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2009 Poetic Interlude #4: PECOTA


  I met him in a clubhouse down in Old Oakland Where if the players aren't in pain they've got exotic diseases like ebolae-b-o-l-a ebola He walked down to first every time he had a chance I...

T-minus 59 minutes and counting: Open pitchers-and-catchers-report thread


It's almost here. Yes, we're on the verge of Spring Training. P's and C's report to Papago at 10 a.m. Duke, Dana, Gio, Ziggy. Mazzaro, Anderson, Cahill. Wuertz and Springer. Zooks, Bowen, Powell. ...

If the Slegna sign Dunn, are the A's done?


If the Angels sign Adam Dunn, what can the A's do to contend in the AL West in 2009?

2009 Poetic Interlude #3: 88 Lines About 44 Athletics


[Original lyrics here.] 88 Lines About 44 Athletics Durazo was the Holy Grail, he held out for a better pitch. Emil was a different type, he's the one who drove runs in. Barry had a wack curve,...

Is Orlando Hudson a potential solution at SS?


Should the A's sign Orlando Hudson to play SS?

2009 Poetic Interlude #2: Statnerds of W.A.R.P.


[Original lyrics here. Bobby Z cribbed the melody from this trad tune, which may soon become its own PI. And FWIW, do you know how hard it is to find a non-CGV youtube of this song? DFHs.] [...

2009 Poetic Interlude #1: Bowen on the Bench


How many Rhodes must a GM live down before you call yourself a fan?

No, I'm entirely serious: if Beane signs GA, I'm outta here


Garret Anderson sucks, and if signed would prove the A's have no interest in playing competitive baseball

Open Yankee-hating, the-world-is-unfair, I-never-get-what-I-want-for-Christmas thread


The Yankees: deserving of undying enmity, devoted hatred, or benign indifference?

Does Wolff have any financial ties to Bernard Madoff?


Does A's minority owner Lew Wolff have any financial ties to Bernie Madoff?

Should the A's be pursuing Teixeira?


Should the A's pursue Mark Teixeira--even if only to drive up his price?

2008 Cinematic Interlude #2: Chavvy and the Athletic Factory, Chapter One


An adaptation of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, starring Billy Beane and Eric Chavez.

What's the WORST thing Billy could do?


What's the one thing Billy Beane should definitely not do this offseason?

2008 Poetic Interlude #???: Holliday in Alameda


An old-school punk take on the Matt Holliday trade. In verse.

Hangin' around: mordant rubbernecking at the minor-league free agent list


Here's the thing about minor-league free agents: if you've heard of any particular MiLFA (some terms just shouldn't be acronymized) minor-league free agent, odds are he's a washed-up marginal...

Saturday market shopping list


Well, damn. With all the rain today, a lot of my favorite vendors weren't at the market this morning. I had a whole list of stuff I was looking for: locally-grown green pitchers, a free-range...

2008 Poetic Interlude #7: It Takes a Parking Lot With a Mayor To Laugh, It Takes a Trade To Cry


Will Huston Street be traded by the A's in the off-season? Only Billy Beane and Bob Dylan know for sure.

Brewers to, ah ... ah, name, ah ... {chew, chew} Ken, ah, Macha, ah ... manager


Noon Pacific Time press conference scheduled by the Brewers to announce the hiring of former A's manager Ken Macha as the new Milwaukee skipper: they will name Macha, 58, as the 16th skipper in...

Open Thread: ALCS Game Six (cont.)


How many balls have hit the catwalks?

Open Thread: ALCS Game Six (cont.)


Keeeeeeeep on threadin'.

Open Thread: ALCS Game Six


Well, let's hope this is the deciding game, eh? Shields vs. Beckett in the MyMom'sBasementDomeIfMyMomWasAnAutisticModernistArchitect. Game time is at 5:07 Pacific Time.

Open Thread: Playoffs - Day Four


Elimination day (yes, my favorite day) for the NL today. The Phillies try to close things out against the Brewers (Methuselah Moyer vs. Bush) at 3:35 Pacific Time in Milwaukee, and the Dodgers...

Playing out the string: Mariners 7, A's 3


Someone must have punk'd the A's by telling them it was Little League Day at Safeco today. Greg "Nibbles" Smith lived up to his nickname in the bottom of the first, and, aided by Daric "Buckner"...

What a wacky day of baseball at the Coliseum! A's 8, Mariners 7


Honestly, the only things missing from this game were a position player pitching and someone pulling off the hidden-ball trick. We had lousy pitching, good pitching, and unlucky pitching; lousy...


Open Game Thread - Game 154: A's vs. Mariners

You know, I feel kinda sorry for the Mariners. Not sorry enough to enjoy the fact that it's kinda nice to have a division whipping boy, or to not hope that the A's send them to their tenth...

What a wonderful ending to a terrible game: A's 7, Rangers 4


For most of the game this afternoon, the only player on either side who seemed especially interested in helping his team win was Nelson Cruz. Cruz, who finished the day 3/5 with 2 doubles, drove in...


Open Game Thread - Game 149: A's vs. Rangers

The A's look to break even in this series with Rangers, sending Dana Eveland to the hill. Eveland is opposed by Vicente Padilla. It's hard for me to believe we're already halfway through September,...

Ellis done for the year: cartilage damage in shoulder


Per the Chron's Drumbeat blog, Susan Slusser reports that: Mark Ellis has a torn labrum in his right shoulder and will miss the remainder of the season The report goes on to say that it's "not...

The Two Jacks: A's 5, Orioles 1


Jack watches and waits for one of Cust's homeruns to land in the rightfield seats. Say what you will about the absolute value of the A's active roster or the sagacity of Beane's long-term...

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