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Baseball lover, professional brewer, and all around awesome person.

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User Blog

Purple Row Season Prediction Competition

So, with a little over a week before the baseball season officially kicks off (In Japan, a week before anyone else plays, for some stupid reason), I think it's about time we do something like this....


2012 Projected Opening Day Payroll

As promised, this is what we are looking at for this years opening day payroll. A few notes to begin with.

2011 MLB Draft Review: Future Purps.


The draft has come and gone, and all that remains is signing the drafted players. How did the Rockies fare overall in the 2011 Rule 4 Amateur Draft?

2011 MLB Draft Day Two: Top Remaining Prospects.


After selecting Tyler Anderson and Trevor Story in the first and compensation rounds of the 2011 MLB Draft, Purple Row gives you a rundown on some names to watch as the draft continues.


Sb Nation Minor League Ball community mock draft results

As you may know, I represented the Rockies on Minor league ball during out mock draft. Posed is the results from the draft. I did pretty well, considering where I drafted at. This is the review...


Rockies draft preview

This is also posted these on Minor League Ball as my draft preview for the Rockies. But, i think Purple Row deserves them as well. First section is a preview into the Rockies draft tendencies and...


MOD Colorado Rockies #2

A bit late with my second here, but whatever. Here I'll list some players who I think could/should be in play for the Rockies at #20.


MOD Colorado Rockies

Hi all. I'll go ahead and post the Rockies 1st round+supplemental picks of the last 6 years to give you an indication of our tendencies (assuming we have tendencies). Then I'll go through and give...


Salt River Field at Talking Stick Park: Mkorpal's review

I know there have been a ton of pictures of the new park, so I'm going to skip those for the time being (actually, I have yet to take many pictures of the park itself, I've most;y focused on the...


Debate #1, Instant Replay?

So, in light of last nights bizarre, and downright sickening events, which have been detailed in almost every fashion, I have decided to create a place for us to debate the use of instant replay in...


It's time to bench Barmes

Look, I know he is a great guy, and I thank him for both his on field work as well as being our first player interview. But enough is enough. So, far this season, Barmes has looked completely lost...


Greetings from Glendale

It is time for my next set of pics. Day four from Arizona, this time in Glendale, where we will take on the Chicago White Sox. Well, the game was a complete dud in just about every way(other than...


Greetings from Tucson (day 1)

Good evening fellow rowbots. This is Mkorpal, reporting on our second day from Arizona. I'll be posting pictures from Arizona for the next week, so I hope you enjoy. It was a great day for...


My personal goals for the 2010 season

I was just thinking to myself that there is definitely a lot more to being a fan than just showing up to games and yelling at players. And just like a team, a fan should set goals for him/herself....


(OT) The super Superbowl thread

I thought it might be fun to start up a thread for discussing the superbowl (and probowl) so it doesn't clutter the rest of the site. We can use this tread to make predictions, discuss players, and...

Mora has been signed


There you go. (BTW, where is everyone?)

Don't you think it's a little bit late, Mr. Big Mac


You may have saved face 5 years ago, but honestly, this is quite late for you to be admitting. And it's not like the baseball world didn't know. Oh Well, better ridiculously late than never

Giambi to be a Rockie


Per Tracy Ringolsby, validating Oakland F's. There you have it.

Rockies in on Jays LHP Scott Downs and more...


From twitter, the Rockies are "chasing" Jays closer Scott Downs. Renck also has info on other targets.


Your second half predicions

I don't know about you, but I'm so excited to see what this team will do in the second half. I believe that we have yet to see the best ball played. This is the year that we will look back to in 10...


Purple Row Prediction Competition: The End

So, this game hasn't worked out the way I was hoping. Too many people joining mis way through and some dropping out. It's all too confusing. Well, that and the fact that the Rockies make me so mad...


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 6

I don't even remember what week we are on anymore. I forgot to e-mail myself the excel file with all of your standing on it, so I won't be able to up update until late this evening, if at all. So,...


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 5

Sorry guys, I almost forgot about this weeks competition. I promise to you all that I will get the standings updated tomorrow night. I'll have more time to keep up with all this in a few weeks when...


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 4

Sorry guys, standings can't be posted today. I'll try to get them done by tomorrow night. Anyway, post your predictions for week 4. Standard formating as usual. Schedule for next week is here....


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 3

What is up everyone. It's time to make your week three predictions. Usual rules apply. pick winning team, final score, and winning pitcher for each game from Monday through Sunday. 1 point for...

Most definitely the play of the week. It needed a fan shot.


Most definitely the play of the week. It needed a fan shot.


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 2

Ok, time for your week 2 predictions. I'll update standings sometime later. As usual, pick winning team, final score, and winning pitcher for each day next week (Monday-Sunday). Have your...


Purple Row Prediction Competition: Welcome and 1st Week

Hello everyone. I will be running a little game for us to all enjoy this season. This is how it will work...

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