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"ballin on a budget"

my son is so cool, he even sleeps cool (picture above) "stuntin like my daddy"

my wife is so cool she gets sad if someone gets KTFO i.e. Cro-Cop vs. Gonzaga then if i make fun of her for it she shouts "armbar" and trys to submit me on the couch... pure awsomeness! now if i could just teach her to transition it to the triangle lol she hates watching matt hamil fight cause he's "the def guy" and doesn't want him to get hurt cause he can't hear his corner...

tito has the biggest head in any sport ever
natasha wicks was the hottest ring girl in ufc history
fedor is the best fighter in the world... don't hate, this is factual
overeem is on roids- or the horses he eats are... one or the other
scott smith is the comeback kid
aoki has the best subs in the game but is still the #2 lw behind b.j.
faber would of never beat kid in his prime
AA has a glass jaw period
PRIDE was great for its antics, freak show fights, and entrances
couture should hang'em up
chris cyborg was once a man... how else would you explain it??
nick and nate are the biggest cry babies in mma
anderson silva is beatable (sweep the leg and put him in a body bag already)
brock sucks he just knows how to us his size
jake sheilds has no hands but a great ground game
paul daley has no ground game but great hands
^^they should make an mma super baby
minowaman is a giant killer
long live TUF even if it's getting boaring... its a good talent finder
tito and jenna's twins walked out of her at birth
a shogun is better than a ninja
rampage is the funniest mofo ever
gsp is 1 grease s.o.b. (damn french canadians)
dana says F a lot
referee mazzagatti does not have a lot of fans
manhoef is a beast and will eat ur kids
no one in the world can beat wandi in a staring contest
franklin is the worst main event (please stop it)
judge peoples is blind or dumb... maybe both
gina is hot (naked triangle me please)
seth petruzelli is gay or just plays a mean game of grab ass
mayham miller is just plain crazy and i love him for it
strikeforce is a good #2 promotion with DREAM & WVR coming very close
jon "bones" jones is the next big thing
mma needs more educated judging
gono has the best ring entrances
chuck has a 6 pack on top of his beer belly
bob sapp is huge
mir is cocky to say the least
the gayest nickname in mma has to belong to lyle beerbohm aka "fancy pants"
joe lauzon comes in at a very close 2nd with "j-lau"
bobby lashley is a wanna be brock
kongo looks like a gorilla/ man love child
the ifl coaches/ teams was a cool idea while it lasted
BS and don frye are like oil and water
the show jersey shore has better mma that some local promotions out here
liddell vs. silva was the best fight in mma history (better late then never)

... more to come

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  • NCAAF Florida Gators
  • NCAAB Florida Gators
  • NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • Golf Tiger "BIG Pimpin" Woods
  • Tennis Anna Kournikova lol
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