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OT Thursday: More Fantasy Football Talk

I'm 1-5, which is to say I'm on a 1 game winning streak! Topics I think are relevant: Thursday night football: is it time to stay the hell away from starting players on a Thursday night...



Suggested topics include:





Monday Night Football Open Thread

Maimi at Maryland on ESPN.  Matt Millen is the color analyst with his usual sidekick.  Let's get a glimps of what Golden can do with a lot of talent.  This season is going to be part of his PSU HC...

Both Newsome and Bolden return to PSU

27 First of all, let me say this news makes me far happier than that of Bolden news. Newsome is a great guy, and a true Penn Stater and I'm delighted he'll be returning. It's unclear how his future will pan out, but I believe his committment to this team will be rewarded. I am a big fan of his, I hope he sees playing time next season.

Bolden's eligibility, per NCAA rules, will be a complicated issue


Great thread on Audibles, where a knowledgable poster has said here are the 3 NCAA rules that Bolden is going to face: Begining of quote from Audibles poster: "There are (at least) three rules at work here. One is the NLI rule. Without a release, that will cost him a year of eligibility at his new school. Because Bolden is a true freshman and also did not early enroll, he is still under the NLI guidelines until the end of his second semester. Penn State could release Bolden from this requirement. Two is the NCAA transfer rule. That would force him to sit out a year at his new school but he could use a redshirt year during that year. The NCAA transfer rule is not something that PSU can release him from. Under certain circumstances this rule can be waived by the NCAA but Bolden is not likely to meet any of the special circumstances so he will have to sit out a year if he transfers to an FBS school with or without a release from PSU. Three is the NCAA's no contact rule. That says that Bolden can not be contacted by another athletic department without a waiver from his current school. Penn State could release Bolden from this requirement but it is a separate release than the NLI release. This is the rule that prevents Bolden from being on scholarship. " End of quote So here's the implications: 1. Bolden can't leave until this summer without a release from his LOI, unless he wants to only have 2 seasons of playing football for whichever school he then attends, regardless of redshirt or anything else. Bet on him staying until July. 2. Even if he leaves this summer, he may still have to pay his own way for a year before getting a new scholarship, that is if PSU doesn't sign a release from the 3rd rule. 3. All 3 rules apply, there's no getting out of any of them. What is so interesting to me is that Bolden is being denied a release from his LOI, which is totally different than being released from scholarship like we have already done with Devlin, and were likely to do with Newsome. The fact that Bolden is a true freshman and didn't enroll early is what makes this situation so unique. Thanks to UncleLar from Audibles for this info, assuming it's accurate.

Bolden Denied Release?


Not sure what the implications are, but it sounds pretty ugly.


All Aboard the Paul Jones Bandwagon

Ok we greived, we've mourned the transfer of a promising young QB, the only QB in the history of Joe Paterno to start as a true freshman.  He will be missed, and there should not be any hard...

I'd like to dedicate this to Matt McGloin.


I'd like to dedicate this to Matt McGloin.



Sean Lee just suplexed Mike Hart, of Michigan fame.  It was beautiful.  Hart left the game with a bruised ego.  Then Lee followed up that satisfying tackle the very next play by intercepting Peyton...


Have You Seen the Light?

4 months ago it was a joke.  3 weeks ago it was a curious situation.  2 weeks ago people started to actually seriously discuss it.  Now?  It's no longer a joke, it's no longer a "yeah wouldn't that...


So many things

So many things.  The scramble for the 1st 1st down on the first drive.  4th and one, waving off the special teams unit.  The fade on 3rd and 10.  Hell, all the 3rd down conversions.  No turnovers. ...


I told you so

When the game is on the line, when the whole season is on the line, and you need a playmaker behind center, who do you turn to?  The highly-touted sophmore?  The highly-touted true freshman?  No...


#2 Oregon Upset Alert Open Threadgasm

Penn State's path the National Championship Game begins with the loss by every team ranked above us in the polls.  And then again.  And again.  And then some other stuff has to happen.  But that...

More Lions 247 Info on last Thur's Scrimmage


1. Cadogen is getting looks as a blocking TE 2. Mauti Collasanti and Fortt seem to be the LB's coming into this week, Hodges and Bani are practicing 3. Scrimmage was "intense" 4. Redd still looking like our best back, had a long 50 yard run 5. Still no word on Lynn to safety becoming a reality Thems the updates.


Some PSU Defense Tidbits

As I'm typing this, Cameron Wake is brutalizing Tom Brady.  3 knock downs, a sack, and it's just half way through the 2nd quater...  Anyway, this got me thinking: where are the stars on this...


Miami @ Pitt Open Thread



The Unofficial "Let's move on" Thread

Ok, it's Monday morning, we're 1-1, and we just got our teeth kicked in.  We lost to the concensus best team in the country on the road with a true freshman quaterback.  We didn't tackle well and E...

Bush to be stripped of the Heisman, for the first time ever


I think as PSU fans we relish in the fall from grace by USC b/c they whipped us in 2008 and occupied a seat to the NC game in 2005. It would be disingenuous to say it doesn't chap my ass that they cheated their asses off and came out on top both those years squashing what could have been a chance at a NC and a Rose Bowl win. BUT... morality aside, It's probably mostly sour grapes b/c of the 2008 loss, and I'm willing to admit it. That was the one game of the last 10 years I'd like back, even if we would have lost 8/10 times.


Poll: The Quarterback Attack Plan

Ok, we're finally a week away.  The rumors are swirling about how the QB situation will look this year, and everyone's got a theory.  Below are all the different rumors I've read just in the last...


Dukes sent Morris to the hospital

Pennlive Article, meh   I know it doesn't say hospital in the article, but leaving practice for a neck injury could be interpretted that way.


B10 Media Day actually reveals some worth-while information

I have learned 3 things are for sure, following the B10 Media Day(s):   1.  Joe is old 2.  B10 championship game will start next season 3.  9 conference games is going to be a reality (same link)


Would it surprise you if McGloin starts on Sept 4th?

Would it surprise anyone if McGloin runs out as the starter on Sept 4th? There has been some rumblings that the coaches have him pegged as the starter, which means absolutely nothing. Even if...

Pennlive Article on our QB's


blah blah blah blah QB competition, blah blah blah Newsome, blah blah blah McGloin Jones Boldin, blah blah. You get the idea.


Excellent WSJ Article on NCAAF and the English Premier League

  WSJ Article I really believe this system is intriguing.  Basically you have 4 super conferences, and the mid-major conference teams are relegated to subgroups with the opportunity to play up and...


More insight into how Texas got it done

Stewart Mandel TweetUT, TAM, and Ok all get to split CU and NU's buyout money amongst themselves, with none going to the other teams in the B12.   ...(KU, KSU, ISU, BU, Mizzou) agreed to sign over...

They've finally nailed Cushing for PEDs: 4 game suspension


Obvious but also very satisfying that he's finally been caught...

The Last 2010 Siren


Gimme a Walk-on Safety woooo wooooo! Jonathan Duckett Ht: 6-0 Wt: 200 40: 4.45 Position: S He'll be playing in the Big 33 game, so he's definitely a legit D1 prospect. One of those kids that didn't get plugged in early enough to the recruiting scene so he missed the boat on racking up D-1 offers. With being a little thin at safety already this guy could make an impact in the coming years.


Why Duke is screwed.

I try not to listen, but sometimes it's either Collin Cowherd or commercials. I'm glad I've tuned in a few times in the last two weeks b/c of the following: March 19th: "I think of all the 1...

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