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Twins sign Scooby Doo's best friend

MLBTradeRumors has posted that the Twins have signed right-hander Matt Guerrier to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training. High fives and Scooby Snacks all around!


Free Agent Roundup: REAL Catchers edition ... Or (It's Time We Have 'The Talk')

Yeah, I saw what you did there with your J.B Arencibias, your foreigners named after motorcycles, taco dishes and …. foreigners, and your Jared Saltalamakiuhs, but I’m here to set Twinkie Town...


A fellow Twins blog that you don't want to miss: Kevin Slowey Was Framed

Those of us that regularly visit TwinsDaily are already familiar with one of their regular contributors named Brad Swanson. He (IMHO) is the best contributor that TwinsDaily has. Sure, he isn't as...

Feel good story about one of our former favorites: Pumpkin Tits Blackburn

Nice little story. I always had a soft spot in my heart for Nick Blackburn.

Good News Gibson throws a complete game shutout. YES!

From "The Twins' No. 4 prospect allowed four hits while striking out eight in his first complete game in three years as Triple-A Rochester blanked Toledo, 3-0."

Good News Gibson throws a complete game shutout. YES!

From "The Twins' No. 4 prospect allowed four hits while striking out eight in his first complete game in three years as Triple-A Rochester blanked Toledo, 3-0."


Relievers are valuable and might be our best trade chip

I've been wondering why no one around here has been willing to discuss the possibility that Ryan deals either Burton or Perkins before the deadline. Every year there are teams who are looking to...

More Friday Funnies: How Busytown stole the Tampa Bay Rays

If you haven't checked out "NotGraphs" its worth the visit.


Denard Span one of the "Least Intimidating Batters" of the past 5 years?

If you haven't checked out SBNation's group of baseball writers you should. They provide a lot of good, short articles which are often accompanied by a touch of appropriate humor. Jeff Sullivan who...

Twins to DL Morneau, will select contract of Dozier, recall Diamond

Well, who didn't guess this was coming. The only question left is who will be sent back down, Hendriks?

Royals Lose Closer Joakim Soria To Elbow Injury

Do you think they'd make a trade, Capps for Grienk... oh nevermind.

Dave Cameron Ranks "The 10 Worst Transactions Of The Winter"

Check this out to validate the teeth gnashing you've done ever since learning that the Twins re-signed Capps to anchor (pun intended) our bullpen. Even more interesting is the fact that both Joe Nathan and Cuddyer make the list as well. Even more fun: Dave thinks Fielder's contract is likely to be crippling.

HOF: Morris vs. Blyleven

Dave Studeman over at the hardball times does a pretty darned good statistical comparison between the two pitchers.

Rumormill: Michael Cuddyer And The Seattle Mariners

Jeff Sullivan, over at Lookout Landing wrote an excellent piece on our local former favorite clubhouse magician. I thought this last paragraph summed up the generally prevailing sentiment around here rather well (just substitute Mariners for Twins): I think Cuddyer could easily end up being worth the contract he wants, based on free agent valuation. About that three years, $30 million idea - over the last three years, FanGraphs pegs Cuddyer as being worth $30.1 million. I don't think Cuddyer shapes up to be a nightmare. But his upside is being worth about what he's paid, and maybe a little more, while his downside is being worth much less than that. It just doesn't seem like the sort of move the Mariners should make, given the Mariners' situation, and given the Mariners' payroll.

Brian Duensing: Poster Boy for ERA Predictors

A sister SBNation blog, rotohardball, posted this excellent little article on Brian Duensing as an illustration as to why advanced statistics can be helpful little analytical tools.

Sorry bloggers, BiBi Jones probably isn't going to line up to have sex with you in your mom's basement

What do you call that when a parasite and a host develop a mutually beneficial relationship?


Minnesota Confidence

Trade deadlines and the team's limbo status has seemingly brought out a lot of frustration amongst fans lately. Some people have gone so far out on a limb as to insinuate that Nick Blackburn just...

When Statistics Are Not Helpful (A Must Read)

This isn't just an excellent reminder about how statistics can sometimes not be very illuminating, its a much more poignant reminder about everything important in life. Good luck, Dave Cameron. Twinkie Town will be rooting for you.

Fangraphs Evaluates Mauer's Value

Pretty darned good stuff here, even in the comments section. Of note: "Since his first full season in the big leagues, he has easily been the best catcher in baseball. Between 2005 and 2010, he compiled a 32.7 WAR — Victor Martinez finished a distant second with 22.2 WAR." "There’s one thing that immediately stands out when looking at the data — and it shouldn’t be surprising: Mauer is a phenomenal hitter. Despite the fact that he’s not perceived as a strong power hitter — his 2009 season excepted — Mauer is far better than his competition in slugging percentage and in OPS. "

AJ Pierzynski Spouts Off

Haha. AJ didn't really spout off in this Q&A session on fangraphs, but he did wax a little philosphic about his time with the Twins and the differences between Gardenhire and Guillen. It's worth the read.

Twins officially activate Mauer

Joe is "scheduled to make his return to action at catcher against the Padres on Friday, after missing 57 games with bilateral leg weakness. Outfielder Brian Dinkelman was outrighted to Triple-A Rochester to make room for Mauer on both the 25-man and 40-man rosters." End of speculation as to when. Apparently he's playing tomorrow. As is Perkins according to "He was activated from the disabled list after Thursday's 1-0 win over the White Sox, and on Friday, he'll get his chance to be a part of the Twins' current success. Fellow left-hander Chuck James was optioned to Triple-A Rochester to make room for him on the 25-man roster."


Stats are like a nuclear bomb or Chris Chelios

You love to hate em/im unless it/he is on your side. Your opinion on nuclear bombs, like your opinion on the usefulness of a tough dirty defensive defenseman says a lot about your personality. Are...

Pettitte's playoff marks may be untouchable

Pettitte announced his retirement during a press conference at Yankee Stadium on Friday. And with that, the 38-year-old with the Texas drawl left behind a postseason resume that is arguably the best in history -- a record 19 wins, 17 of which came against the Minnesota Twins.

Yankees tried to steal Liriano

Ok, well maybe not steal, but tried to trade for him! Ok, well maybe not try and trade, but they did make offers! Ok, so they only inquired about his availability, still, fuck the Yakees.

Ex-Twin Roundup; Matt Garza

Dave Cameron compares Garza to a former free agent pitcher this season named Aaron Harang - and ultimately concludes that Matt Garza would make a solid tsecond, third or fourth starter an any team.

True Utility: Nick Punto

Our friends at fangraphs have dedicated a full article on the (f)utility of Nick Punto and have decided that he would be well worth 2 million/yr for the Minnesota Twins. Why? He has good defensive skills at all of the infield positions (other than first) and no one looks better on a unicorn.

Lee not starting game 1 doesn't matter; or Math and why I hate it.

Dave Cameron uses math and logic to try and explain why running Cliff Lee out there in game three of the ALCS is just as valuable as running him out there in game 1. Something about this article stuck in my craw and it wasn't a prime number.

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