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Lover of all things Europe and growing environmentalist (boo climate change!). Oh, and fan of the Tribe.

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Acta's 2013 option picked up by Tribe


Some good news after losing Belcher...

Sizemore to have right knee looked at


On Monday by the same guy who did his left knee... Gotta feel sorry for the Grady, face of the franchise to never-ending DL just like that.


Fantasy Baseball Redux

Sorry for the reposting of this information, but it came to my attention last night that the Fantasy League I promoted last week was set to only allow previous members to join.  Thus, any new...

Doctors clear Santana for baseball duties


In probably the best news of the Indians offseason, Santana was cleared to start work both hitting and catching. He should be fine to run bases next week. Just in time for that truckload of bottled water to arrive in Goodyear and for Pitchers & Catchers reporting!

LGFT Farrell Hired


Blue Jay's get him. The only guy I wanted as Tribe Manager more than Acta.


LGT Yahoo H2H Fantasy Baseball League

As mentioned in a few other the official LGT fantasy baseball threads, we have space for a few more people in the Yahoo LGT League.  The league has 16 teams, will have between 2-4 divisions, and...

Valentine, Acta or Fryman


Hoynsie says those three are in the final mix. Might be more, including Don Mattingly although that might be problematic whilst the Dodgers are still in the playoffs. No mention of Lovullo.

ESPN's Crasnick Overview of Shapiro & Tribe


Not a bad write up examining Pythagorean problems over the years, our poor draft history, perceptions of the FO, etc.

DiaTribe's Radio Blog "Smoke Signals"


If you haven't heard DiaTribe's radio program this week (I stumbled across it myself for the first time) he spends some quality time with Terry Pluto. Terry hits a wide range of topics from Hafner's rehab (Arthritis?) to Shoppach's real value and why there are no trade rumors about him plus where to play Vic. Good stuff and well worth the hour plus listen.


Shapiro Named Exec of the Year

The Sporting News has named Mark Shapiro the Executive of the Year for the second time in 3 years, according to the PD.I can't say I'm surprised by this, although its great to hear.  Limited...


Mojo where?

Where, oh where has the Mo-Jo gone? Where, oh where can it be? Where, oh where has the Mo-Jo gone? Somebody tell me please!Yes, this is definitely more than just a slump.  And no, I don't buy that...


Marte optioned; Perez recalled

According to  The Tribe Report on MVN Andy Marte was optioned to Buffalo today in favor of Rafael Perez.  I can't find any confirmation of this on official sites yet. Apparently they're looking to...


ChiSox fire sale?

According to speculation from the Chicago Sun Times the Sox are probably headed for a mid-season fire sale.  Basically the gist of the article is that the team will probably win more, but in the...


Fantasy Baseball - Minor Crisis - Rayman

Just to keep things interesting, some unknown person who had signed up for the H2H league has mysteriously dropped out.  That leaves us with an odd number of people in the league with our live...


Lee to Start Season on DL

According to ESPN, Lee will start the season on the DL now.  Apparently that throwing session didn't go so great.  There is no real word on how long it'll be until he is ready for the bigs again....


FBB Leagues - Update

I hope that this is the last post until the post season gloating commences in late September.  I posted the sign up info a week ago in my last diary.  There's still 2 people that have to sign up...


Fantasy Baseball 2007 - Details

After reading through the last thread, I'll try to organize things a bit.  There will be two leagues, a H2H weekly league and a daily Roto league - both AL only at this point.  Either one can be...


Fantasy Baseball 2007

Is there any interest in getting another league together this year?  Watching the interview with Shapiro at the FBB summit got me thinking about it.  I enjoyed last year although I'd prefer a...


Baez to O's

There's one less arm to consider: Baez for 3 yrs, $19mil to the Orioles.  I'd say that the trade route is becoming more and more likely.  There just isn't anything inspiring out there anymore (was...


FA's for '07

Ok, I'm going to be lazy and assume that someone has way too much time on their hands at work today.  With the talk of how much we might have to spend this winter on free agents - who exactly are...


Fantasy Baseball Revisited

I figured I'd start a new diary so as to make it to the front page again.  At this point I have brad, IndyDave, rgolem, Thommy, Jeff, mkwng, dctribefan & myself interested (with Jay offering to...


Fantasy Baseball

Ok, I've resisted the urge up to this point, but with pitchers and catchers reporting I couldn't do it any longer.  For the past few years I've been the commish of a work Fantasy League, but that...

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