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Lester Returning for 2012


Not really surprised but good news never the less.

CJ Mosely Update


May not be as bad as we feared. Really tough to see him get injured like that. He is some kind of talent and I hope he gets back soon.


anyone have the animated Saban

making Chiszc sing "yea alabama'?

LSU Players Suspendend Indefinitely


Players may or may not be back for Bama game.

Vegas loves Tide this year, not so bullish on LSU?


And no, I don't want to get into a discussion about how Vegas makes thier lines....and yes, I learned my lesson last year that inflated lines don't equal victories.

Cam Knew!


Cam didn't know...Yeah right.


The Auburn Hillbillies

Come and listen to a story about a kid named Cam,A liar and a thief, but Auburn didn’t give a damnThen one day he got paid to play the gameAnd out of nowhere the investigators cameNCAA that is,...

Bama now a 5 point favorite


Bama now a 5 point favorite

Bama opens as a 3 point favorite


Bama opens as a 3 point favorite


Someone please call out Herbstriet

I am sick of hearing this ass hat claiming that he picked Auburn to "win the SEC." He picked them to win the West and then picked the Gators to win the championship. He is on ESPN constantly...


The Sky Isn't Falling

Alright, we lost a game after 2 1/2 years of not losing a regular season game. Time to move on. We lost on the road to a team coming off a bye who's quarterback played lights out for the first time...

The good news is we are talented


the bad news is that we won't have these guys next year. Oh the double edged sword but I'll take this over the flip side anytime. The 2008 class was epic.


Is julio injured?


Inexperienced defense grows up in 2nd Half

Our defense was amazing in the 2nd half. Mallet's numbers were great in the first half and they hype machine was already up and humming. But it was the tale of two halves. The difference was the...


Bama Duke Question

cant seem to find the coverage map for the game on ABC this weekend. It is regional coverage so curious as to whether it will be on in my area. I live in Southwest Florida. Not a big deal if not,...


To my friends at BSD

Sorry I didn't get back to some of you yesterday. I was a little tied up in T-Town. What a day and what an experience. I met many PSU fans and they were all really very cool and very spirited. I...


Penn State Gameday Itenerary

First time to T-Town for the PSU game. Will be there for Friday and Saturday. Can you long time veterans of the stadium help me develop an itenerary for those 2 days. My daughter is interested in...

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