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Steve Jones Interviews Pat Chambers

Steve Jones spent a few minutes talking to Pat Chambers about a few things, from Coaches vs Cancer to the team. Also, there's a bit about Pat Chambers' brother, who apparently had cancer. I did not...

Penn State Roster Matrix

Bumped for awesomeness, and because I know it's something you guys have been looking for. Also, I;m working on adding the matrix into the actual post.--CG Hey guys, I know a lot of you have been...


But Mom, Everybody's Doing It!

For those of you with no access to the twiters (or those of you who missed it there). I joined the bandwagon* and created a Penn State pump up video for 2013. Inspired by all of the negative press...


Two Questions:

1) Now that the basketball season is over, it's time to speculate. Let's assume Penn State makes a deep NCAA run next year. If so, would you rather have a Miami type of run, where they came out of...

PA v. NCAA Motion To Dismiss Hearing Set for May 1


Has this been posted already? Didn't see it anywhere.


Are people on ESPN coming around?

Listen to this podcast. I know some of you don't want to give ESPN the time of day, but this is a very fair assessment of the Paterno-commissioned report vs the Freeh report. At this poing in...


OK Guys,

Can we stop? Seriously, this Nits argument has gone long enough. Every discussion where that word appears turns to ****. I enjoy coming here and wasting my time, but to be honest, these past couple...


Speculation for 2013

So, in 2013, we have both Michigan and Ohio State in november. Which team do you think will get the primetime spot? We haven't played Michigan since 2010, so that's one positive going for them....


For the kids - a call to action

Hey guys, I will begin by saying that I know I'm basically preaching to the choir here, but I figured there is no better place to put this other than the one site I visit the most aside from my...

I loved these, and I hope they come back one day.


I loved these, and I hope they come back one day.

So, who's sent Rittenberg Kool-Aid packets yet?


Because I'm about to send some in, PLUS the quotes from that mailbag.


Dear Matthew McGloin

Thank you for all you've done for the PSU program. Without you last year, I can't say with certainty we would have made it to the Outback Bowl. Thank you for the spark you provide on offense. They...


Daryll Clark in the NFL?

Somebody just congratulated DC17 on getting signed on Twitter. I can't seem to figure out whom with, and don't want to be rude and just outright ask him. Anybody know?

Pelini's Urban Ways


You know you got swag when you're on Urban Dictionary.

Auburn Paid Thousands to Hostesses


Didn't see this in the recent posts, so hopefully I'm not late with it.

Penn State Got Another 'Soft Verbal'


Haven't seen anything about this one in here, so I figured I'd mention it.

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