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2013 Indians mega-prediction thread!

Well, mega may be a little bit of a stretch. Here are some interesting questions that I have heading into the 2013 season. Your predictions are welcome. Team predictions: 1) Indians' win/loss...

IPI takes an early look at the 2013 draft


Some good analysis of the top of the 2013 draft, even if it is a bit early. Hope is a good thing. maybe the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies.

Bruce Drennan interviews Mark Shapiro


Drennan does a good job of asking the tough questions. Some of Shapiro's answers were less than forthcoming. Definitely worth watching.

Vizquel passes Babe Ruth on all time hits list


Just another day at the ballpark for little O... I did like this line from the article: "Then after that: retirement, five years of silence and then the most contentious, data-free Hall of Fame campaign since Jim Rice was inducted."

Chris Perez decides to stir up some more sh#t


One big difficulty for Indians general manager Chris Antonetti: His payroll this year is roughly $50 million lower than that of the division rival Tigers. "Different owners," Perez said frankly, in reference to Detroit’s Mike Ilitch and Cleveland’s Lawrence J. Dolan. "It comes down to that. They (the Tigers) are spending money. He (Ilitch) wants to win. Even when the economy was down (in Detroit), he spent money. He’s got a team to show for it. You get what you pay for in baseball. Sometimes you don’t. But most of the time you do." "You can’t miss," Perez said. "You have to be right. That’s why I say it’s not just ownership. They don’t make the trades. It’s the GMs. It goes hand in hand. The GMs can only spend the money the owners give them, but they pick who they spend it on or who they don’t. They pick. The owners don’t pick. "Josh Willingham would look great in this lineup. They didn’t want to (pony) up for that last year. … That’s the decision they make, and this is the bed we’re laying in."

Paul Dolan Speaks - Part Deux


Some choice nuggets: "As I sit here today, I have no intent to make any changes. I have to understand what's happened. I'm not going to have that understanding today. Hopefully, sometime in this off-season, we'll be able to assess and move from there.' "We had a team threatening to make the playoffs that has collapsed. We have to understand what happened, and I'm not going to make judgments on that right now. It's going to take more time to assess what we have, what we need, and what we're capable of doing.'' "Over the last five seasons includes teams that have had some success, including the best team in baseball,'' Dolan said. "The fact that we haven't won consistently is frustrating to all of us. But we have been, on balance, a team that has accomplished some things, in contrast to some teams that have done nothing." I think that "a team that has accomplished some things" should be their marketing slogan next year.

Kevin Jones (WVU) not on Summer League roster?


Anyone have any info on what happened here? Is he still with the team, or has he gone on to greener pastures? I could not find any info out there on the interwebs (other than his reported signing), just curious to see if this fell through or not.

Hagadone out indefinitely with self-inflicted hand injury


At least Joey used a bat when he took out the thermostat....

Youkilis trade talk: Indians "are very much involved in talks with the Red Sox"


The idea of adding a 33 year old making $12 MM with a .225/.311/.359 line doesn't excite me too much. That being said, the article notes that at least six teams are interested in Youkilis (including CLE), and that: "The Sox will have to assume most of the remaining $12 million on Youkilis’s contract and the $1 million buyout of his option, and then there is the question of what they can get for him." I haven't seen anything as far as what the Red Sox would want specifically from the Indians in return. Has anyone else seen any names swirling around out there in the interwebs? What kind of package do you think it would take to acquire him (if we were even interested in pursuing such a deal)?

Chris Sale's IP


An interesting note from Jonah Keri's weekly MLB team rankings, focusing on the White Sox's Chris Sale: 7. Chicago White Sox, 33-27 (291 RS, RS 256 RA) (last week: 6) When it comes to innings limits, Washington's plan to restrict Strasburg to 160 has garnered most of the attention. But what the White Sox do with their own 23-year-old ace could play as big a role in deciding a division title. Chris Sale hurled eight shutout innings Saturday, giving him the following line in his past five starts: 36⅔ IP, 19 H, 4 R, 7 BB, 43 K, 5-0, 0.98 ERA. Taking a starter that productive and shunting him to the bullpen, in any role, would usually be a colossal waste of talent. Except for one problem, in this case: With his most recent start, Sale surpassed his innings total for all of 2012. The Sox have 102 games left to play, meaning 20 more scheduled starts for Sale. So what to do now? The team could elect to skip a Sale start here or there, but each one he misses lowers their chance of winning, and you can only skip so many before your rotation and bullpen start to become taxed. Setting a hard innings limit is also an option, though if the White Sox make the playoffs they'd surely miss having Sale take the ball against the league's top sluggers. They could move Sale to closer (or another bullpen role) as threatened, reducing his workload and operating under the some-Sale-is-better-than-no-Sale premise. Or they could simply keep sending him out there, let him throw three times as many innings as he did in 2011, and see what happens. Put it this way: Neither Robin Ventura nor Don Cooper or anyone else in the White Sox front office … really no one except this guy is doing backflips over the pending Sale decision.

To longtoss, or not to longtoss


This is the first I've heard of this issue. Anyone know the Indians' stance on this type of program?

26 man roster exemption for day-night doubleheaders


This was mentioned by Manning and Underwood last night during the STO broadcast, it is the first I've heard of it (or at least paid attention to it). Good to see that teams don't have to worry about juggling the roster around for day-night doubleheaders anymore. This will come in handy on Monday when we make the call down to Columbus (looks like Monday will be McAllister's turn in the rotation, btw). The details from ESPN's CBA recap: • Teams are going to be allowed to expand to a 26-man roster for day-night doubleheaders -- assuming those doubleheaders are scheduled with at least 48 hours' notice. That's a recommendation of Bud Selig's special committee for on-field matters.

Antonetti interview on grantland.com


Nothing groundbreaking, but I thought the IF/OF discussion regarding different SPs was interesting.


Goodyear, AZ recommendations

I'm making my first trip out to Goodyear this spring (I was a Winterhaven veteran for many years) and was wondering if anyone can offer up any restaurant/golf/nightlife recommendations. I'm staying...

Indians depth chart heading into spring training (from Acta's twitter account)


Picture posted on Acta's twitter account. Cunningham over Brantley in LF? Donald over Kipnis at 2B? LaPorta over Kotchman at 1B? No context behind this picture (other than to praise the club house attendant's handwriting). While this will all be sorted out in ST, still interesting to see the starting point.

Some Extremely Early and Completely Useless 2012 Projected Standings


Found these projections linked in a Grantland piece on Fielder (http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7359082/who-sign-prince-fielder). Not exactly sure where we are going to find 50 extra runs, or how we'll chop off 50 runs, but 87 wins would be nice.

A good comp for Perez's trade value


I know nothing about Melancon's stuff, but his numbers are similar enough to Perez's to get a sense of what kind of trade value might be out there for him (additionally, Melancon, while the same age as Perez, is under club control for 2 more years than Perez). I guess those hoping for a legit bat back for Perez can go back to off-season hibernation.


Drumroll please...your 2011 Indians prediction winners!

8 long months ago a few of us here tried to predict the unpredictable and throw some guesses out as to how the 2011 Indians season would play out. All of the projections can be found here: h...


SFO LGT Gathering

Hello kiddos, I will be meeting up with my non-LGT (but Indians fan) brother for the Saturday and Sunday games next weekend; does anyones have any suggestions for pre-game meet up spots before the...

Braun extended through 2020


No, that is not a typo, the contract actually runs through twenty-twenty (2020), with a mutual option for the following season. I assume we'll have flying cars by the time that thing expires. If this contract and the Mauer contract are indications of what "small" market teams will have to do to keep top talent, count me out. Give me the old wash ups any day.

Local beer a bit pricey at Indians games


$20 for a decent IPA. Ouch. I did stop by the "Your Dad's Beer" stand on Wednesday, $4.50 for High Life/PBRs/Strohs in a can; they wouldn't pour two into a large glass for me but rather gave me two small glasses of beer and a large empty glass, which I found strange.

Friday's weather


Fri Apr 1 Rain / Snow Showers 40° 33° Precipitation: 30% Thank you MLB!


2011 Indians Predictions

With pitchers and catchers now in Goodyear and the season semi-officially getting under way, I thought it would be interesting to put our wizard hats on and attempt to peer into the future. These...

Sabathia, who had knee surgery this offseason, said he is 25 pounds lighter after he stopped eating...


Sabathia, who had knee surgery this offseason, said he is 25 pounds lighter after he stopped eating full boxes of Cap'n Crunch. The 6-foot-7 Sabathia had reported to past camps well over 300 pounds. With the assist of a trainer and a chef, he has an eye on the future.

Final 2010 Attendance


Last 10 years home attendance numbers, ripped directly from today's PD. Home Standing In 1999, the Indians set a franchise record for attendance with 3,468,456 fans. They went 47-34 at home. Here is what they have drawn since (home records in parentheses): 2000: 3,456,278 (48-33) 2001: 3,175,523 (44-36) 2002: 2,616,940 (39-42) 2003: 1,730,001 (38-43) 2004: 1,814,401 (44-37) 2005: 2,013,763 (43-38) 2006: 1,997,936 (44-37) 2007: 2,275,916 (51-29) 2008: 2,169,722 (45-36) 2009: 1,776,904 (35-46) 2010: 1,391,644 (38-43)

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