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Matt Ford is a sports journalist in training who has experience in newspapers, the Web and video. He is finishing a degree in journalism at the University of Maryland after two years at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. He lives in the DC area.

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2012 Redskins Draft: Why the Redskins must do anything to get Robert Griffin


It's been a long time since I've posted on here -- Ken, Kevin, Parks and everyone else have done a great job -- but I wanted to take some time out to make a point I'm surprised not to have seen on...


Any NYC Skins fans out there?

Hey Hogs Haven, it's my first football season in New York city and I'm sure there's a Redskins bar somewhere. Anyone have any recommendations? Hopefully there are some New Yorkers in the house that...

Thoughts on Ryan Kerrigan, and why the Redskins should not draft a quarterback in the second round


First of all -- congratulations to Ryan Kerrigan. We're glad to have him in Washington and here's why: Kerrigan is a hard worker and a great finisher. He is solid in every sense of the word. He was...

How the Redskins should draft next week


The 2011 draft presents many possibilities for the Washington Redskins. Given their many needs, how should they use their picks?


Football updates

Hey TT readers, a couple of stories about Terps spring football practice you guys might want to take a look at if you haven't checked them out already.  About Kenny Tate and the new-look...


Would you take Mallett?... In the second?

Some "experts" -- and by those, I mean some mock drafts done by amateurs and some professionals -- have Ryan Mallett slipping out of the first round altogether, due to concerns about his play on...

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski maligns Redskins release of Hunter Smith


Powerful stuff about the release of the veteran punter. The author points out that Smith has only mishandled 2 snaps in 12 years and that in spite of the Redskins being inept in so many other areas, they cut a high-character veteran who had been doing a decent job punting. Worth a read if you can stomach it.

Redskins fans go from angry to apathetic: Why?


In a game of nasty weather, ugly miscues and the most inexcusable special teams mistake possible, there were a lot of images that will make Redskins fans -- and the organization -- cringe.  But one...


Panthers Cut Devin Thomas

According to Cat Scratch Reader, SB Nation's Carolina Panthers affiliate, Carolina has cut former Redskins WR Devin Thomas, whom they signed off of waivers after the Redskins released him a few...

An indictment of the 2010 Redskins after the Monday Massacre by a lifelong fan


An indictment of the 2010 Redskins after the Monday Night Massacre.

Redskins/Texans Analysis: Questions and Answers, Week 2


After the Redskins/Texans game, 5 Questions and 5 Answers about the Redskins moving forward.

Just how old are the Redskins? Includes way-too-early roster projection


Over-the-hill Gang Part II or retirement home? Are the Redskins too old to be good this season?

First Round Grades: Redskins, NFC East, and notables


A grade of the first round of the draft, from the Redskins' point of view.

Redskins Draft 2010: Outrageously less-than-bold predictions


One writer predicts the Redskins' draft picks and trades in the 2010 Draft, starting tomorrow.

Redskins 2010 Schedule


Per NBC Washington: 2 SNF games, 1 MNF game -- we open the season with the Cowboys at home on national television... That should be fun. MNF is Eagles at home. In fact, all of our prime-time games...

What to make of the Redskins 2010 season -- April edition


The Redskins have mixed expectation levels for 2010. What should you think?


Gil Biruta released from scholarship former Terp recruiting target, Gil Biruta from St. Benedict's in NJ, requested a release from Rutgers today.  A...

McNabb to Redskins -- Bruce Allen makes move of the offseason


One Redskins' blogger's take on the McNabb trade. Give you a hint: he loves it.

Possible Redskins Draft Philosophy 2010 -- Warning: may include logic


What the Redskins should do with their 5 picks in April's NFL Draft.


A quick aside about recruiting

Earlier today, I was looking through ESPN's recruiting lists last year, and was really surprised to see Jordan Williams was a lowly 89 in their rating system, the #44 center and not in the Top...

Redskins free agency: What we've learned from 36 hours of silence


How the Redskins quiet approach to free agency indicates their future draft moves.

It's time for the Redskins to cut Clinton Portis.


The Redskins need to cut Clinton Portis for the sake of their team. Here's why.

Do the Redskins have to take a quarterback at #4?


Do the Redskins have to take a quarterback with the 4th overall pick in this year's draft?

The 4-3 vs. the 3-4 in Washington


The advantages and disadvantages of the proposed 3-4 defense in Washington next season under the tutelage of Jim Haslett.


To my fellow Skins fans

So, this had to be the most painful loss of the whole season -- between the refs' unjustifiable overturn of Sellers' "fumble," Kareem Moore's one-in-a-million fumble after an amazing interception, K...


No excuses

This was easily the most painful on-field loss I've ever experienced as a Redskins fan. We got absolutely torn apart on defense and our offense, once again, was maligned by dreadful play-calling....


Florio picks Redskins to win NFC

Mike Florio, the guru who has not traditionally been all that kind to the Redskins, made the bold prediction that the Redskins will face the defending champion Steelers in the...

Underrated offseason move?


Why the signing of P Hunter Smith may be a great offseason signing for the Redskins.



... That is all.


Answer at OLB?

What about Derrick Brooks? He hasn't really been sniffed in Free Agency, and he'll be able to come cheap in all likelihood. Could anyone really come in and be better for this year and next year for...

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