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Brandon Ware is Hungry, Justin Brown to commit tomorrow

Funny story about Brandon Ware's battle with weight loss.  I remember hearing some really positive things about this kid, especially during the fall PSU preview on the BTN.  They basically said...


Rittenburg agrees: Laura is the 3rd best LB in the B10

Rating the B10 LB's Back around the preseason I said that one of our backup LB's would outplay Laura on the field, and Bowman proved me right.  As one of the most decorated LB's in OSU history,...


How do we keep LJ Sr?

Ok, so we all agree losing him would be bad.  Whether it's a disaster or a minor setback, it would suck. Talking with some people, it seems the following plan would be not only good for Penn...


Rivals Preseason Rankings: Yes OSU is ranked higher than us

Rivals Preseason Rankings Every season Ohio State is given the benefit of the doubt and we are not.  Next season they lose many big names on offense and defense.  They're ranked 6th.  We lose...


Hurry up / No huddle

Has PSU ever run the no huddle or hurry up offense?  Next season we're returning a hell of a good QB and RB tandem.  We should really take note of what Texas did to Ohio State when they went no...


My own personal curiosity: QB stats for #12, #14, #17

I was curious, so I thought I'd present the stats here since I was going to the trouble anyway: Passing     QBRat Att Comp Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD Int Clark 2008 143.4 321 192 5...

Devon Smith runs fast.

Ran a 6.21 55m. I have no idea what that means, but apparently it was the fastest time for a highschool kid this year. I can't wait to see what this kid can do on the field.

Tonight's Fiesta Bowl: Who will YOU be rooting for?

I figure this is the last chance for the Big Ten to avoid being considered the worst conference ever in the history of sports by the media (which could become a self-fullfiling judgement because of recruiting) Despite this, I still find it hard to root for them because of the obvious reasons. What are your thoughts?


Thank you Beavers, from PSU

Thank you for being classy fans despite the loss to PSU, and thank you for going on to have a great season with a big win against USC (and keeping them out of the NC game).  Most of all, thank you...


Why the Drake will be our next QB

I think I can make my case with the following top offense recruits of the last 7 years.  I started with 2006 since we haven't seen much of the 2007 or 2008 classes yet.  These are the top 4...


Illinois offensive coordinator Mike Locksley will be named head coach at New Mexico

Story Another job Jay may have had a shot at goes by the wayside, along with Toledo.  Cuse is definately not going to give Jay an opportunity and he's probably going to hold out for a D-I HC...

Vote for Penn St. Bowl Games!!

ESPN'S 12 Bowls of Christmas they'll air the top 12 games people vote for. I have no idea why the '87 game of all games isn't included, but we've got a total of 3, including the Alabama loss.

Nittany Lion mascot arrested for DUI the night before the MSU game!

Nittany Lion mascot arrested for DUI the night before the MSU game!

Link (pops) Local Harrisburg radio 580am is reporting he was arrest at 3:15am the night before the MSU game on campus for a DUI. The charges were filed today. Pretty funny if you imagine him getting pulled over in the costume, with the police asking him to step out of the car and about 8 beer cans come spilling out of the car. Maybe it's just me.

Great Article on comparing the BCS bound teams

WTF?! original analysis!? thought-provoking opinions!?! What in the Pat Forde is going on here? NBC Sports? I thought only ESPN covered sports. Wierd.


2009 Depth Chart

Projected Graduation Year of Players and Committed Recruits. * = Used Redshirt   TOTAL 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 COMMITS TOTAL 96 (20) 20 17 22 20 17 (20) OFFENSE QB 3   P....

Best O-line Recruiting Class?

(click on OL link once you get to the page) We're currently ranked #1 nationally in O-line recruits. I think we've made major advances in this regard and our O-lines seem better from year to year than 5 years ago. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

Way too early, but let's indulge ourselves

2009 Schedule Let's look ahead to next season for just a minute: 1. 4th game of the season, at home, in September: Iowa. Possibility of revenge comes very early. 2. Schedule: Wisky goes, so does Purdue. Replaced by NW and Minny. oddly this seems good for our Strength of Schedule. 3. We start on September 5th: NO BYE WEEK. 12 straight games. good. 4. only 4 away games: Illinois, Mich, NW, MSU. Only Mich and NW are consecutive. very favorable. 5. Early guesses are, our defense will be much improved while our offense will be much worse based on returning starters. Just some things to help you thru this slump (if you can call it that).

Want to download PSU games to rewatch?

It's safe to say this is a pretty special season, so I wanted to repost this from a fanpost from a while back.  If you have Bit Torrent or uTorrent you can download all this seasons games (and a...

Bielema Press Conf

If you hate him like I hate him, you'll love watching him mope through this press conference. He is such a d bag.

Week 9 Pontiac Game Changing Performance

That's two weeks in a row our defense won the Pontiace Game Changing Performance.



We need to get back to the days when opposing fans were treated like guests in Happy Valley -- I'm sick of reading how abusive and out-of-control our fans are -- especially the students. At the...


Evans and Koroma: When will they be back?

If we plug those guys into the defense I believe our line will be beastly.  The young guys have stepped it up and the addition of our star DE plus a good tackle will make our line sick.  When we...


Cowherd says PSU is a darkhorse for the NC

Just happend to be tuned in when Colin Cowherd was interviewing a college football "expert" and asked who is the darkhorse NC team this year.  Cowherd said he thinks Penn State is.  Nice to get...


Hilarious Lou Holtz Prediction

I was watching ESPN's College Football Live last night and was dumb-founded by Lou Holtz, who predicted that Notre Dame would go 11-1 this year.  He then tireless defended that position giving...

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