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Revisiting 2010 Pecota Projections

Slow day at work today, so much so that I was taking a look at our reglars' 2010 Pecota projections compared to where we are through 120 games. Thought I would post for others to see.

GQ: The Best (and Worst) from MLB's Broadcast Booths


Underwood/Manning come in as one of the five "worst" duos in MLB. At least they beat the Hawk and Stone.

A Dickweed Repents


A nice excerpt from our old friend Scott Raab. Makes a 5-4 loss to the White So go down a little easier.

Royals fire Hillman


Yost to take over for the remainder of the year.

Nathan has torn elbow ligament


To recap: - Torn ulnar collateral ligament - Meeting with Dr. Andrews for second opinion - May have season ending surgery Does a Wood trade make too much sense to happen here?

Hoynes: "Cleveland Indians win intrasquad game, 3-2"


In other news, the Cleveland Indians lost the same intrasquad game 2-3. Paul Hoynes, ladies and gentlemen!

Levine: Could Shapiro have been head of the Browns?


"Two people with knowledge of the situation have confirmed to me that the recent announcement of impending changes within the Indians' organization may have been put into motion due to concern that Lerner targeted Tribe general manager Mark Shapiro to run the Browns' front office." Intrigued at the identities of the "two people with knowledge."

Epstein: Indians asked to speak with Farrell


I thought that this was noteworthy considering all of the conflicting reports regarding Farrell over the last few weeks. Also, the article doesn't mention Mills in connection with the Indians job, but does confirm that the Astros have contacted the Red Sox about Mills.

Kerry Wood's 2011 option


Kerry Wood's 2011 option vests if he finishes 55 games in either 2009 or 2010. As Castrovince pointed out in his notes on Monday, he has finished 44 games so far with 26 games left to be played: * Regarding a CastroTurf Commenter's question about Kerry Wood's vesting option status, Wood has finished 44 games this season, with 26 to play. He needs to reach 55 for his $11 million option for 2011 to vest. It's starting to get interesting. While it still seems unlikely to me that Wood will reach 55 games finished this year, can anyone explain what recourse Wood would have if the Indians began to sit him in save situations? Is it merely to have the union and/or players association file a grievance with the owners, and if so, what exactly are their options once the grievance is filed?

Sweet home Chicago


I'm making the trek out to Chicago this weekend with some friends for the Indians - Cubs series. I know there are a lot of Chicagoland residents on LGT, any recommendations for pre-game/post-game spots? I seem to remember the Cubby Bear being the Browns Backer bar in the Wrigleyville area, will that Cleveland theme translate over to the series this weekend?

They're back


Just in time for the Yankees series, I noticed a fresh batch of midges in the city last night/this morning. Be prepared to watch the Justin clip from 07 a few times tonight.

The Varitek Shift


This would have been much funnier without Varitek's relative hot start this year, but it still made me laugh.

Shapiro conference call (4/20)


From Castro: (On yesterday's replay) "There was a second feed from the YES Network that was very different from the STO feed. It certainly appeared the ball went over Crowe's glove and into the stands. I can understand the umpire's ruling. Most importantly, focusing on that play would be an excuse. We didn't execute situationally, and our bullpen didn't execute. That play was influential, but to use that would be an excuse, and that's not how we play." (On possible roster moves) "We'd consider any move that would make our team better. No one at Columbus has made themselves a clear, better alternative to the guys up here. We need to balance the importance of making us better and understanding there's some urgency with also understanding the long schedule and respecting what players have done and giving them the opportunity to get on track."

Yes, it's time for the Indians to panic


The author's headline, not mine. "So before burying the Indians with more than 95 percent of their season to play, allow us to present a few facts: Over the past 25 full seasons, 45 teams in Major League Baseball have begun their seasons 1-6 or worse. Of those 45, eight have finished the year with a better-than-average record. And of those eight, only one – the 2007 Philadelphia Phillies – made the postseason. In which they were promptly swept."

Barfield claims final roster spot


"The Indians, as expected, will carry Barfield as the 25th man on their roster this season. Outfielder Trevor Crowe, Barfield's primary competition for the job, was optioned down to Triple-A Columbus on Saturday, along with catcher Chris Gimenez. Veteran Tony Graffanino, who was also competing for the job, will remain on the big league roster in case of injury, but is expected to accept an assignment to Columbus."

Decsion Day for Miller


"Adam Miller will throw a bullpen session Friday. It will be his third bullpen since being cleared to throw with decreased range of motion and strength in his right middle finger, and it will be his last bullpen before the Indians decide whether to let Miller pitch with the problem or to have him undergo season-ending surgery. Head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff will update the media on the situation, but that update might not come until Saturday. We shall see. For what it's worth, Miller is telling people that he feels pretty good." UPDATE: Castrovince is now reporting that the Indians now believe Miller may not need surgery. Apparently he is feeling no pain or discomfort, and he's gained significant command incrementally across multiple throwing sessions. [Jay]

Castro: Adam Miller's Career on the Line


Another surgery is possible "Miller now has a week to 10 days to prove he can adjust to what is essentially a change in anatomy and gain enough command to compete as a professional pitcher. If he doesn't do so, the Indians will recommend that he has surgery to replace two pulley ligaments in his finger with a tendon from his wrist. If he has the surgery, he will be out of commission for six to nine months, and there is, of course, no guarantee that he'd be able to return to a competitive level."

Abreu signs 1 year, $5M deal with Angels


Plus incentives. You're on the clock, Adam.

MLB Front Office Manager


"MLB Front Office Manager is all about trying to navigate the millions of little details that go into the operational side of running a baseball team. From scouting amateur players to drafting them to making trades to figuring out what to do when stars get injured to sucking it up after a losing season and trying again next year. The structure of the game is to go through a 30-year general manager's career, trying to position yourself as a Hall of Fame candidate. And instead of playing out each individual contest in each season, pitch by pitch, this game is about making the behind-the-scenes decisions that put your team in position to outplay others in simulated game after simulated game. "

Season ticket sales


A quick blurb from Rosenthal in his latest column: "Sign of the times: The Indians are 2,000 season tickets behind where they were two years ago, when they were coming off a 78-win season. Team revenues from radio and TV contracts and certain sponsorships are fixed, but the Indians are just one of a number of teams facing attendance concerns."

Lee declines WBC invitation


Having any of our pitchers participate would worry me a great deal more than having any of our position players participate. The article also notes that Sabathia and Beckett have delined as well.

Burrell to the Rays with a 2 year, $16 million contract


Hmmm...maybe all of you Dunn fanatics were better at gauging the market than I was

NYT profile of Kerry Wood from June 2007


Well written background piece by Buzz Bissinger on Kerry Wood that was published in the New York Times "Play" magazine.

Indians name new bullpen coach


...and it's Chuck Hernandez, former pitching coach of the Detroit Tigers.

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