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Big Al taking Biz to school


This was brought up several times in earlier threads. Young guys like Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors mentioned Al helping them grow tremendously. If Biz can pick up on some offensive savvy?!?! Look out...

Video of Mark Price working with MKG on his shot


As Price noted in other stories, he is working from the bottom up. Starting with his base and being square and stable. Keeping the legs from flailing around. You can see Price telling him to flick his wrist on the shot instead of kind of "pushing" the ball off the fingertips. He also seems to toss out some tips on hand placement (both shooting hand...behind more-so than under the rock...and the support can see MKG still puts his support hand on top of the ball as he sets to fire). Work in progress, but you can see some of it here!


What say you basketball gods?! A new Center?

So as I lay sleeping last night, a basketball angel came to me and said, "Nay! Lo unto you I bring a franchise Center!" I said, "Word?!" That angel said, "You have gathered the prophets and...

New head coach!! Clifford from the Lakers!


here is the tweet from Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski today at about 2pm


Cho magic: How we play our hand NOW to start winning (Feel the Love)

With the NBA Draft Lottery in the rearview mirror, we Cats fans saw another example of why banking on draft luck is just not a efficient strategy to build a winning NBA team in any orderly...

The NBA 5-tool-player


Here's a piece I wrote about the importance of a two-way player in the game today. Want championships??? Get some 5-tool-players. Let me know your thoughts and feedback!


Making something out of nothing.... Meet Craig Brackins

Greetings fellow Bobcats fans. After the news today of Carl Landry signing with the Warriors, and the requests in previous threads for more posts.....I offer you my thoughts for the evening. Take...


The mives36 Summer of Success-"Cho Strikes Back, Vol. 1"

2 weeks until draft day....and I can't take it. The lottery letdown has transformed into Pick Number Deux Delirium. I go between totally digging the idea of sticking and picking at #2 while I...


More trade ideas...I KNOW, I KNOW!!

But there is just nothing else good to talk or even think about in Rufusland. So I have randomly concocted a 3-team trade scenario where we deal w/Houston and Boston. Both teams have been rumored...

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