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Open Game Thread - Game 142: A's @ Orioles (cont.)


A's up 5-0 going to the 6th.


Raining in Baltimore: Game 1 of today's doubleheader postponed

No word yet on whether there will be any baseball in Balmer today. The first game has already been postponed, and the forecast for this afternoon/evening doesn't look propitious: Mostly cloudy...

You See Something New Every Day: A's 3, Twins 2


OK, I lied. I do care whether the A's win or not, here in the tail end of a 10-games-below-.500 season. And win the A's did, on a unique way in the bottom of the ninth: With Bobby Crosby...


Open Game Thread - Game 136: A's vs. Twins

I don't know about you, but I'm now officially at the point where not only do I not care about the ultimate outcome of any A's game, but after last night, I don't even really really care when the...

2008 Poetic Interlude #7: Gang of Forst, "We Dwell in Poverty"


[Man, if anyone makes a movie in the next 5-7 years about Gang of Four, I want Christian Bale to play Jon King. And I think my next Go4 adaptation will be about Mark Ellis's hitting: "At Home...

What did we just see: A's 5, Mariners 1


If you were only following tonight's game by listening to the radio, you'd have gotten the impression that the A's totally dominated the Mariners on their way to a solid 5-1 win. Ken and Vince were...


Open Game Thread - Game 129: A's @ Mariners

And the lineup just keeps getting weaker and weaker. No Cust and Ellis tonight, though according to Slusser Cust is available to pinch-hit and Ellis is taking "at least one" if not several games...

No mo': White Sox 2, A's 1


This was a game that was dominated by the starting pitchers. Dominated by their inability to throw strikes or work efficiently, that is. Sure, there were only 3 runs scored in total, but that...

Open Game Thread - Game 122: A's vs. White Sox (cont.)


A's trail 2-1 going to the bottom of the 5th. Nibbles has been nibbling, Danks has been, uh ... danking ... and the game has crawled along uneventfully for nearly 2 hours at the halfway point.


Open Game Thread - Game 122: A's vs. White Sox

If there's ever a game to hope that "momentum" does exist in baseball, this afternoon's contest between the A's and White Sox would be it. The A's are coming off of what must have been a highly...

All hail Lords Selig, Hill, and Goren! TODAY'S A'S GAME MOVED TO 12:55


Thank Ba'al that my Saturday-morning routine includes reading the fishwrap version of the Chron, otherwise I plum woulda missed this. Today's game, originally scheduled for 6:05 PDT, has been...

Aaaaaaaaand, just like that, right back ON the schneid: Tigers 10, A's 2


This one started out with a modicum of promise: the Big Hurt knocked a solo HR in the first, and Dan Meyer set the Tigers down in order in the bottom half of the frame. Unfortunately, in the...

Open Game Thread - Game 116: A's @ Tigers (cont.)


Dan Meyer is under the mistaken impression that he's pitching to Josh Hamilton at Yankee Stadium. Tigers with solo HRs in 3 consecutive innings. A's trail 3-2 after 4.


Open Game Thread - Game 116: A's @ Tigers

It's been an eventful 24 hours in A's land. Most importantly, the A's got off the schneid and broke their 10-game losing streak last night -- and against A's-killer Kenny Rogers and Braden-killer...

Another inner-ear infection? Should the A's get Clorox as a sponsor?


So Travis Buck has apparently been diagnosed with an inner-ear infection -- which had been initially misdiagnosed as post-concussion syndrome. I think it's a logical hypothesis that Buck has been...

Ho-hum: Red Sox 5, A's 2


The A's didn't lose a tight one, like Friday night. They didn't relinquish an early lead -- and then get blown out -- like yesterday. No, today they just ... lost. This was your garden variety...

Open Game Thread - Game 110: A's @ Red Sox (cont.)


Rain delay in Boston. A's trail 4-2 in the bottom of the 6th. Today's token, hopes-feebly-raising-before-cruelly-crushing 2-run homer courtesy of Daric Barton. I think Bob Geren and Jaymee Sire are...

Open Game Thread - Game 110: A's @ Red Sox (cont.)


Braden so far: not as good as Duke, not as bad as Eveland. A's offense so far: just as bad as ever. 1-0 Red Sox going to the top of the fourth.


Open Game Thread - Game 110: A's @ Red Sox

sal·vage [sal-vij]: noun, verb, -vaged, -vag·ing. 1. the act of saving a ship or its cargo from perils of the seas. 2. the property so saved. 3. compensation given to those who voluntarily save a...

Thank You, Commissioner Selig, for Keeping Me From Seeing That: Rangers 9, A's 4


Blah. In what was basically a continuation of the second half of last night's game, the Rangers simply pounded the A's silly today. Duke showed up with his "D" game, and the Ranger hitters spent...

Open Game Thread - Game 103: A's vs. Rangers (cont.)


A's now trail 8-3 in the bottom of the 7th. Duchscherer wasn't fooling anyone today. This is your Saturday Emil Brown HR mojo thread.

Open Game Thread - Game 103: A's vs. Rangers (cont.)


A's trail 6-2 going to the bottom of the 5th. Duke got knocked around a bit in the 2nd, recovered nicely -- then gave up a monstrous 3R HR to Hamilton. The Rangers' rookie starter has been...


Open Game Thread - Game 103: A's vs. Rangers

Grrrrrrrrreat -- after last night's , the A's hitters (who broke out for one whole inning against Padilla) get to face ... a rookie left-hander whom none of the A's have seen before. A rookie...

Four hours and forty-five minutes of suck: Yankees 4, A's 3 (12)


For Bob Geren's sake, I hope that Wes Bankston dove head-first into the shallow end of the Yankee Stadium visitors' clubhouse jacuzzi in the top of the 12th inning. Because that's the only thing...

Open Game Thread - Game 97: A's @ Yankees (cont.)


Going to the 12th. Pecs DiNardo hung tough in the 11th, thanks to a game-saving catch by Patrol Craft.

Open Game Thread - Game 97: A's @ Yankees (cont.)


Each closers surrendered a run in the 9th. Extras, 3-3.

Open Game Thread - Game 97: A's @ Yankees (cont.)


A's trail the Yankees 2-1 going to the 7th. Chamberlain and Gallagher both were impressive (albeit profligate with their pitches) today, with the exception of the bottom of the 2nd, when the bottom...


Open Game Thread - Game 97: A's @ Yankees

The A's send Sean Gallagher out for his second start since coming over as the centerpiece of the Harden trade. A's batters will be facing the young righty Joba Chamberlain, who is an absolute...

Fresh Philly Cupcakes Thread


After digesting the cupcakes news, I don't have anything earth-shattering to add. But that other thread was getting pretty huge. While I like this trade and the Harden trade (and wouldn't be...


Open Game Thread - Game 94: A's vs. Angels (AN Day V)

What a momentous day. Former A's Frustrator General Rich Harden throws 5.2 shutout innings (striking out 10) for the Cubs ... and the Cubs' bullpen dramatically tried to throw the game away (SF...

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