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Something To Read While You're Poopin': Week 4

10 Things I May or May Not Have Hallucinated Reading Time: Two Grunts and a Plop Plop. 1. Update on My Wyatt Earp-like Vendetta Ride Against NewWave Communications: They finally sent a technician...


Something to Read While You're Poopin'

10 Things I Thought I Think I Saw and Thought "I've Been Thinking I Thought That" 1. NewWave Cable can eat a giant shit sandwich. I updated to their "Premium SportsPak" before the season started....



Spent yesterday evening cleaning out a couple closets. Found some GSOT relics, so I thought I'd share. A couple of those ubiquitous foam thingies that were all the rage...


Round 1 Humpday Alterna-Mock

I'm a bit tired of seeing the same ole' pre-combine mocks. So I tried to throw some variations in there just for the sake of wasting time at work. I'm not a draft expert like 3k or some of yous...


Best Case Scenarios (scenaria?)

Oh, hi there. After literally minutes of thought, I've decided these shrewd moves would give our beloved St. Louis Rams the most optimal chance at success in 2013. Free Agency: 1. Sign Greg...

Simers on AEG sale (and what it means for us).


This could be very good news for those of us who want the Rams to stay put, and finally put the rumors to rest.


Shock Treatment.

Following my pilgrimage to a training camp session and spending the majority of last evening scrutinizing the game film from the Colts debacle, I've come to the conclusion that if any of the...


Replacement Rams?

If the unthinkable happens- ownership and players fail us, and we are deprived of an NFL season, tragedy would ensue. If replacement players are considered, as they once were, here are my choices...


It's drafty in here.

[Note by VanRam, 03/18/11 4:11 PM EDT ] Bumped to the front page by VanRam Some thoughts regarding the first 3 rounds of the draft. This is my scale. Ideal= Dream scenario. Holy balls. We got our...


Winter of Our Discontent

I can't believe it's over. With the whimper that was a Sunday night game I will forever refer to as the Seattle Screwjob, a period and not an ellipses was tagged on the end of our 2010 season....


Trade Deadline Thread

Hey guys- deadline's coming up. Thought I'd open it up to thoughts/opinions from you loyal TSTers.


Week 1 Jerk List

Feel free to add your own jerks in the comments...


The Manning/Bradford Investigation

[Note by VanRam, 06/21/10 6:25 PM EDT ] I'm bumping this up to the front page. The 1998 Colts went 3-13 and finished last in their division with a number 1 overall rookie QB. The surprising fact is...

Great Article Chronicling LA Stadium Plans Over the Years


This is a column from the LA Times shedding some light on the many plans over the years to bring football back to Southern California. All the major players seem like scam artists, and I think that's why it won't happen without taxpayer support in a bankrupt state.


Why dudes like Ramchop make me stay away from TST.

First and foremost, I love the Rams. I watch the games, I read the blogs, official site, Sando, and even that crap the Post Dispatch prints. I wear the jersey and hat, I had PSLs (before I moved)....


dear lord..

I doubt my reputation is prolific enough for any of you to remember what Ram's causes and campaigns I vehemently support... BUT- Are the Seacock's seriously making a move for Kevin Kolb? So, he's...


Madden Research

Dudes: I've been dicking around with draft/free agent scenarios on Madden (a couple days of extreme boredom). I've created rookie QBs and DTs (speculating physical attributes) and added them to a...


Dear Mr. kHan,

*thanks to TackleBox for setting us all straight on the official spelling of his last name. Just remember this rhyme: H before A, Not the Ricardo Montalban way!   Good luck with the impending sale...


Learn from our QB past?

I'm feeling more nostalgic than I thought I would about Warner's retirement and am surprised by the sudden rush of memories. I was in the dome for his first start, 9 rows up in the endzone in our...

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