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bigleadsports ran an interesting article yesterday. The premise is that LHN will impact how the media reports on Texas athletics. Read past the suggestion of media being credible, and there are...



con·vic·tion 1. A formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense, made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law. 2. A firmly held belief or opinion. ...



It’s the offseason and I drew the short straw at BC’s editorial assignment meeting. That means I got tennis, which means you get words about small rubber balls tightly covered in yellow felt. About...



Texas trailed Arizona State 2-0 courtesy of a first-inning homerun off the bat of Riccio Torrez. The pressure was on, but of course that was nothing new to this bunch after playing in four...

CWS primer - Bracket 2


For all the balance of Bracket 1, this half of the tournament looks more like me on a see-saw with Rosanne Barr. Bracket 2 features arguably the top two and the bottom two teams in Omaha. Looking...

Omaha primer – Bracket 1


Four national seeds advanced to fill out Bracket 1. Huckleberry will be along shortly to tell us how many unique outcomes there are for the bracket. I'll just say that this bracket looks to be...

The Mantle of Expectations


The Texas Longhorn baseball team is set to host a Regional from Friday through Monday. I keep expecting to get excited for this weekend’s games and the opportunity they present, but this weekend’s...

The committee has spoken


The NCAA Baseball Selection Committee released their announcement of the postseason field of 64 teams on Monday. ESPN dedicated an entire 30 minute television show. I watched the French Open. It's...

Macro vs Micro


In the long and distinguished history of Big 12 baseball, Texas and Texas A&M have never finished 1-2 in the conference standings. That’s all set to change this weekend, when the Horns (38-12...

Coin Flip


There is a valid argument to be made about the 2011 Texas baseball team and it has painfully real ramifications - Is this team still improving and yet to reach their peak? Or are they already...

The Big C


If baseball is life, then curve balls are cancer. Just ask Alex Silver. Silver was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just weeks before starting his freshman campaign at Disch Falk Field. The Big C...

Channeling Offense


There are three distinct aspects to a championship baseball team – pitching, defense and offense. You will not find true enlightenment at UFCU Disch Falk Field unless the Texas offense rounds into...

Obi Wan says


The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded. - Obi Wan Kenobi Was Kenobi referring to: A) The effect of a breaking pitch on a Texas batter B) Keystone tallboys and sorority...

Scouting Report


Done with basketball yet? I am, although I admit that I do enjoy a nonsensical Fire Rick Barnes rant. Tantō, anyone? Some folks are into masochism (read: still absorbed in hoops). In the event you...

Our Game


"We’re best at pitching, defense and scratching out runs, that’s our game." - Augie Garrido That was Augie after last night's 3-1 win over Texas State. Not earth-shattering, but it does provide...

Felling Trees


Interesting weekend forthcoming at Disch Falk Field, as the Stanford Cardinal come to Austin for a three game series. I’m not sold on Stanford as an Omaha-level team yet, but there is no question...

Tweaking the ping


Baseball is here – the 2011 season gets started on Friday. New bats. Goodbye Nebraska. Competitive conference. Defend the crown. Another Garrido milestone. Yeah, storylines abound. Yesterday, the...

Reading Big 12 Tea Leaves


I have some definitive thoughts on how events will play out in the conference this Fall. Realizing that this is pure, biased opinion and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it, it should at least...

Texas Baseball Texas Football


It’s August and that can only mean one thing – Longhorn Football Baseball. It's been a big week of news for Augie Garrido's Horns and while that will never compete with practice notes from across...

Competitive Balance


It’s going to be a quirky year in college football. The key words in 2010 are (air quotes) "competitive balance." Free BC tote bag to the Barker or Carnival-goer that correctly predicts which...

The Break


Baseball is dead, but don’t tell the record-number of fans that are snapping up Steven Strasburg jerseys, or the one that paid $16,000 for his rookie card. Forget the revitalization of baseball in...

The new recipe


Another day, another opinion on realignment. Okay, not really. Close though…let’s take a look at this newly formed alliance of football programs and forecast the short-term future of each program. H...



In 1998, the New York Yankees finished the season with 114 wins. The win total set a franchise record, an American League record and propelled the team to a Kilimanjaro-esque 22-game lead in their...

Take One


I'm taking a break from French Open Coverage. Yeah, I watch tennis. So? C'est bon! During my break, I used Nickel's blueprint and broke into Cubicle a la Carnivale and found a note from Sailor. I...

Sticky Notes


As May marches on, the NCAA baseball picture continues to come into focus. Even from last week to this week, fans can now flex a bit more certainty when looking toward Omaha. And by the way…that G...

Tossing projectiles


Had enough rumor mongering about conference realignment? If so, there is some quality discussion to be had regarding the upcoming College World Series. The regular season is winding down and there...

Fait Accompli


History shows that overwhelming favorites typically win. Ask the Christians about the Lions. Ask a sorority girl about the freshman 15. Ask the Big 12 baseball coaches about the Longhorns in 2010. ...

Queue the fat lady


The Texas Longhorns baseball team has won 17 consecutive games. Normally, I would write a column on such a run, but the baseball gods are a fickle bunch. Even this brief mention may merit the end...

Halfway Home


Spring football is over. March Madness is over. Even recruiting is mostly over. At this point, Longhorn fans typically turn their attention to Texas baseball. For some, the season is in full swing...

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