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The 2010 MLB Playoffs Rootability Index:

Our sister site has an excellent article on playoff team "likeability". I am sure you know which evil empire ranked dead last, but you might want to check out who ranked first, and by how much. The article has some humor too, here is just a taste: "There's a funny thing about the 2010 Yankees: Derek Jeter blows now. It doesn't matter that Derek Jeter might be a wonderful, classy, charitable saint of a man. There would be few things more profoundly, deeply satisfying than watching Derek Jeter go 0-12 while he, his teammates, and his insufferable fanboys get swept out of the playoffs by those nice young boys from Minnesota."


Gardenhire Admits He is Less of a Manager Than He Could Be got gardenhire to open up about his biggest character flaw: "My dad had this calmness about him, and I've always said I hope I can remain calm like he does in any situation," Gardenhire...

2010 AL Playoff Rotations: Minnesota Twins

nice little analysis of our likely starting rotation in the playoffs.


Ron Gardenhire doesn't expect to have slugger Justin Morneau back for the postseason.

According to ESPN at 2:35 this AM, Justin Morneau could be out for playoffs This fanpost is going to be extra lite on analysis (luckily for all of you) because there isn't much room for analysis...

Record aside, give the Cy to Felix

Ken Rosenthal (main stream media) gets it right. I love this quote: "Sabermetricians can be a little, uh, strident, not to mention over the top with their disdain for wins."

Ryan Leaf quietly returns home to build a life

Yes, this is about a football player not a baseball player, and not a very well liked football player at that. But that is one of the things that makes this article so compelling. The train wreck that was Ryan leaf.


Rally Thread: Beavers and Bunnies

beavers and bunnies here we go:   Tolbert on base with the rally bunnies and the Twins in the 11th now. Where the hell are the arms from Rochester? Oh, no now headed for the 13th inning tied at...

Cleveland no help to Twins

Manny Ramirez went 1-3 with a strikeout in his White Sux debut today.

God and .500

If you haven't read this one yet, DO IT! Very short but a lot of fun. Here's the opener as a teaser: "Suppose that God herself came to you and told you that she was going to do something devious: for the 2011 baseball season, every team would have 25 players of identical talent, with all 30 teams being equals. That no player would learn from each plate appearance, and no player would get hurt."

Nick Blackburn Loses Margin for Error

Great look at Blackburn's current struggles on the mound.


Game 87 Gamethread?

Our writers/hosts are all busy cheering on Uruguay so this might have to suffice. Blackburn is capable of beating Bonderman. I think Blackburn has a 3.95  era against Detroit. Go Twins!Oh for...

MLB Considers Reversing Ump's Imperfect Call

SHould they do it? I don't know. Could they do it? Of course.


Laugh or Cry: The Nick Blackburn Edition

Alright, I'm a poor writer and an even poorer sabremetrician, but somebody had to write this post. Feelings regarding Nick Blackburn appear to run pretty hot around here. Last night during the game...

Revere This Twins Prospect (More on Revere)

Love the new links on SB Nation to fangraphs. Here's another good take on Ben Revere.


Laugh Or Cry: The Jason Kubel Edition

Welcome back to my regular scheduled posts that explore the fine line between optimism and depression in baseball. While regular subscribers are familiar with the format, this time we're going to...

Twins recall Manship, option Tolbert

Does this mean Hardy is going to be ready a little quicker than we last heard?


Is Our Pitching Staff Average?

The other night during a game thread I mentioned how glad I am to see the depth in our lineup because it can overcome some average pitching performances. What I meant is that in 2009, on any given...


Young Impressive Early

Delmon Young has been a relatively slow starter during his brief tenure in Minnesota. But that appears to have changed this season. Through the first ten games of 2009 Delmon was sporting a...

Justin Morneau to work on keeping his back sturdy

And this from Justin Morneau Sunday, January 31, 2010 News: Doctors have cleared Morneau for all activities after a CT scan showed the stress fracture in his back has completely healed, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. He missed the final three weeks of the 2009 season with the injury. Analysis: Morneau will begin hitting off a tee next week and is expected to be ready for the start of spring training. Watch his status early in the spring, but this doesn't look like an issue for his 2010 fantasy value.

One Fantasy pundit's take on our 5th starter

Over at fangraphs dave grewbulkowszki breaks down Francisco Liriano. He is pretty positive overall, expecting Liriano to put up numbers similar to a no. 3 starter. If you aren't interested in reading it here are a couple of outtakes: Back in 2006, Francisco Liriano pitched like a cyborg sent from the year 2009 to annihilate all American League Central competition. The Twins southpaw, just 22 at the time, snapped off mid-90’s gas, wicked high-80’s sliders and tumbling mid-80’s changeups. Entering 2010, Liriano is a fantasy conundrum. He’s still just 26, possesses a sinister slider and pulls the string on a plus changeup. Even if he were to make no substantial progress, Liriano would likely be a league-average starter next season with better luck.

Lincecum's arbitration demands leave Giants with tough decision

Fox Sports' John Paul Morosi wrote a pretty interesting piece about Lincecum and arbitration. I even learned a couple of things that I hadn't known before, for instance: "Under baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, the proceedings follow a final-offer format. If the arbitrator feels the proper value is one penny over the midpoint, the player wins. If it’s one penny under, the team wins. There is no middle ground."

Cross Mr Uggla off of your 2B wishlist

Marlins lock in star 2B Uggla with 1-year, $7.8M deal

Twins pitchers amongst the best and the worst

Fangraphs has an intersitng series on pitchers written by RJ Anderson who (if I'm not mistaken runs the Royals SBNation site). The last installment looks at pitching to contact. Amongst the best starters in the league?: Liriano. Amongst the worst?: Blackburn. Who else was amongst the worst?: newly signed RP Clay Condrey.

Mets non-tender 3B David Wright!

Ha, Ha! Just kidding, but here is the link to the most up to date non-tenders out there according to MLB Trade

Twins get a live body for Boof

SATURDAY, 9:26pm: The Twins acquired righty Chris Province from the Red Sox for Bonser, according to a press release. It should also be noted that the Sox signed Bonser for 2010.

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