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if farve gets hurt

It is very likely that our #1 qb gets hurt for at least part of a game or a couple of games.  How does TJ perform?  I feel that if he comes into a game he will probably do well.  This is due to the...


are we peaking to early

Our offense seems to be hitting on all cylinders 30.5  pts per game a lot of points with out a lot of yards....I like.  Has this unit hit its peak?  An injury to a key player I will not name (I...


post mortem

Did anyone grade the game monday?  I always like to read that. GO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkes GO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO VIkesGO...


all time Vikes D line

This is really tough sacks were not an official stat until after 1982. We have had a bunch of really good D line players over the years and there is no way to include them all.  I am sure I may...


vikes 3pt favorites

I see the Vikes are 3 pt favorites going into MNF against GB this is only home field advantage. I see GB's been giving up an average of 128 yds per game on the ground and have a banged up OL.  AR...


internet connect

I was able to sort of watch the game Sunday but it was really broken, I believe this is due to my slow internet connection.  It is DSL but every time the play would start the screen would freeze...


beating the three four

GB is using the same D as SF and I see they have three 300lb+ guys in the middle with a DE/LB and a LB on the ends.  THe ends line up at the line so it looks more like a 5 two.  The three big guys...


long before adrian peterson

long before AD and Robert Smith, Terry Allen, D Nelson, there was a rookie of the year running back by the name of Chuck Foreman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df1RQEsYNAM&feature=related I love...


best viking qb of all time

BF has really not been here long enough to be on the list but think of all the qb's we have had over the years some of these were pretty good qb's some I hated (McMann) If you were to pick one not...


qb rating

Week two is done all the stats are not yet in but as it stands now BF has the a 110 rating. I believe this is top five for QB's.  Now there is a lot of room for improvement.....the occational long...



Looks like they took a page out of our play book today.  FG rushing of 207 yrds on 15 carries! There D shut the Sea hawks down and ..... their QB threw for what about 160 yds no TD and no Picks. ...


the lions great ploy

I do not know what it is but every year we have a tough time with the lions. I know its a division game and all but man other teams kill these guys year in and out and we always have a problem with...


steelers vs titans

I just review the game stats and recap of this game.  Looks like this is a good example of the type of defenses we will be seeing this year.  We play the steelers and should learn from what...


I am glad the Vikings lost one preseason game

This may seem rediculous but I am glad they lost one preseason game.  Every time we win them all; it seems the team enter the season kind of cocky and loses the first three of four.  This may be...



I have not heard much about how he is doing and I can not watch the games.  I heard just a little about the Colts game and nothing about the Chiefs game. I assume this is a good thing, but would...


this year

Ok I am torn. I think the vikes may very well have the qb of the future already, one of these guys should become a good NFL QB.  I like the idea of allowing a QB to mature. But... with Windfield...

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