many games will you watch next season between live games, tv, and internet feeds?


Historical Tendencies...

I just read a very good ESPN.com column by J.A. Adande.  Basically, he lays to rest any claims that the Celtics are a black un-friendly franchise.  This got me thinking...First, are there teams out...


Laying Down the Law...

This is Keith Law's Blog on ESPN.com and my responses to it:Rowand's not a Giant upgradeposted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007The fact that the addition of Aaron Rowand probably makes the Giants a...


Sabean Is Due...

It seems to me that there may not be a GM in baseball that is better at keeping his dealings secret than one, Brain Sabean.  I can think of a few examples of when the Giants were not even mentioned...


Bonds' Risky Signing...

Understandably, teams were very weary of signing Bonds to begin with, but now I don't think anyone is willing to risk signing an aging veteran slugger who has both potential for injury and...


More Evidence...

Feliz Injustice...Chipper Jones can't believe Wright won Gold Glove Sunday, Nov 11, 2007 8:00 am ESTGetty Images A report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this week said that Atlanta...


Bullpen Thoughts

Do you guys have any idea what the bull pen is going to shape up like for next year?  I'd like to see some tentative Depth Charts people!


Barry Bonds Poll...

It's a simple poll.  Feel free to comment.  The man is a Giant at heart, but he wants to play more.  The Giants could open up negotiations with him again, and then again... they could not.


Helton vs. J.T.

I just looked at Helton's fielding pct. for this year.  .999  Doesn't that beat J.T.'s record for a single season?Helton onlz had 2 errors in 153 games.  That's nutz.


My Interview With a Should-Be Hall of Famer

It's been well documented on this site that I am a flight attendant that gives Dodger fans hell on my flights.  Well, those of you who were very disgusted by my last posting of such events may be a...


Snakes On a Plane...

Have you guys ever seen that movie?  The dorky, star-witness, surfer guy looks EXACTLY like Matt Cain.  Weird.  Let's see if Matt Cain's acting talents extend to him acting like Mark McGwire,...


Thoughts on Last Night...

I like watching the Giants win, and I also like Zito pitching well.  Both happened last night.  I didn't watch the game in entirety.  I watched the condensed game on MLB.TV.  Zito's stuff looked...


Johnny Hodges, Start Warming Op Those Pipes...

Under the radar, we're now the hottest team in baseball!  8-2 in our last 10 games.  No one is hotter than us except the Pirates (also 8-2), and the Marlins in Reverse (1-9).Any thoughts?  I see a...


Jack Taschner? More like Hack Trash-ner...

Ok, the headline was really lame, but he's really bad.  Seriously, what's the deal?  It seems like when he comes in to pitch, we're just conceding a few runs to the other team.  What is Bochy...


Sweet Revenge...

As previously said, I am a flight attendant with JetBlue Airways.  Today, I did something that I could not wait to get home and tell the McCoven.For starters, I went to work very hung over from a...


Give me a report card, McCoven...

Well, I think I am officially stoked on Rajai Davis.  I have openly adored his outfield play.  I firmly think he'd save us 10-12 runs the rest of the season if he were starting over the haggard...


Yea, they're bad...

YOUR San Francisco Giants!!! (Are pretty damn awful)Some of the players can't play... but aren't some of these guys to blame?

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