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Variety is the spice of life

So why are there currently FOUR pictures of Felton holding a cupcake on the front page and 0 of him in a Blazers' jersey? The Felton hate from the fans has been overboard but expected, but I...


12/23 Junk Drawer--Cowboys vs. Aliens

 Good morning, fellow junkers. I really can't think of what to put in here, but the junk I woke up to this morning was far too large for me to try and open. This computer may not be...


12/15 Junk Drawer- Why can't we be friends?

There seems to be a lot of fighting on the main page these days. It's quite unfortunate to see. Optimists and realists alike are being branded as "trolls" and "homers." Can't we all just get...


12/07/10 Ironman Junk

The previous junk is destroying my ability to browse the rest of the internet, and I haven't made one in a while, so I guess it's time. First and foremost, this junk pays homage to Andre Miller...


Victory Junk--10/27-28, 2010

In case you hadn't heard, the Blazers won tonight. Played together on offense, ran opportunistically, got stops when they had to. Nice to see us growing up on the court. For that matter, nice to...


10/8 Positive Energy Junk

So the huge news for tonight is obviously Jeff Pendergraph hurting his knee against the Jazz. Let's keep thoughts of his speedy recovery in our heads as we junk today. Hopefully we will know more...


10/6/10 Soaring Expectations Junk

Nothing like a preseason game against the short-handed Clippers to get the crowd excited. The only thing that could have made that game more perfect is if Oden had come out of the tunnel, ripped...


Harvest Moon Junk-- 9/23/10

This Junk Drawer is in honor of tonight's harvest moon. It's quite unfortunate that many of us have no farm/garden to harvest.

TrueHoop is a Mo Lucas fan


In August 1976, the Blazers had never had a winning season. They had never been to the playoffs. They had never really had any reason for hope. Lucas arrived in town from the ABA and invited new teammates Bill Walton and Herm Gilliam to dinner at Jake's. They ate fish and talked about life. Walton would go on to name his son after Lucas, and the seeds of that friendship were nurtured at that dinner. They finished eating, and stepped outside into the warm summer evening. Before saying goodbye, Walton remembers "Mo said 'Oh, by the way: We're going to win the championship. And we're going to win it this year.'"


JD 9/15-- The one that was almost about baseball

So the season is just around the corner (someone mentioned today it's 3 weeks 'til the preseason). I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I can't wait. This is the season that we find out what...


Jumbled Junk 9/8/10-- Fall Edition

It seems to be happening earlier than usual this year, but the weather is telling us that summer is almost over. With this in mind, let's take a minute to reflect on this summer. What is it about...

Tyrus Thomas gets 5/$40m from Bobcats


Originally had this up because it was reported he would join Outlaw in New Jersey. It appears as though Michael Jordan has matched (?!?!?!) the offer, so he will remain with Charlotte instead, making this news a little less relevant. But still, TWO GMs think Tyrus Thomas is worth $8m/yr?

Batum running away with league lead in TS%


Obviously easier to do with limited minutes and games played, but Batum is SO FAR ahead of anyone else (and Oden's still #2!)

Last 5 games: Miller, Bayless top 10 in adjusted +/-


Wayne Winston (former Mavs stat guru) rates Jerryd Bayless #6 and Andre Miller #8 in adjusted +/- in the last 5 games, with Bayless logging considerably fewer minutes than anyone else in the top 10.

NYTimes: Brandon Roy #2 clutch performer of '08-'09


The New York Times had a stat geek write a piece on clutch performance, rating who performs best with the ball in the last 5 minutes of close games. Brandon Roy finished 2nd in this man's rating, narrowly behind LeBron James and a noticeable cut above the rest of the league


Blazer Shot Selection, By the Numbers

In the recent conversations regarding the Blazer offense, it seems that there is a consensus amongst B'edgers that our offense is at its best when we are getting open looks/close shots/3s and worst...

Wayne Winston: Mark Cuban's Stats Expert on the Blazers


Dallas' stats expert praises Portland for putting its most effectie lineups on the floor for extended minutes, something a surprising number of teams (he singles out Knicks and Bulls among others) seem incapable of doing. Also an interesting tidbit re: Rudy playing with our starters

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