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MITCH! The other MITCH!

Ned and NASCAR


This makes sense on so many levels.

Theo has a new Boner?


Looks like the stuff about Darwin Barney could really have been legit. I can't believe Dayton couldn't get that trade done.

Uh Oh.


Unknown team claims Alex Rios' revocable waivers.

Competition For Rock Jumpkick


Looks like the mythical Rock Jumpkick and Big McLargehuge has kicked up a notch.

Mattingly's Hot Seat Heating Up


Check out the first name of the three potential replacements.

New Yahoo Power Rankings are funny


The Royals are somewhat relevant in the national media. At least for a week or two.

Friedman is mocking GMDM now. I'm sure of it.


"Trust the process," Friedman said. "If guys are able to do that, because of their natural ability, we're really confident that the outcome will be good."


Friday OT

I've become hooked on a handful of random cable channel reality shows over the years. I really like to travel and I guess as a result of that my latest vice is watching a ton of House Hunters...

It really is 2007


Mike Jacobs is now staring across Grass Creek from the other side.

Dayton signing some potential bullpen depth


We knew it'd only be a matter of time, but DM has already been trolling the veteran bullpen waters.


Friday OT Thread

1.) Favorite movie from the 80s 2.) Who's the bigger douche, AJ or JFett? 3.) What would you do with $70M? (Non-baseball related) 4.) When it comes to BBQ do you use sauce to...

Fanfest is back?


I've been out of the loop for a week or so, but apparently the Royals found enough money to put on Fanfest this year? Sanchez NOW!

San Francisco to Ban Public Nudity?


Our dream of shipping the Frenchman to the Bay is falling apart.

Those Bastards are Trying to Steal Grass Creek


How low have the tactics in this war of wars really gotten? They now have a bigger TV at Safeco than at the K.


Kansas City Keith Memorial Friday OT Thread

1.) If you were GM of the Royals and you were allowed 1 FA signing and 1 trade to improve this team without going over $80M in total payroll, what would those be? 2.) Freddy's, Winstead's, or...

Royals Sign Brandon Wood?


How in the hell did I miss this? Why did this signing occur? Anyone? Bueller?

The Florida Fire Sale is On


Heath Bell to the D-Backs in a 3 way with the A's



I actually did a double-take when I saw this headline.

What if?


Credit to Peoria Chique for finding this.

Blue Jays call up Jesse Chavez.


How does this guy still hang around as AAAA fodder?


Friday OT Thread

I've wanted to do one of these for a long time, but when Yodazilla was in England he always played the glory hound by posting them at 3:00am our time. It's now 11;43 and he's stateside so here we...

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