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July Recruiting Thread Is BACK!

  The last one died a cruel fate before it's time, may this one live on forever!

Graham Harrell winds up in CFL

Probably a good thing for him, hopefully he'll find a team that let's him take every snap out the shotgun.. He had one of the worst senior bowl performances by a QB I have ever seen. Dude couldn't do a 3-step drop without tripping over his own two feet, and then if he did have time to throw instead of running for his life it was a shot-put into the turf. DWill would have had a much better day if Harrell wasn't under center.


July Recruiting Thread Is BACK!

The last one died a cruel fate before it's time, may this one live on forever!


Which 2008 recruit will have the biggest impact in 2009?

This is going to be a tremendous opportunity for many of these kids to step up and make a name for themselves because of the spots left open due to graduation/draft.  Obvious picks are Crawford,...


Stats on where PSU ends up in the NFL

By position (current): center 1 cornerback 5 defensiveback 1 defensivetackle 5 defensiveend 6 fullback 1 guard 2 linebacker 4 offensivetackle 2 placekicker 1 punter 1 q...

Recruiting Stuff

Talks about our already stellar recruiting class, and how we stand with some of our other top prospects. Things are look really, really good for the class of 2010.

60 Best NCAA games of 2009

5. Ohio State at Penn State (November 7th) This looks like the game that will decide the Big Ten championship, barring a few unexpected results. Daryl Clark and the Nittany Lions fans will be loud at Beaver Stadium. A win for Ohio State would be only fitting after Penn State’s win last season in Columbus. 45. Penn State at Illinois (October 3rd) Both teams are expecting good seasons this year. If Ohio State slips up this could even be for the Big ten championship and a BCS bowl. 53. Iowa at Penn State (September 26th) If not for the loss to Iowa last season Joe Paterno would’ve been coaching in the national championship game. I have a feeling his team might be thinking about that when they take the field here. There's also a poll in case you're into that sort of thing

Article on D'Anton Lynn

Considering our secondary is probably the biggest causes for concern, it's good to get to know some of the guys who will be competing for the starting spots. Lynn seems to have a good attitude and I didn't realize how big he was (6'1" 200) As a CB that bodes well against the NFL-style receivers we're seeing more and more. I'm begining to feel a little better about this group, assuming that Hodges makes enough progress to start. He looked great at the B&W.

QB14 re-signed with the Cardinals

ESPN's B10 Blog Adam reported QB14 indeed re-signed with the Cardinals. I know I've seen some people wondering about that. Honestly I wish him the best, and despite all the vitriol we've aimed his way I hope he makes the team. So I propose we have a *positive* QB14 thread. Let's sing his praises for once, I'll start things off: He never lost a bowl game as a starting QB, and helped us defeat ZOMG SEC!!!!!!!! Tennessee.

Recruits too look for at the B&W

By Bill Kurelic, NN Recruiting Analyst April 22, 2009 The Blue-White Spring Game is on Saturday and a talented group of prospects are set to visit Penn State.  Joe...


Meaningless poll

I enjoy getting a sense of what penn state fans expect or want when hiring a new coach becomes reality.  The last poll revealed people are pretty much split on Bradley or LJ Sr. as the next...

"Young Wisniewski will be fine."

I know this is on tWWL's B10 blog but I just read it and it's actually a really funny article. 1st: Shipley said. "He's going to be a heck of a center." Shipley is now taklng like Joe. 2nd: Wisniewski comes from a football family. His uncle [Steve] and father [Leo] were great football players here. Young Wisniewski will be fine." love the "young Wisniewski" line -- like "young skywalker". I pictured Joe riding around on Wis's back during practice.

Pete Carroll's latest recruiting gimic: The Silent Verbal

Thought this was interesting, he's telling his biggest recruits to keep quiet about their committment until signing day. In an age when coaches are rushing the process more and more, this seems to be a throwback. I think if coaches don't get their early signing period, this is the next best solution: simply keeping their commits secret until the very end. The trend will likely spread to other big-time recruiting factories and I think it will have an interesting effect on schools like us. We could get wrapped up in continuing to heavily recruit kids who've already (secretly) committed and it will be more difficult to focus on kids who are still on the market. It could have a negative effect on our efforts, but it also could improve the recruiting process by not allowing rivals to (knowingly) poach each other's commits. Imagine if PJ had kept quiet about his PSU commitment then Pitt couldn't focus on trashing just us in their recruitment of him -- for all they know he could be leaning toward WVU... Thoughts?

Evidence to my claim: Iowa fans are frothing lunatics

Ok, I love stirring the pot, but in all honesty Iowa fans have shown themselves to be more insane than the average B10 fan. Every single spring/summer they rage about how they are the dark-horse B10 contender. In 2008 they were relentless on ESPN's message boards, and this year has been no different. Even on Rittenburg's B10 blog the Iowa fans are just frothing everytime this subject comes up. I used to think it was just a small group of very vocal ESPN posters, but it's not. They apparently harass anyone who doesn't feed their delusion that they're going to win the B10 and go the NC.


Young Players to Watch in Spring Ball So. DE Jack Crawford. The massive 6-5, 262-pounder saw action as a true freshman, always a great sign that...


Pro Day and more     The B10 Blog has some more bites about the Pro Day, most interesting to me is:   ...

Help defeat the Aggies!

Hey from a PSU fan to UT's fans: Please vote against the aggies in this meaningless but somewhat entertaining poll for the best stadium. They've somehow managed to cheat their way to a lead (deleting cookies, re-voting, etc.) Ever since our 2008 Alamo Bowl we've come to learn how bizzarre and very truly scary the Aggies can be (the aggie squeeze, etc.). Thank you for your support, and thank you for beating the Buckeyes (seriously, that was great).

Vote Beaver Stadium the best! (we're losing)

The aggies are trying to exact some revenge for the Alamo Bowl(s) -- they're now up by 3% after we were by 1% up less than a day ago. I think they're cheating, but whatever. I know this is all completely meaningless, but what are the internets for if not meaningless polls.

Vote Beaver Stadium as the Best (we're down to the top 4)

It's down to the final 4 now, and we're up against Texas A&M. The other two are LSU Nebraska...


Game plan: 3 points or bust?

I'm not a basketball guy -- but watching that game I was stunned by how many 3-point attempts both teams were taking.  It was just really strange to me, especially for PSU who only hit 25% of...


Newsome a "better linebacker or safety" than QB?

Yeah, you can credit the genius Tom Luginbill for that little tidbit.   "Though we're not...

Vote Beaver Stadium as the best

Here's one of those silly voting contests, this one's for the best stadium in the country. They've set up a tourny system and this week we're up against UGA. Anyway to kill the time between now and September.

The world thru the eyes of a Michigan fan

It's a slow day, so I just thought we could look back and laugh at the poor Mich fans with all their hopeless optimism and insane predictions about their 2008 season... Maybe it's just me, but I really get a kick out of this stuff... Thread from when Newsome committed to UM Big Season Prediction Thread favorite quote: "Barring total disaster worst case record: 6-6" total disaster thy name is RichRod Another Season Prediction Thread One of my favorite quotes from that one is "Ok I'm making this official. If you think Purdue is going to beat us this year, you have never watched college football in your life and you know absolutely nothing about the game." Somewhere in there is also a pretty stern warning: This time last year Michigan fans all thought Newsome was starting for them in 2009... So let's not get ahead of ourselves with PJ.

Mount Rushmore of Sports: Pennsylvania

Let's just hope they find a way to secure the glasses on this one, lest they go missing.

2010: The early list of the best PA prospects

Early look at who's getting a lot of attention in-state. Word on the street is we're doing well to recruit a lot of these kids, but the top prospect, the RB, is probably heading down south.


2010 Recruiting: What do we need?

Since I can rest easy with 2009's class I'm already thinking about this coming recruiting class.  We already have momentum going in with Hull and Jones, and we satisfied some dire needs this year...


Wooo wooo!! (thread formally known as No Sirens?!)

I'm crawling into my pescimistic shell here, but let's just assume we don't get any of our 3 guys -- because it isn't looking good as of 10am. We'll be fine really, but it seems to me we always...

Curtis Drake Article

Says he'll be playing WR at PSU, which he's excited about, and he's not planning on redshirting this season. I think this kid is very under-rated. Associated Press Class AA player of the year. Associated Press class AA all-state first team selection.

Paul Jones Article

Basically this kid sounds like he'll fit in perfectly at PSU. States he's now 6'4" at 225lbs... Also says he'll be helping us recruit and build up the 2010 class, which being as early as it is, could be awesome.

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