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I kinda hate myself for this, but I am a fan of Frenchy.

I went to the game last Friday night in St Louis, and had great seats. Before the game we were sitting around the Royals dugout taking pics and watching BP. Frenchy comes out of the dugout with a...

The Great Escape!


Reminds me of the streaker I once saw at the K for a Cubs game there maybe 10-12 years ago. Dude pulled a Pete Rose into 2nd buck naked. One of the best times I've ever had at a baseball game. EVER.

Praise for GMDM?


If this was already posted I apologize, but pay particular attention to the first comment after the article. This guy has to be drunk...

Lord Voldemort will just not go away.


On a completely related note, I hate this guy...I feel like their just paving the way to make him a bench coach in the future.

Soria for Montero?


Either that or let's see what kind of package the Rangers might be willing to put together...


Last chance for tickets to NWA vs Springfield 4/26/2011 for only $8

I can and will get more tickets for the game on the 26th as long as people let me know by tomorrow morning. My private email is and my moblie number is 417-844-4414. The...


Springfield Cards VS Naturals 4/26

I have available a large amount of tickets to the game between the Naturals and the Cards in Springfield on the 26th of April. What's happened is that my daughter is singing with the choir that...

Tim Lincecum: Eating Machine


I think that we've definately found someone who could destroy the $11 Taco Bell challenge!


Sacrificing for Lent

Am I the only person that has really, truly given up on Jason Kendall for lent? As hard as this is gonna be, I've decided that starting with the Lenten season that I will give up being a fan of...


Royals $11 "sherseys"

Ok, so the other day there was some mention on here about getting t-shirts done up that have the Royals script on the front and $11 on the back for the number. I have a guy that will set them up...

Quote To Note: "He's like a big brother to me," —C Brayan Pena on veteran C Jason Kendall


Quote To Note: "He's like a big brother to me," —C Brayan Pena on veteran C Jason Kendall

This was in the Royals team report on Feb 19th. Unbelievable...

Does Milwaukee have the best hitting pitchers in baseball?


I wonder if Zack has his homerun running on constant repeat in his new locker...

Pujols' Ultimatum extended 1 day


This is starting to get interesting. I'm loving watching these Cards fans freak out.

Great Story


I don't always like to copy and rip off articles from everyone else, but this is a great story.


The new Royals prayer.

Our GM, who art DM, Hallowed be your trades Thy drafts to come And drafts be done At the K, or a road trip of seven. ...Give us this day our next George Brett And forgive us if we lose trust...

Springfield Royals Caravan


Billy, Kila and Jeff Montgomery at Coyote's in Springfield.


The new TRON Legacy movie

Has anyone else gone to see the new TRON movie in 3d? If so, what did you think of it? Discuss...

A decent positive breakdown of the Greinke deal.


Just a little positive Kool-aid on the Greinke deal. I might be the only one, but I'm feeling pretty good about getting Cain in this deal.

Apparantly NTC's don't mean anything to Zaq.


Is anyone else thinking that there is no way GMDM gets out of Orlando with Zack as a Royal?

You gotta love Yahoo's #126 ranked free agent...


126. Jose Guillen(notes), OF/DH: Still capable of hitting in fits and spurts. Second connection to HGH, however, could make him toxic.

Jason Kendall Why Iron Man Expensive Old Man Man It’s time to go A little Jason Kendall haiku f...


Jason Kendall Why Iron Man Expensive Old Man Man It’s time to go A little Jason Kendall haiku for RR!

via Matt Dawson thru facebook

More Hosmer Pornography


This guy is a AA hitting machine. He is now 20-54 at Hammons Field in Springfield with 6 HR. Will he make it to Omaha this season?

The Next Royal Basher?


Nice article in today's Springfield News Leader. The Naturals play 5 in Springfield against the Cardinals starting today.


Royals ink Dontrelle Willis to minor league deal. (Not Really)

Just kidding! Actually, I was reading on Yahoo about him getting dumped by the Diamondbacks and thought it could only be a matter of time. He's got plenty of character which would definately help...


Is our defense better overall than St. Louis'?

I'm sure that this is quite a reach, but as I watched the horrible night that the Cardinals had defensively against us, I started to wonder...Are we as bad as we think?  Or... would we be as good...

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