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In the year 3625, mankind was in trouble. The planet was little more than a dusty coffin for the unlucky denizens who managed to survive 17 apocalypses and 7 World Wars. In their desperation, the few remaining survivors constructed an android and sent him back in time, hoping that the cybernetic-being's presence in the 21st century would somehow be able to prevent the hellscape they had been burdened with. The android does not know he's an android; he has no memory of being constructed, and his cybernetic implants are so refined that it passes for human anatomy. But in his journey, he has already come upon one resource that could potentially save mankind -- assuming enough people follow him. And that resource is...

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Today in Sports History: July 25th


7/25/1941 - Grove gets 300th winAt 41 years old, Robert Moses "Lefty" Grove of the Boston Red Sox wins the 300th game of his career. Grove had a fantastic run as the ace pitcher of the Philadelphia...

Today in Sports History: July 24th

7/24/1983 - The Pine Tar Incident It is a legendary moment in baseball history. Upon hearing that his game-winning home run would be wiped away, Royals third baseman George Brett races out of the...

Today in Sports History: July 23rd

(The famous photo of Cobb. Photo courtesy of Charley Conlon, The Sporting News) 7/23/1910 - Cobb slides into third base It was on this day in 1910 that Charles M. Conlon snapped one of the most...

Today in Sports History: July 22nd

(Liston knocks out Patterson again. Photo courtesy of AP Photos) 7/22/1963 - Patterson loses in Liston rematch On September 25, 1962, Sonny Liston humiliated Floyd Patterson to steal from him the...

Today in Sports History: July 21st

(Beckham kicks the ball in his MLS debut. Photo by Shaun Botterill, Getty Images) 7/21/2007 - Beckham makes U.S. debut In January 2007, the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer announced that...

Today in Sports History: July 20th

(Tim Donaghy looks on. File photo by Rocky Widner, Getty Images) 7/20/1969 - The Moon Landing and Gaylord Perry In 1962, Giants rookies pitcher Gaylord Perry was taking batting practice when Harry...

Catching up with The Franchise, Season 2

When I sat down to watch The Franchise, I imagined there would be some issue with it. Never in my wildest dreams could I pinpoint the principle flaw with the show on man, let alone that it's Dan Le Batard of all people.

Today in Sports History: July 18th

(Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance. Three Cubs Fall of Famers) 7/18/1897 - Anson first to 3,000 Cap Anson is the first player in history to collect 3,000 career base hits, which he does...

The Prosecution Rests on the Legacy of JoePa

Joe Paterno may the greatest college football coach in history, but not that or 40 years of good deeds can overshadow his new legacy as a pedophile-protector, Inhistoric writes.

A rash to overcompensate judgment

Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? Good lord, who cares. I love basketball and I love the NBA. But the breathless attention given to LeBron James' every waking action is mind-numbing. And...

Bad to be 'Bron

I think when Tiger Woods wakes up in the middle of the night, he's reflecting on a lot of things. He looks back at all the poor performances in recent years, all the lost opportunities at majors,...

Perception becomes reality with the NBA

Is the NBA rigged? No. But as long as D-Wade can kick Kevin Garnett in the nuts and manage to draw a foul, conspiracy theories will live on.

Is it wrong to root against greatness?

I keep having to remind myself that I should like the San Antonio Spurs, but I can't do it, even though they personify everything I like about sports. They're a small-market team made good; they...

The Oddity of the Single-Game Home Run Record

The single-game home run record is one of the strangest, coolest records in all of sports. When Josh Hamilton knocked his fourth longball against the Orioles, he tied the single-game record for...

Anatomy of a Comeback

There are some things in sports that you only get to see once: Kobe Bryant's 81-point game, the Stanford band running onto the field, Louis Oosthuizen converting a double eagle. Most things we get...

Odom and the Humanization of Sports

Is a pro athlete ever allowed to fail, or are their salaries too extreme for them to deserve any sympathy? It's a question I asked myself this week after the Mavericks cut ties with Lamar Odom, the...

2012 in Sports: A Year of Surprises

At this point, it's safe to say that 2012 is the year of surprises in sports. Even If nothing else happens in 2012 -- which is a distinct possibility, since the Mayans say we're all go to meet our...

Just how bad are the terrible, terrible Bobcats?

So here's something I found interesting. As the country is hammering away at Rush Limbaugh (and rightly so) for calling a woman a slut, I saw during last Sunday's NBA double-header on ABC an ad for...

Oh, how the dunk contest has fallen

The NBA dunk contest used to feature the best players in the sport, the likes of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler. Now, we're lucky just to get Paul George and Derrick...

Linsanity Highlights the Mismanagement of the Warriors

Linsanity Highlights the Mismanagement of the Warriors; Ryan Gomes started in more games for the Clippers last year than the last seven Warriors first-round picks (other than Steph Curry) had in their rookie seasons... COMBINED.

It's Hard To Believe The Super Bowl Used To Suck

We're now a full week removed from Super Bowl XLVI, but before we bury the NFL season, there's one final note that needs to be made, and that's that this generation has been unbelievably lucky when...

Whitney Houston Dies at 48; Sung Maybe the Greatest Anthem Ever

Some people think Marvin Gaye's version of the National Anthem at the All-Star Game in L.A. was the greatest of all time. Some think that title belongs to Jimi Hendrix. There is no wrong answer...

Notes on Super Bowl XLVI

I have to admit, it feels weird writing about Super Bowl XLVI because it feels like I've already done it. Dunno about the rest of you, but I was getting a serious case of deja vu throughout game;...

So it looks like Braun will keep his MVP. Huh.

It's hard to rationalize why Ryan Braun should be allowed to keep the National League MVP trophy. Braun was found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs, an act that he has since denied, but one...

Watchlist Essentials: Six Fantasy Basketball Players Who Need To Be On Your Radar


In fantasy basketball, drafting a decent squad is only half the battle. Knowing who and when to add someone off the waiver wire can go a long way in securing future success. However, unless you're...

Why It Isn't Wrong To Attack The Recently-Departed JoePa

The media should spend less time celebrating JoePa, and more time finding out how an 85-year-old man could make such an egregious error, Inhistoric writes.

Dwight Howard breaks a tremendously-belated franchise record

The Orlando Magic are a very interesting franchise. They're located in sunny Orlando, Florida, a city that at first glance would appear to be a haven for potential NBA free-agents. And yet they...

LeBron James: The NBA's Sometimes Nonexistent Superstar

Choking happens to athletes all the time, but that doesn't make it an indictment on the player. In 1997, in Game 5 of a semifinals series against the Jazz, an 18-year-old rookie Kobe Bryant shot...

FTHT Draft Results: A Jambalaya of Remnant Recaps


*in my best Frank Sinatra impersonation* And now, the end is near And I present the final recaps The FakeTeams Hoops Tournament It's been a blast, saying what happened The draft, we have gone...

FTHT Draft Results: Jeff Andriesse / Justin Kendall


So initially, I had planned to get these team-by-team testimonies of the FakeTeams Hoops Tournament members done by New Year's Day. But then I got preoccupied by stuff, and things, and...

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