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An overlooked College QB prospect.

This is just my attempt to provide ya'll with some college players you may have over looked. Or just not thought about. This week I'm doing QB's. Because it seems like we still need one.Last year...


Is it time to trade Lee Evans?

Please don't kill me here,but I'm thinking it might be time to trade Lee Evans. It's an uncapped year,and Lee has been a consummate pro here in Buffalo. He's came to work every day, he doesn't rock...

Colts cut Tony Ugoh


Is this someone we should be interested in?


Who is Buffalo's most hated non AFC East foe?

  So fellow Bills fans I stand before you with a question.(And possibly a poll.) Now we all know the teams we loathe with a passion that goes beyond words. The smug Patriots,the cocky Jets, the ...

ESPN's Week1 NFL Power Ranking


Why is John Clayton still employed again? Someone remind me.


Question from a Cards fan

So first a little background about me. I'm a Cards fan that grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Mercer county to be more precise. Anyhow as a kid I was a Big Mac fan, so the Athletics we're my team....

Aldridge breaks down the Ariza deal.


Good trade breakdown by David Aldridge.


Kovy's contract rejected

So as well probably know by now, the NHL rejected the Devils deal with Ilya Kovalchuk. Here's the link.   http://www.inlouwetrust.com/2010/8/9/1614242/official-arbitrator-sustains-nhls#storyjump


Flyers willing to trade Gagne?

According to sources in the Philly organization the Flyers are willing to trade Simon Gagne.   http://www.broadstreethockey.com/2010/7/1/1548416/why-the-flyers-might-trade-simon

Cards sign Pinto


The Cards signed Renyel Pinto after he was released by the Marlins. He'll report to Triple A Memphis. Didn't see this posted already, and I'm to lazy to look. So there. ;-)


JJ Redick?

As far as I can tell his contract ends as soon as the Magics playoff run does. Anyhow I believe the Rockets should take a look at bringing him in. While he's something of a defensive liability I...

The fallacy of predictions


From GasLamp Ball, it talks Padres, but gave me hope as a Bills fan.


Lets play a game

Here's a game.  I hope you all like it. Picture this scenario, your walking in the woods. Its a beautiful spring day. And as you stroll along you hear cries for help. Well being the good samaritan...

Theres a new attitude in Buffalo, and I like it


With Nix, Gailey and Wilson fully recognizing the state of the team and being committed to making the changes necessary to bring excitement back to Buffalo, it won't be long before they're a contender again in the AFC East. Click the link to read the rest of the article, and observe a little CJ Spiller love.

Madden Rookie Ratings


Initial Madden rookie ratings are out. You can go over there, and submit your grade though. Let's get our rookies rated it up. Right now it only covers rounds 1 through 3.


Just a little idea

So I was watching Ralph Wilson talking about CJ Spiller and he looked rough. Like I'm worried how long he's going to be with us rough. And then a flash of inspiration hit. So keep reading after the...

Gosselins final mock draft is out


He has the Bills taking Dan Williams at number 9.


2010 NFL Draft OT Rankings

This is my attempt to project the top 10 OT's of the NFL draft. What there strengths and weakness's are and where they'll end up. Read more after the jump.


mob16151's final mock draft

So yea, this is my final mock draft of the year. We have (most of) the pro day's in. We have the combine in, lets make this happen.

Bills,Raiders, and Jaguars after McNabb


Found this excellent breakdown on the McNabb trade rumors on the Eagles SBN site.

Not even remotely football related New's. AKA OT galore


I'm a huge fantasy nerd when it comes to reading materials. So if you like Fantasy novel's, and you like elimination tournament's, follow the link and vote.

The infeasibility of trading Albert Pujols


Nice write up on cnnsi on how trading a guy like Pujols will never make sense.


Bill's offseason acquisitions so far.

So far in Free agency the Buffalo Bills have signed 3 players. Cornell Green,Andra Davis, and Dwan Edwards.  Continue reading after the jump for an in depth analysis on each player.

Ross Tucker is not a Tool


Reading Ross Tucker''s article on Sam Bradford, he's asked a question about Buffalo in his filler section. Click the link and scroll down to get Tucker's feeling's on the city of Buffalo.

Nice write up on how RFA works


This is a nice little writeup on how Restricted Free Agency works at Profootballtalk. Definitely a nice read for those with any question's about it.

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